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10 best blenders for hot liquids & soups [2022 update]

Steaming soups and any other hot liquid diet requires using a heating system. If you are ever planning to make sauces, prepare hot tea, or blend soups smoothies, you might need the right kitchenware boilers, steamers and heaters.

However, you can also make use of blenders to make soups and hot liquids. But how do you know which blender is best for your needs?

If you are wanting to get a blender to steam soup or liquids, here we’ve made it easy for you by coming up with some cool reviews of the best blenders for making soups and sauces, including that which can be used to steam hot water to make tea, or any other liquids diets.

Additionally, we also included in our review some buyer’s guidelines which you can follow to choosing the right blender/mixer for your need considering your budget.

A glance at the top heat-proof blender for liquids

  • Overall Best: Vitamix blender and soup making system 5200 model | suitable for blending soup smoothies, making hot tea and heating liquids, coupled with 7 years warranty coverage.
  • Premium Choice: Cuisinart Mixer and Blender and Soup maker SBC-1000 model | it as a stir and pulse function for precision, coupled with a full 3-year warranty.
  • Best Value: Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Cook blender & Mixer (HB-152 model) | offers you 12 Auto-iQ + heat Programs/functions at a good price value.
  • Most Versatile: Nutribullet blender and soups puree system (ZNBF30500Z model) | can also perform just like the commercial blender, but with lesser power and speed compared to it.
  • Commercial Purpose: Cleanblend heavy-duty blender for Hot Soups, gelato, cold and hot liquids diets | it’s powerful enough to perform just about any task from chopping to mincing, blending, grinding, processing and more.
  • Quietest: Breville bbl620sil blender for soups and hot liquids | just like every blending machine on our review list, this blender can perform well. And it’s quieter than the rest of our reviews.
  • Best portable/Handheld: Frothy P-1100 mini hand mixer | this small blender is designed and suitable for Coffee, Lattes, Cappuccino, Frappe.

The 10 best blender for soups & hot liquids – reviews

1. Vitamix 5200 blenders – Overall Best

best blender for hot liquids and soul

As one of the best blenders for pureeing soup, this Vitamix blender model offers great performance and heatproof features which makes it suitable for blending soup smoothies, making hot tea and heating liquids.

The Vitamix 5200 blender features: HP 2-peak motor base, stainless steel blade that is capable of creating friction heating, a radial cooling system and thermal protection. It also comes with adjustable speed control settings which give you complete control of achieving a variety of textures and a self-cleaning64-ounce container for blending medium to large batches. Plus this blender offers a 7-years full warranty protection service.

2. Cuisinart SBC-1000 Blend & Cook Soup Maker – Premium

Best blender for soups and sauces

As one of the most powerful blenders for making soups and sauces, the Cuisinart SBC-1000 Blend-and-Cook Soup Maker gives you all you need to make hot soup, crush ice, whip up smoothies, and blends various ingredients. It also enables you to blend and keep the soup warm until serving is needed.

The Cuisinart SBC-1000 Soup blender features 3-temperature & four-speed configuration settings, a stir and pulse function for blending precision, and a digital control button that makes it possible to set up cooking time and temperature just at the push of a button. It also includes 900 watts powered motor, a stainless steel blade that is sharp enough to quickly chop or mince foods, and a thermal shock-resistant glass container with a plastic base. Plus a 3-years warranty & recipe booklet.

3. Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Cook, dips, sauce blender – Best value

Ninja Foodi Cold Hot Cook blender Blenders for hot liquid

As one of the best blenders for the money, the Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Cook blender offers all you need to crush drinks, makes smoothies, prepare dips, hot soups and sauce for the valued price. If you’ve also ever thought about preparing hot tea, craft cocktails, or sodas, then this mixer is for you.

The Ninja HB-152 blender offers amazing features which include: 1400-peak-watt motor and stainless steel extraction blades for crushing even the toughest ingredients, a 12 Auto-iQ + heat Program that give you full control over your blender in other to deliver incredible blending and cooking experience, Premium Nonstick Glass Pitcher and tamper.

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4. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z combo blender – Versatile

NutriBullet combo blender for blending hot tea Blenders for hot liquid

Nutribullet ZNBF30500Z combo blender is designed to help take your nutrition extraction process to the next level and also have multiple serving. This super durable mixer offers you all you need to make smoothies to savoury soups, either by single-serve on full blending.

The Nutribullet blender features 3-precision speeds settings, 1-pulse function and the extract program which offer full control of your blender and mixer just at the press of a button, an easy-twist powerful stainless steel Extractor blade, 1200W motor base, 64 oz blender with lid and vented lid cap, and a recipe book. It also includes an additional 32 oz cup, 24 oz cup and to-go lids. Plus it offers an exclusive 1-year limited warranty.

