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Dyson TP04 vs HP04: See the comparison between them

Are you looking to buy between the Dyson TP04 vs HP04 air purifiers but you are in doubt of which of the model is right for you? As you well know, the TP04 and HP04 units are of different series. The Dyson TP04 is a “tower fan” from the TP series, while the Dyson HP04 is a “Pure Hot + Cool” from the HP series.

So having to decide which to go for between the Pure cool tower and the Pure Hot + Cool Dyson air purifier is something worth considering as the features and design vary. So to make it easy for you to decide and choose, we did the homework of having to Compare the Dyson TP04 and HP04 so you do not have to guess anymore.

In case you are interested in these Dyson HP04 and TP04, then you may continue with the reading of this article. Else, you may want to have a quick view of some similar Dyson air purifier comparison reviews such as the Dyson pure hot cool HP04 vs HP06, TP04 vs. DP04, and Dyson pure cool TP04 vs TP02.

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To begin, let’s have a glimpse of what the difference between Dyson hp04 and tp04 are, and further move into the similarities. After that, we go further to compare the TP04 and HP04 Dyson purifiers.

Differences between Dyson TP04 and HP04

  • First, on notice, the Dyson HP04 has a heating function, on the contrary, the TP04 doesn’t.
  • The HP04 weighs more than the TP04 with an additional 1.98 lbs. This makes it heavier.
  • The HP04 serves 3 functions (purifier+cooler+heater), while the TP04 serves as a purifier+cooler.
  • Because the HP04 serves more functionality compared to the Tp04, This makes it costlier.
  • The TP04 is extremely tall (at 41.5 inches) compared to the HP04 which looks shorter (at 30.1 inches).
  • The TP04 is of the pure cool tower lineage(also known as TP series), while the HP is of the Pure Hot+Cool lineage (HP series).

Similarities between Dyson HP04 and TP04

  • The HP04 and TP04 can purify the air, due to both serving as a purifier.
  • The TP04 and HP04 can cool the air just like the traditional fans. Which means they can serve as a fan in hot weather.
  • Both HP04 and TP04 have the same filters (sealed HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter).
  • The TP04 and HP04 are WiFi-enabled, and can as well be connected to the Dyson mobile Link App. Plus they are both Alexa compatible.
  • The Dyson HP04 and Dyson TP04 both run on the Dyson Air Multiplier technology feature.
  • Both HP04 and TP04 offers 2 years of warranty coverage. Also, they are Asthma and Allergies certified.

Comparison chart for Dyson TP04 & HP04

Style:Tower + bladelessTower + bladeless
Display Type:LEDLED
Purifying + Cooling:YesYes
Oscillation:350 degrees 350 degrees 
Filter type:360 Glass HEPA and Activated CarbonHEPA + Carbon and Activated Carbon
Auto & Night Mode:YesYes
Diffused + Jet focus control mode:YesYes
Backward mode:YesYes
WiFi connectivity:YesYes
Max Air Speed setting:10-speed settings10-speed settings
Dimension: (Weight + Height):17.09 lbs + 30.1 inches19.07 lbs + 41.5 inches
Warranty:2 years2 years 
Price:See TP04 price on AmazonSee HP04 price on Amazon

Note: TP Series stands for Tower Cooling Air Purifiers, while the HP Series stands for Heating cooling purifiers.

Comparing the Dyson TP04 vs HP04 features

Dyson TP04 vs HP04

Below we made a detailed comparison between the Dyson TP04 and HP04. So that you can see all the features they both offers and how you can benefit from them.

Air Purifier Design

When it comes to design, both the Dyson TP04 and HP04 offers impressive design. When Talking about the design, both purifiers are flawlessly made. Although there are a few things which makes them special. The purifying and cooling features.

Although in terms of functions, the HP04 offers 3-1 services, such as the Purifier, Cooler and Heater. On the other hand, the TP04 only offers 2-1 services (Purifier and Cooler). The purifier helps to purify the air in the room and the Cooler serves as a fan to help normalize the weather to make it cool during the heat. While the heater warms up the room during cold or winter.

