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Originally posted on June 7, 2023 @ 12:43 am

Best air purifiers for cat litter dust in 2023: Top 5 Picks

How to effectively deal with cat dust using one of the best Air purifiers for cat litters! You spend a lot of time cleaning your home – most especially your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom – from dirt, dust, leaves, pet hair, debris, etc. What happens when you step out of the house?

Cat litter dust and other airborne pollutants can easily get into your lungs and cause serious health issues. Also, they can even cause health risks to pets. What makes cat litter dust dangerous is its ability to trigger respiratory symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and shortness of breath.

In addition, inhaling cat litter dust can result in allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and even chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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Fortunately, there are now easy ways to get rid of cat smells from your home with no stress using common household items. But then, which is the best way to remove the dust from the air. Can the air purifier handle the task? Can they get rid of the stink? Check out this article for more information.

Do air purifiers get rid of cat litter smell?

best air purifiers for cat litter dust best air purifiers for cat litter
Image Credit: Amazon

Air purifiers can remove cat litter smells in the box. However, to get rid of cat litter dust in the air, you need the best filter for your furry friends. A good idea is if you can invest in one of the top-rated brands on the market.

There are two types of air purifiers. One type uses electrostatic charges to separate particles of the air and the other uses UV light to destroy germs. Both designs are effective at eliminating bad smells and they range from $50 to more than $500 depending on the features.

If you are looking to get yourself an air filter that can remove cat litter dust from the air and also ensure that no harmful particles get released into the environment. Here’s a closer look at the most recommended air purifier for cat litter smell.

A Glance at the Air filter for cat litter – Top Picks

  • Best Overall Pick: BISSELL Smart Air Purifier
  • Best Value: Levoit LV‑H132 Air Purifier for cat litters
  • Premium Choice: GermGuardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Purifier
  • Most Affordable: Purified Air Advanced Cat Odor Air filter
  • For Large Room: Silver Onyx Cat smell Air filter system

The 8 best air purifiers for cat litter dust & Smell

1. BISSELL Air Neutralizer for cat litter smell – Best Overall

BISSELL Air Neutralizer for cat litter smell best air purifiers for cat litter
Image Credit: Amazon

Bissell MyAir Purifier is a HEPA filter air purifier that will remove odours caused by cat urine and faeces. The powerful motor generates up to 1,000 cubic feet per hour of purified air. The unit has adjustable airflow control. The product includes replaceable filters.

The Bissell Air purifier features 3 in 1 air filtration (pre-filter layer, activated carbon and high-efficiency filter) that work to capture 99.7% of 0.3-micron particles or larger on sleep mode. Additionally, it has 3 speeds, its a pet-proof design and is portable.

If your house has an odour problem, the best solution is to install an effective air cleaner. The Bissell MyAir Air Purifier is proven to clean indoor air better than any other model available. You can rest assured knowing it will get rid of pet litter odour, grease, and more. Here are my recommended air purifiers for general pet purposes, 

2. Levoit LV‑H132 Cat litter dust Air Purifier – Best Value

Levoit LV‐H132 Cat litter dust Air Purifier best air purifiers for cat litter
Image Credit: Amazon

Like the purified air system, the Levoit LV-H132 air purifier is a great choice. With its innovative design, this air cleaner provides outstanding performance without compromising on price. Its sleek, contemporary appearance makes it fit and easy to integrate into your cat box while its automatic mode lets you forget about the device’s operation.

The Levoit LV-H132 cat air filter features a HEPA filter that captures pollutants up to 0.1 microns in size (0.000001 mm), two different speeds and modes which are auto (high/low and night/day), LED display, remote control, and a 1-year warranty. this product is a great value for money. It does provide exceptional results and should be considered before making any other unit purchase.

3. GermGuardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Purifier – Premium Choice

GermGuardian AC5250PT 3 in 1 Air Purifier best air purifiers for cat litter
Image Credit: Amazon

GermGuardian AC5250PT is a home air purifier that kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses & mould spores. This includes dangerous viruses like Norovirus (commonly known as “Noro”) and seasonal fungus spores like Aspergillus. It can also be used to get rid of cat litter odour

The GermGuardian air purifier features a built-in humidifier, three different types of filters (HEPA filter, Activated charcoal filter, and UV light sanitiser) giving you maximum protection against airborne pollutants. It is also recommended that you change the filter every 6 months. Plus you will have the benefit of a 5 Year Warranty service. 

When you purchase this GermGuardian Air purifier, you are getting a powerful air filtration system that will keep your family healthy and comfortable. Providing cleaner air indoors and eliminating pet litter smells, allows them to breathe easier without having to go outside every time they need fresh air. It effectively removes harmful bacteria, viruses and spores from indoor air.

4. Purified Air Advanced Cat litter smell Air filter – Most Affordable

Purrified Air Advanced Cat litter smell Air filter best air purifiers for cat litter
Image Credit: Amazon

PurPurarpurifiervanced air filter is designed to keep your home clean from pet odour. With this purifier device, your house will smell only fresh and clean. Its advanced technology prevents odour molecules from entering into the atmosphere, reducing the unpleasant odour that pets give off.

The Purified Air litter box air purifier features a quiet fan with power & speed control, advanced filter media, and dome adapter. Aside from being able to install it in your cat litter dust, you can also place it on the tabletop or mount it on the wall and flat surfaces. As one of the Best litter box air purifiers, this air purifier doesn’t just purifier the air, it’s adaptable, powerful and effective. 