5. Ninja Professional Blender for hot liquids & soups

Nutri Ninja BL660 soup and hot tea blender Blenders for hot liquid

Ninja professional blender is a high-powered kitchen tool designed not only to steam soup, make hot tea but to also crush ice and pulverised tough ingredients. This model ranked among the top picks of blenders for professional chef use.

The Nutri Ninja BL660 blending machine features an 1100 watts of power motor base, 6 pro-extractor blades for total crushing and an XL 72 oz. capacity pitcher all of which are dishwasher safe and BPA-free. Plus, it has an additional 16 oz. Cups with To-Go Lids that makes juicing on the go a possibility, and an Inspiration Guide. If you’ve ever wanted to heat soup like a professional chef, you may want to opt for this Ninja blender model.

6. Blendtec Original Blender for pureeing the soup.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender Blenders for hot liquid

If you are the type that cares more about the durability of your blender motor, this Blendtec model which offers an 8-years warranty coverage would be a better choice for you as it also has stood among the best blender for soups, smoothie and crushing ice.

This Blendtec Professional-Grade Power blender is super packed with 6 Pre-Programmed Cycles, a pulse function and 10-Speeds manual control settings which gives you the ability to have full control of your blender and blend a variety of products to achieve the desired texture. Also, it comes with a BPA-free 75 ounce volume four-sided jar and stainless-steel forged blade, with wings.

7. Philips HR3752/01 avance high-speed vacuum blender

Philips avance high speed vacuum blender Blenders for hot liquid

As one of the best Hot soup blenders for the money, the Philips HR3652/01 avance high-speed vacuum blender is designed to work as a Steamer and Mixer for Sauces making, Beverages & hot & cold Liquid diets and also Keep smoothies fresher throughout the day with the help of it vacuum technology that reduces oxidation by sucking out the air in the blender jug.

The heatproof Phillips blender is featuring an amazing Powerful 1400W motor base that runs at a speed of 35,000rpm, ProBlend 6 3D Stainless Steel blending blades for unlocking various nutrients, and Preset programs settings for pulsing, crushing ice, heating soup & blending smoothing. Additionally, it comes with a super Strong 1.8L Tritan Jar made of copolyester that experience less smell and stain. Plus it’s easy to clean as the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

8. Cleanblend Heavy-duty Commercial Blender

cleanblend commercial blender for soup and gelato Blenders for hot liquid

Cleanblend which is one of the most powerful heavy-duty blenders is a High-Performance Ice Crusher designed to serve as a Smoothie Blender, and a Food Processor for Frozen Fruit or Hot Soups & gelato. In a situation where single-serve blenders are not efficient, this model can crush, blend, chop, grind, heat, process, puree, or liquefy just about anything efficiently.

The Cleanblend quiet blender is featuring a 3-HP 1800w powered motor, variable speed control eight-hardened stainless steel blades, and an unbreakable BPA free 64-ounce pitcher. It also offers a 30-days refund if in case you find it not enough to utilize, plus a five-year absolute protection warranty for a replacement of any of its defective parts.

9. Breville BBL620SIL Fresh & Furious Countertop Blender – Most Quiet

Breville BBL620SIL fresh and furiousblender for steaming soup Blenders for hot liquid

Just like the Nutribullet model review above, The Breville bbl620sil blender appears to be among one of the best in versatility. However, unlike the nutribullet combo blender, this model does not only combines the functionality of a powerful blender with some food processing tasks but also operate in a quiet mode.

This Breville blender (bbl620sil) is featuring an 1100 Watts powered motor, a 50 oz capacity Round BPA Free Tritan Jug, Pre-programmed buttons with 5 Speed Settings, an LCD that gives you full control when blending with a complete display of speed settings & pre-programmed settings. Also, Attached to it is an Assist Lid with a unique ring pull, plus a 3 Year Limited Product Warranty.

If you are craving to own from one of the best blenders for soups making, hot liquid diets, smoothies, and more, and yet you are concerned about avoiding your household sleep interrupted, on neighbours you may consider this blender for its quietness despite its durability.

10. Frothy small Hand Mixer by Cafe Casa – Best Portable blender

Frothy small Handheld Mixer for hot tea Blenders for hot liquid

The Frothy P-1100 mini hand mixer based on our reviews ranked among one of the best hand blenders under $50 which we considered as the Cheapest for hot liquids. This kitchen mini mixer is designed to whisk and foam Smoothie, Creamy Coffee, Lattes, Cappuccino, Frappe, hot tea and all cold & hot liquid diets.