This means the HP04 and TP04 are the same except for the heater which is added in the HP04.

Air Purifier Filters

While Conducting our research on The HP04 and the TP04, we discovered both the Dyson TP04 and Dyson HP04 have the same filter. The only difference about them is that the HP04 uses a sealed HEPA + Carbon while the TP04 uses 360 Glass HEPA.

Both air filtration systems are capable of capturing up to 99.97% of microscopic particles that is 0.3 in size which most filters can’t trap. Plus the Activated Carbon filters of the HP04 and the TP04 is responsible for the absorbing of offensive odours, fogs, toxins, and VOCs ( also known as Volatile Organic Compound).

Purifier Display

When it comes to displaying, the Dyson HP04 and the TP04 has the same LED display. This means you have the opportunity to see real-time data from your system. The data include your system function temperature such as the fan temperature. Plus other particles that are lingering in the air.

This is to say you need not guess what is happening within the air as you would find all real-time data on your system LED Display.

Air Multiplier Technology

When it comes to Air Multiplier technology, Dyson is the only brand with such a technology, this makes the brand’s design unique compare to other air purifier brands. The Air Multiplier technology (AMT) makes it possible for Dyson to hide the blades and which in turn make their fans look bladeless and sleek.

The great thing about these is that Both the HP04 and TP04 use the Air multiplier technology and they look almost the same

Available Modes

The HP04 and TP04 offer equal modes which include the Auto mode, Night mode, Jet focus control mode, Diffused mode and Backward airflow mode. The night modes help to prevent a disturbance at night by automatically reducing the performance at night while sleeping.

The Jet focus mode is responsible for giving direct airflow, the backward model is responsible for the possibility of using the device for air purification function only with all other functions turned off, and diffused mode helps in the distribution of air widely across the room.

Air purifier Connectivity

Going through the HP04 and TP04 features, we discovered both Dyson purifier systems have support for WiFi connectivity, and can also be linked to Alexa for voice control service and the smart mobile Link App. Additionally, both the HP04 and the TP04 have physical magnetic remote controls which you can use to easily command the device without physically pressing the buttons on the body of the system.

Extra features

In terms of safe use, the TP04 has a Child Safe feature, unlike the HP04 which doesn’t. The Child Safe feature helps in automatically turning off the device once it’s tampered with. These ensure that it doesn’t cause any harm.

Because of the advanced filtration system in the HP04 and TP04, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFM) certified them as asthma and allergy-friendly.

In terms of warranty coverage, both Dyson HP04 and the TP04 offers a nice warranty service amounting to 2 years. Plus they offer good, quality and responsive customers service.

However, the HP04 is costlier compared to the TP04 because of its Heater function which the TP04 lacks.

Conclusion: Compare Dyson pure cool TP04 vs HP04

Going through the table above, we could see the major difference between the HP04 and the TP04 is the Heater which HP04 offers which makes it unique and stand out from the other.

Additionally, there are other minor differences such as we could see in the Dimensions of the TP04 and HP04, and a slight difference in the Filters. Not to forget the price increase that would be added for the heating function offered in the HP04.

If you are looking to have the heater features in your system, the HP04 is no doubt the best option for you. Because the HP04 serves as a heater, while the TP04 do not have it.

Although, if you intend to buy a short and lightweight purifier for easy movement from one angle to another, the TP04 is a better choice to make,  because base on our findings, we discovered the HP04 is taller and heavier than the TP04.

Both The HP04 and TP04 offers similar modes, so you are good to go with any of the modes is that you considered more important.

Lastly, the HP04 is more expensive than the TP04 because of the heating features added to it. But if you think needing something cheap is necessary, then you may want to go for the TP04.

Another added benefit is that both the Dyson air purifiers HP04 & TP04 is suitable for those with Asthma and Allergies, including pet owners, smokers and Kitchen.

In all, i find both Purifiers to have worth it investment. So now you know that paying for either the HP04 or TP04 is worth the price. You may also be interested in the Dyson fan TP02 and TP04 comparison. I’m sure you find my Dyson HP04 vs TP04 reviews helpful. Until next time, Bye.

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