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Dyson hp02 vs hp04: Compare models performance

So you have made up your mind to buy from the Dyson air purifiers, particularly the Dyson hp02, and hp04. But you are eager to know what is or what makes the difference between these air-purifying machines and which is worth it. If this is true, then you are on the right page where we’ve made a comparison of the Dyson hp02 vs hp04 model to see its differences and similarities.

Although, it will be nice to remind you that we have also at many times featured the Dyson hp02 alongside some other Dyson air purifier models, such as in the case of Dyson Hp01 Vs Hp02, and also the likes of Dyson hp04 vs hp06 or Dyson hp04 vs hp01.

We understand that you might be interested in the Dyson hp02 vs hp04 vs hp07 reviews, but we won’t be talking about them all. Rather, we shall focus on hp02 and hp04. This involves comparing the Dyson pure hot cool link hp02 vs hp04 so that we can easily identify the differences and similarities between these two models.

What more? We also included some notable questions & answers that may likely be helpful to you regarding these Dyson air purifiers. To begin, let’s see the difference between these Dyson units.

Differences between Dyson Hp02 and Hp04

Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link HP02 Air Purifier dyson hp02 vs hp04
Image Credit: Amazon
  • The HP02 uses a combination filter, But the HP04 uses a larger HEPA filter and a separate activated carbon filter.
  • While The HP02 only shows you just the target temperature, the HP04 displays more detailed information about the pollutants in your room.
  • The HP04 can oscillate up to 350 degrees around the room and is suitable to be positioned on the floor, while the HP02 can only oscillate at 180 degrees.
  • While the HP02 is suitable for small rooms/standard sides, the HP04 can be used for large rooms.
  • The hp04 is probably a bit quieter compared to the hp02.
  • The hp04 is more narrow than the hp02 but taller and heavier than the hp02
  • However, the HP04 happens to be more expensive than the HP02 with an extra buck added for its additional features.

Similarities between dyson pure hot cool link hp02 vs hp04

Dyson hp04 air purifier
Dyson hp04

Despite the difference between Dyson hp02 and hp04, there are some notable similarities between them such as:

  • Both purifying systems can purify the room, and still blow hot or cool air based on settings and preferences.
  • Both Dyson’s air purifiers offer bladeless technology.
  • Both systems are WiFi-enabled and compatible with Alexa and your smartphone through the use of Dyson’s link app.
  • Both air neutralizers have a nighttime mode
  • They also come each with remote control.
  • Equal Warranty and customer support are both given to the two Dyson units.

Comparing Dyson hp02 vs hp04 pure+cool

Dyson Hp02 Vs Hp04 features

Even though these two products come hands-on for their fantastic features and specs, there is no doubt that there are quite some differences and similarities between them. Our comparison reviews would shed more light on why these devices performance are better than the other in specs even though they both act as air purifier, heater, and cooler.

#1. Filter Upgrade: coming to the filtration, we discovered that the HP02 supports a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is responsible for capturing up to 99.97% of microscopic particles 0.3 microns that could have easily evaded most regular filters.

Added to these features in the Dyson hp02, the Dyson hp04 has a more advanced filtration system (HEPA Filter + Activated Carbon Filter). The Activated Carbon Filter helps to reduce odours while removing VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

#2. Airflow Rate: Going deeper into our research, we discovered The HP02 has an Airflow rate of approximately 53 gallons at maximum setting. The HP04 on the other hand got an airflow rate that amounted to 82 gallons at maximum setting.

This means the Dyson HP04 purifies, heats and cools air at an even faster rate compared to the Dyson hp02. Don’t forget you can still adjust the airflow from concentrate to dispersed for both purifiers. Although no exact data of their room coverage.

#3. Oscillation Range: generally, Dyson air purifiers are designed to oscillate and tilt. The oscillation allows the purifiers to project and circulate purified, heated or cooled air across the room, Though the degree to which they oscillate could vary.

In the case of HP04 & HP02, we discovered the Dyson HP02 oscillates at 70°(180°), while the Dyson HP04 can oscillate at a 350° angle giving it more blowing directions and air distribution. This makes the HP04 even great. 

#4. LCD Display: talking about the analysis on air quality, indoor temperature and filter life, the HP04 would have they’re displayed on an LCD screen. Additionally, It can also display the indoor humidity levels. But sad to say, the Hp02 doesn’t have a display. You are only limited to monitoring the airflow on a mobile app using your smartphone. Plus the Dyson HP04 offers more data and diversity on pollutants.

#5. Air Multiplier Technology (AMT): The AMT is a technology that amplifies the surrounding air hence delivering a continuous stream of undiluted flowing air. The Dyson hp02 and hp04 both feature the air multiplier, this makes them great at purifying and spreading air across the area/room.

#6. Remote Control: due to the innovation for advancement in Dysons air purifier designs, you can easily control the settings of your air purifiers via Dyson Link App or simple magnetic hand remote control.