As such, this system is a perfect device for homes where you have dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, gerbils, chinchillas, hedgehogs, ferrets, minks, and any other pets that can cause a bad smell in the home.

5. Silver Onyx Air Purifier for large room

SilverOnyx Air Purifier for odor best air purifiers for cat litter
Image Credit: Amazon

Silver Onyx is an advanced electrostatic air filter for removing odours from your indoor environment. The unique design uses negative ions to neutralize odour molecules before they reach the air handler. The result? A fresher, cleaner room without any unpleasant smells.

Silver Onyx Air Purifier features: powerful fan for efficient removal of contaminants, a built-in HEPA filter traps fine airborne dust particles, Activated carbon filtration removes odour and allergens from the indoor air. It also has Smoke and odour detectors.

With Silver air Cleaners, you should experience 5 Stages of Air Cleaning through Advanced purification for the cleanest air quality; A combination filter cartridge with mesh pre-filter and Hepa H13 activated carbon filter, plus a UV light and Ion generator to freshen the air even further.

6. Hamilton Beach True Air Purifier

Hamilton Beach True Air Purifier 1 best air purifiers for cat litter
Image Credit: Amazon

Hamilton Beach TrueAir PureZone Pet Odor Remover Machine eliminates pet odours quickly and effectively using permanent HEPA filtration and activated carbon to adsorb and neutralize pet urine and faeces, as well as odours from household smoke and cooking sources.

The Hamilton Beach Air Purifier Features a two-stage filtering process to remove 99% of odours within 15 minutes, and an Activated carbon filter to remove up to 98% of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, and VOCs from the air. Additionally, it comes with a filter cartridge and a Remote control that lets you set daily weekly or monthly schedules.

If you need a device with an easy-clean design that makes maintenance simple, you can count on this Hamilton air cleaner system to optimally remove cat litter smell and reduce the odour rate for your home.


There are several things you should consider when buying an air purifier for cat litter dust. These include the type of air purifier, materials used, size and shape of the air purifier, cost of air purifier and so on. If you must eliminate litter box smell using an air purifying system, the best decision you can ever make is to choose from my recommended products. As such, the Bissell MyAir Purifier which took the Best Overall Air purifier for cat litter smell removal

Buying Guide for Cat smell Air purifier

There’s no denying that a well-designed and properly operating air purification system can improve the quality of life inside our homes. But how do you know if you’re buying a quality product when so many manufacturers claim to offer “the best air purifier for cat litter”? The truth is, there isn’t an air purifier for cat litter that is truly better than others.

However, there are several key factors you’ll want to consider when shopping for a purifier that will help you decide which option will work best for you. These include:

1. A good air purifier for cat litters should not only eliminate bad smells but also provide extra benefits that make it a must-buy for every cat owner. As such, we compiled a list of the above best air purifiers for cat litter that we highly recommend. They all feature the same basic components required to clean the air around homes filled with cats.

  • First, there’s a pre-filter or a combination of a pre-filter and a HEPA filter, which traps most of the smaller particles in the air, including pollen, pet dander, cigarette smoke, and much more.
  • Second, there’s a HEPA filter or activated carbon filter that traps the majority of the bigger particles in the air, like dust mites and mold spores.
  • Finally, there’s a HEPS or ULPA filter that further reduces the number of ultrafine particles that are left behind, so your air stays fresher longer.

Some purifiers, like the Levoit, can operate at multiple speeds, allowing users to select how quickly the air moves through the machine. Other models, like the Purified air, come with variable speed controls that allow you to choose between high and low speeds. And some models offer special modes that automatically adjust their speed based on ambient temperature and humidity levels.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What Is The Best Air Purifier For Cats?

The best air purifier for cleaning cat litterbox odour, dust, and smoke is the BISSELL Air Purifier. It offers excellent service at a very low cost. However, if you’re looking for the best air purifier to kill germs, bacteria, moulds, and other pathogens, then our recommendation would be the Purified Air Advanced Air Purifier, which costs less than half what the BISSELL does. However, if you want something stylish, compact and easy to use, then we suggest the Levoit which also works wonders in both of these areas.

How do you get rid of cat litter dust in the air?

The fastest and easiest way to eliminate cat litter dust is through the use of an air purifier such as Bissell and Levoit. If you want a machine that will eliminate cat litter odour, choose one that offers at least 99.99% removal. Also, make sure that it’s compact enough to fit within the size constraints of your existing litter box.


It’s important to remember that a lot of these products are specifically intended for litter boxes and not for use in the entire house. Your main objective is to make sure that your cats have access to fresh air at all times, that is the reason we picked out these best air purifiers for cat litter smell. So if there is a litter box in another room, then it probably won’t be very useful.

the above-listed products are some of the best air purifiers for cats’ litter dust. So if you want to buy a new air purifier for cat litters, I would recommend you try these units first. They are all recommended by me and most of them are affordable.

If you want the best air purifier for cats, then we strongly recommend you consider buying the BISSELL MyAir Purifier. While the Levoit and the Purified Air are good choices too, the BISSELL is significantly cheaper than them. We love the Levoit because it looks cool but we think the BISSELL has a much better overall package.

I’m confident that you’ll find this best cat litter smell air purifier review helpful. You may also want to check our article: 10 Best mold air purifiers. Until next time when you’ll have to come, i wish you a happy shopping.

Originally posted on June 7, 2023 @ 12:43 am

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