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Dyson dp04 vs tp04: Which Air purifier is better?

Dyson, which is a well-known brand, is good at the design of cool fans such as the DP04 of the pure cool purifying desk unit, and the TP04 of the pure cool tower unit.

If you are ever going to purchase one of these fans, you might get lost in choosing due to its feature-rich specifications. Although, while one is taller than the other, both units come with wonderful lookalike features that would leave you WOWing😮.

Just like in the case of the HP04 and TP04, we took the guesswork by comparing the Dyson DP04 vs TP04 so that we can easily identify what both Dyson units include. Thereby knowing what makes their differences and similarities in terms of features. These way, you wouldn’t have to guess anymore

This means you need to take your time to consider what one model has which the other is lacking and then conclude if either to go with the TP04 or DP04.

However, arriving on this page shows that you are more interested in knowing the comparison between the Dyson DP04 and TP04. If this is true, then you are on the right page where you’ll learn the difference between the Dyson DP04 and the TP04.

To begin, let’s see the difference between Dyson TP04 and DP04.

Differences between Dyson dp04 and tp04 purifier

  • The DP04 is off the desk series while the TP04 is of the tower-series Dyson system.
  • When compared, the TP04 unit tends to be taller than the DP04 unit.
  • The DP04 stands at a height of 27.2 inches tall, while the TP04 stands twice as tall at a height of 41.5 inches.
  • Weighing both purifiers, the TP04 is slightly heavier than the DP04 unit with about 0.73lb
  • The TP04 has child-safe, but the DP04 doesn’t 
  • Lastly, TP04 is more expensive than the DP04 with an extra buck added.

Similarities between Dyson pure cool dp04 and tp04

  • The TP04 and the DP04 both have the same dual-functionality: purifying and cooler.
  • The DP04 and TP04 both contain the same air filtration system.
  • They both have the same Display: LED Display.
  • The Dyson DP04 and Dyson TP04 are both powered by AMT (Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology).
  • The DP04 and TP04 comes with the same modes (Auto, Night, Jet-focus, diffused and backward mode)
  • The TP04 and the DP04 are WiFi-enabled, and also compatible with the Dyson Link App and Alexa control.
  • Both fans have a simple magnetic remote control.

Comparison chart for Dyson pure cool tp04 vs dp04

Design & Style:Bladeless & TowerBladeless & Tower
Filter Type:Improved Glass HEPA Media, plus Activated CarbonGlass HEPA Media added with an Activated Carbon
Cooling & Purifying:YesYes
Auto & Night mode:YesYes
Jet focus and diffused mode:YesYes
Backward mode:YesYes
Oscillation :350 degrees 350 degrees
Airspeed settings:1010
Remote control:YesYes
Child safe:YesNo
Addons:Inner carbon and HEPA filtersInner carbon, Genuine replacement and HEPA filters
Smart control:WiFi connectivity, Dyson Link App, and Alexa compatibilityWiFi connectivity, Dyson Link App, and Alexa compatibility
Dimension(H × W)t:41.5 × 10.98 lbs27.2 × 10.25 lbs
Price value:$$$/See TP04 price on Amazon$$¢ See DP04 price on Amazon

Comparing Dyson DP04 vs TP04 pure cool system

DP04 vs TP04 comparison

While comparing through the Dyson DP04 vs TP04, below are the things we find to be different or similar between both models.


Considering the similarities in the Dyson TP04 and DP04, it’s almost difficult to notice the difference between the TP04 and DP04 except for its design which is the difference you may be aware of. Based on our findings, the DP04 has a smaller body shape with a short appearance compared to the TP04 and has a round-shaped amp.

It’s also designed to sit on your desk just like every other DP Series (Desk Cooling Air Purifiers). On the other hand, the TP04 (from the Pure cool Tower series) has an oblong-shaped tower type body and is taller than the DP04. This makes it suitable for large rooms.

If you intend to make use of a pure cool fan in a large room, the TP04 stays at the top and is better than the DP04.

System Functions

When it comes to functionality, Both the Dyson DP04 and TP04 have dual purposes. The reason is that they can serve both as a purifier and fan. This means they can be used to purify the air and also as regular fans to cool the air.

So if you are looking for a Dyson device that can work as a purifier and fan, you can opt for either of them as they both serve the same function of purifying the air and at the same time cooling the air.


Both the Dyson TP pure cool and DP04 come with the same Glass HEPA Media filter that can filter up to 99.97% of microscopic airborne particles which are as small as 0.3 microns. Also, Activated Carbon is responsible for the capturing of bad odors, toxins, and VOCs.

If you are looking to get a Dyson unit with improved filters, either of these purifiers equals the task.


Both The DP04 and TP04 pure cool units have the same display (Led Display) that helps in displaying real-time data collected by the unit such as the temperature of the fans, particles lingering in the air and any kind of allergens.

Considering these, you can rest assured that whichever unit you go for between the two models, you still get to have the same display.

Air Multiplier Technology

Its no doubt that almost all Dyson powered units come with their brands very own Air Multiplier technology (AMT). The technology is responsible for making it possible for Dyson to hide the blades of their fans making them appear bladeless. Unlike every other traditional fan in the market, the DP04 and the TP04 have no exposed spinning blades which make them safer and easier to clean.


Going through the Dyson TP04 and DP04 reviews, we noticed Both purifier fans are WiFi-enabled. Also, they can be connected to the Dyson Link App and be linked to the Alexa service for easy and smart control. They also come with a magnetic remote control accessory that can be used to effortlessly control the device without physically reaching for it.

Device Modes

When it comes to the modes, we discovered both devices have the same modes: Auto Mode, Jet Focus Mode that help to aid for more direct airflow, Diffused Mode for broader air distribution across the room, Night Mode which dims the display and streams the air quietly at night to prevent disturbance while you sleep.

Also, both devices come with Backward Airflow Mode which allows you to use the device without the need for turning the fan on. This means you can use a single function without the need to turn on the second function.

Extra features

In addition to all the above mentioned, both DP04 and TP04 also come with child safety features which makes it possible due to their design and build in terms of bladeless appearance. This means it can be safe to use around kids without having to worry about any harm (this is great for children).

Also, both fans come with equal warranty coverage of 2 years. However, the TP04 tends to be costlier because it is capable of cooling and purifying large rooms. On the other hand, the DP04 looks more compatible and works best when placed on the Desk.

Conclusion: Dyson TP04 or DP04 – Choose right

Considering the reviews done while comparing the Dyson TP04 vs DP04 pure cool, you may be wondering which purifier fan you should pick. Well, both Dyson pure and cool devices are with the needed features.

While the DP04 is designed to be positioned on the Desk, the TP04 which happens to be a tower fan stays on the ground. Also in terms of purifying the air, the TP04 is capable of purifying large rooms, while the DP04 is best for a standard rooms.

Another great thing about the DP04 and TP04 is that they both have the same modes, plus they support smart connectivity (WiFi, Alexa & Mobile link Apps) and Improved HEPA+Active Carbon filters. Lastly, the TP04 is costlier than the DP04.

Having come to a conclusion about the Dyson DP04 vs DP01, i believe should have a clear view of which device to choose between the units. You may also be interested in my Dyson TP04 vs the TP06, or the TP02 vs TP04 reviews. Until next time when you’ll come around, remember to stay safe.

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