This effectively enhances the way these gadgets responds to usage in terms of reducing power consumption which enables the remote access compatibility with the Dyson units. Making it even more reliable.

#7. Mode: talking about mode? The dyson hp04 and hp02 comes with superb modes such as the auto & night time mode. Plus the hp04 comes with an additional mode (the diffused mode).

#8. Design: talking about the design, which is one of the necessary things to know when considering choosing a dyson air purifier, we discovered the dyson hp02 has a height amounting to 25 inches and a width of 8.7 inches, the HP04 unit on the other hand is a bit taller with a height of 30 inches and an overall width of 8 inches when compared to the hp02 unit.

Additionally, both dyson units boast of a bladeless design, which makes it completely safe for kids to be around it. Also when tampered with or moved, it will notify you this simply means no one can move your unit without your knowledge. Plus it can automatically shut off when on continuous usage for 9 hours while on heat mode. All these are such wonderful features to expect.

#9. Functions: going through the dyson hp04 and h02 reviews, we also learnt that both dyson units have triple functions (Air purifier, Heater & Cooler). These gives you the opportunity of having both air purifier, cooler and heater just in one gadget. So you don’t have to worry about getting an extra one to gadget for separate functionality.

#10. Extra features/modes: Aside from the Auto mode, Jet Focus Control, Diffused, and Night modes that are present in both air purifiers, it’s also known that an extra mode (backward mode) is present in the hp04 unit.

In Addition to the backward mode present in the dyson hp04, it’s also known that both dyson hp04 and hp02 come with a solid 2 year warranty. Plus they are safe to use around children, capable of covering a large room in terms of oscillation. The HP02 and the HP04 dyson units are both certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Comparison chart

Going through the comparison table below will give you a clearer view of what the dyson hp02 and hp04 pure hot + cool fans are capable of doing, and what feature is present or absent in both air purifiers.

Note: Despite both dyson units having almost the same features such as purifying, cooling and heating, kindly be reminded that the airflow settings, power consumption, weight, dimension and filters are slightly different. The Dyson hp02 vs hp04 comparison table below will give more insight on both dyson units.

Air Multiplier:YesYes
Carbon filters:YesNo
HEPA filters type:Hepa + Carbon Glass HEPA Media360 Hepa Glass
LCD Display:YesYes
Auto/Night/Diffused mode:YesYes
Jet Focus Control:YesYes
Backward Airflow mode:YesNo
Room size/Coverage:Standard/LargeStandard
Safe Use:YesYes
Max Power Consumption:21 W90 W
Airflow at max setting:82 gal/s53 gal/s
Dimensions:5 x 8.0 x 30.16 x 8.7 x 24.9


what is the difference between dyson hp02 and hp04?

Comparing through the dyson pure hot+cool system, it’s discovered that the major difference between dyson hp02 vs hp04 is the backward airflow mode and the carbon filter that are both included in the dyson hp04 which makes it an upgrade to the latter model. Also the airflow settings, power consumption, weight and dimensions are different. Making the hp04 costlier.

You may also be interested in the Dyson HP04 vs HP07 or Dyson HP03 vs HP04.

Is the Dyson HP02 worth it?

Sure thing! The dyson hp02 pure hot + cool is worth the price and investment considering the features and it functions. However, if you think you do need the backward airflow mode you may want to go for the hp06 which only as that option available. Although, you do have to spend extra bucks to get the system.

How many square feet does Dyson HP04 cover?

The hp04 dyson pure hot cool is suitable for large bedrooms that are up to around 300 square feet. And could oscillate although the room.

Does the Dyson HP04 tilt?

Yes! The Dyson purifiers in the Pure Hot + Cool category can oscillate and tilt. This Oscillation gives way for the purifying systems to project and circulate purified, cooled or heated air across the room. So in a short answer, the hp04 can tilt.

Has the Dyson HP04 been discontinued?

No! The hp04 is not yet discontinued as at the time of the review update, however you may consider checking on the amazon store to see if there is any available.


In the end, we can tell that both model gives value for the money. However, there is a catch to it. It’s clearly seen that the HP04 is an upgraded version of the HP02 with some advance features lacking in the HP02. 

The Dyson HP04 oscillate at 360°, while the hp02 at 180°. If you are more concern about having your air purifier rotate fully at 360°, the HP04 should be a better option. Also if you think backward mode is essentially needed, then the HP04 is the right choice. Plus the HP04 as an active carbon filter that can help reduce odors while still removing the VOC. This which is missing in the HP02 model.

But if all this features and upgrades doesn’t really matter, then you are better of sticking to the dyson HP02 as its more cheaper compared to the HP04 which is costlier. We hope you find comparison between dyson hp02 vs HP04 useful. You may also be interested in our dyson TP02 vs TP04 reviews.

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