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Dyson HP01 vs HP02: Which one can heat a room better?

We assume you intend to get either the Dyson hp01 or hp02 and not the hp01 vs hp04 model which makes you arrive at this article. So in that case, we are going straight to the Dyson hp01 vs hp02 comparisons.

Although, it’s noteworthy to remind you that in the past few weeks, we’ve made several air purifier reviews by comparing some of its available models with another such as the Dyson hp01 vs am09, Dyson HP04 vs HP06 and also the Dyson HP04 vs HP07.

However, in this article, we made an exclusive review on the Dyson hp01 vs hp02 heater and cooler and also compared the two models to see exactly what the difference between Dyson HP01 and HP02 is and to know which of the Dyson model is worth it.

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Dyson HP01: The Dyson hp01 air purifier is the flagship of the pure Hot & cool series. Just like the hp02, this desk unit format fan also comes with a HEPA filter.

Dyson HP02: The dyson hp02 pure hot and cool air purifier is designed for small and standard rooms. This model have a maximum air flow of 425 CFM and meant to be as Desk Unit but also weigh 8.6 lbs

Dyson HP04: The Dyson hp04 i designed for a Large Room and passes 658 CFM max flow, but with a Glass HEPA Media filter and weighs approximately 12.4 lbs

Dyson HP01 vs HP02 difference

Even though these Dyson pure hot+cool models are fantastic in design and features in the sense that they (hp01 vs. hp02 vs. hp04) work as a triple function (Air purifier, heater, and cooler), and are similar in design and features, there is clear Distinction between the Dyson hp01 and Dyson hp02 model which you should be aware of before deciding what pure cool and heater to buy.

Below are the differences between the Dyson hp01 and hp02 pure hot and cool fans.

  • First, the Dyson HP02 features the Link app just like the dyson hp04, while the hp01 doesn’t support mobile app link.
  • The second noticeable thing is that, unlike the hp01 model, the hp02 comes at an additional +$100 price tag. This makes it more expensive than the dyson hp01 fan.

Similarities between Dyson HP02 and HP01

Like earlier mentioned, the both dyson air purifiers as some similarities between.

  • The dyson hp01 and hp02 works as an air purifier, heater and cooler system.
  • The 2 dyson heater and cooling system is a desk format.
  • They both have same dimensions, weight and hepa filters.
  • They also have same airflow/coverages. And are designed to cover a small to standard room size.

To help you get a clearer view of these two Dyson air purifier models, we made a side-by-side comparison between the Dyson hp02 vs hp01 which includes their filters which you can find below. But before then, let’s take a separate review of each of these air conditioners.

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Having gone through the pure hot and cool differences and similarities, let’s take a quick look at the comparison chart for both air purifiers.

Compare Dyson hp01 and hp02 difference in the chart

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool:Hp01HP02
Room Size:Small / Standard RoomSmall / Standard Room
Max Airflow/coverage:425 CFM425 CFM
Format:Desk UnitDesk Unit
Hepa Filters Type:360 Glass360 Glass
LCD Display:~~~~
Dimensions:24.9″ x 6″ x 8.7″24.9″ x 6″ x 8.7″
Weight:8.6 lbs8.6 lbs
Night ModeYesYes
Diffuse ModeYesYes
Auto modeYesYes
Jet focus control modeYesYes
Backward mode:NoNo
WiFi enabled:NoYes
Room Size:Small/StandardSmall/Medium
Max Airflow:200 litre/Sec200 litre/Sec
Price:$/ see dyson hp01 price$$/ see Dyson hp02 price

Comparing Dyson hp01 vs hp02 features

dyson hp01 vs hp02 comparisons dyson hp01 vs hp02

1. Design: When talking about the Dyson HP01 and HP02 designs, it’s clear that Both models have an oval ramp design. This makes it portable around the house. However, there a minor dimension differences between the two units.

2. Filters: Both the Dyson units have two types of filters (HEPA filters and Activated Carbon filters). The HEPA filter is responsible for capturing small particles, while the activated carbon filter helps in destroying unpleasant smells, odors, clearing of gasses and smoke from your house.

3. Controls and Wi-Fi: While The HP02 model is Wi-Fi enabled and supports the smartphone Dyson mobile app for easy and smart control of the air purifier, The HP01 Dyson Air Purifier doesn’t support a Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, it is not compatible with smartphones.

So If you are looking for a purifier with easy control features and a management system, you should aim for Dyson HP02. Although it’s relatively costlier compared to the HP01, it’s worth the investment.

4. LCD Display: Both the Dyson Air Purifying systems have LCD that gives detailed information on the quality of air, temperature, and the strength of the Wi-Fi signal. Additionally, the display provides real-time data on the quality of air to enable you to act when needed.

5. Room Coverage: Both the HP01 and HP02 have similar room coverage (Standard), Although you do need to upgrade to HP04 to get a larger coverage.

6. Air Flow rate: When evaluating the efficiency of an air cleaner, one of the major aspects to consider is airflow. Both the HP01 and HP02 have similar airflow rates. Which amounts to a maximum of 53 gallons of airflow per second. These equate to a frequency of 425 cfm.

7. Price/Warranty: While Both Pure hot+cool Dyson systems offer a 12-month warranty that shows a mark of quality in Dyson air purifiers, it’s clear that the price value for the HP02 is costlier compared to the Dyson HP01 due to its additional upgrade features.


Having gone through this Dyson hp01 vs hp02 reviews, we couldn’t agree less that the Dyson hp02 features more specs although at an additional cost compared to the Dyson hp01.

However, In case you are more interested in buying from either of the hp02 or hp04 fans rather than hp01, you can also see what is the difference between the Dyson hp02 and hp04 or Dyson am09 vs hp01 fan to be certain if one among these models is what you need to buy.

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