This frothy Electric Milk Frother and drink mixer is featuring a Durable Stainless Steel and 2-Speed Mini Hand Whisk function. Additionally, it has two speeds for an electric whisk that runs at 13,000 and 15,000 RPMs respectively. This stainless steel battery powered mixer provides great value for money.

11.Nutribullet RX N17-1001 heatproof blender

Nutribullet RX N17 1001 heat proof blender Blenders for hot liquid

Like every blending machine reviews on our list, the NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 model seems to be the best blender for soups under $150. If you are craving for a blender to make hot soup & sauce, warm beverages, or breaks fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other superfoods in other to make balanced meals with perfect nutrition, this model will give you all that you need.

The Nutribullet blender which is an Optimum nutrition extraction is featuring a powerful 2.3 Horsepower Motor that operates at 1700-Watt capacity, an Easy Twist Extractor Blade, an all-new 7-minute heating cycle for steaming and a 45 oz superb last blending pitcher. Also, you can use it to make homemade baby foods.

12. KitchenAid artisan K400 blender for soup making

KitchenAid artisan blender for soup making Blenders for hot liquid

The KitchenAid K400 blender is a great model for delicious creations. As one of the best blender for making soup & liquids, this blender offers all you need to deliver smooth results on tough ingredients with the help of its preset recipe program.

The K400 Blender is featuring a 5-speed variable speed dial button, 56 oz. Jar Capacity, 1.5 Peak HP motor, and Patented Stainless Steel Blades for pureeing soups and smoothies. It also has a Soft Start Feature which allows you to start at a slower speed to avoid splatter and increase it once you got a steady blend. Plus a led light and tamper.

How we choose our best hot soup blenders – Buyer’s guidelines

When considering buying a heatproof blender for making soups, sauces, tea or every other hot liquid diet, you must be aware of the blender power, speed, heating capacity, size, warranty and price. This way you will make the right choice without finding it difficult to decide. Let’s take a quick look at the usefulness of those features.

Blending Power: the first thing to look at is the blender power, compared to the blender speed, the power of the machine determines the type of ingredients you can blend. If you aim to blend tough produce like carrot or make a large chunk of substance. The power of the blender motor plays the role. A powerful motor means it can handle tough foods.

Blending Speed: when aiming to get a blender, you must consider the speed settings of the blending machine. Why? Because the speed at which the blender moves will affect the blades spinning frequency. And the faster the blades spin, the quicker your food will get blended.

Also the texture you will get at the end of your blending process will be great.

Heating Ability: when thinking about buying a blender to make soup or any hot diets particularly, shopping for a super powerful blender that can spin at a faster move is required. Because the faster the blade spin, the more it tends to gather more heat frictions. To the steam hot soup, you need the heat fracture.

Size & Storage: another thing to consider when shopping for blenders is storage allocation. If you are the type that often makes soup smoothies, hot tea, coffee, or any other food, you may want to go for a blender that can be placed inside the cupboard.

However, if you are the occasional type, then a countertop blender that is lightweight and compact enough would be an option. If you own a small size kitchen, a stick blender that can easily go into a drawer would be preferable.

Warranty: While getting a blender to make complete kitchenware, you must ensure getting one with a warranty. This way you will not have to spend much to replace any faulty parts or have them repaired which is the warranty duration. Although most blender has between 1-5 years of coverage, there are some blenders with even longer. However, you must gogo for that which offers not less than one year of coverage.

Price: Although blenders are generally not pricey when shopping for a quality blender, you may need to spend more, especially when you need one that offers more functionality. If you plan to make hot liquids, soup, sauces, and some other types of foods, you may need to pay more to get all functional packages in a single blender.

Conclusion: Which blender is good for hot liquids & Soup?

Choosing the right blender for preparing hot foods such as soups, sauces, hot tea, and many more hot liquid diets requires that you choose from among the models with powerful motors and high-speed capacity that can spin blades faster to achieve heat friction.

With this being said, below are our topmost recommended blending machines for steaming hot tea, soups, sauces, and making hot liquids.

Based on these reviews, we recommend the Vitamix 5200 blender as the top best overall blender for hot liquids and soups, considering its features which still sells at an affordable price value.

However, if you are on a budget, and would want to get a blender to steam foods, You can also go for Nutribullet ZNBF30500Z blender as it’s a lot cheaper compared to the rest on our review lists.

Additionally, if you need a handheld steamer for tea, coffee, we suggest you go with this model: Frothy P-1100 mini hand mixer as we considered it the best immersion blender for making hot liquids.

Having concluded, i believe you’ll find my best blender for hot liquids to be helpful. Until next time when you’ll come around, remember to stay safe.

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