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Vitamix E310 vs 7500: Compare Blenders

Vitamix E310 and 7500 are both powerful blenders, but they have some differences. The E310 has a 2.0 peak horsepower motor and a 48-ounce container, making it slightly smaller than the 7500, which has a 2.2 peak horsepower motor and a 64-ounce container. But that’s not all about them.

The Vitamix is a brand with the most well-known quality lines of blenders from several series such as the G-series, Explorian series, and well other known series. The Vitamix E310 happens to be among the Explorian Series, while the Vitamix 7500 is of the G series.

Both the Vitamix E310 and 7500 classic blender are also listed among the top-rated blenders in the market stores and are quite readily available for shopping.

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Arriving here means you may be curious to know what exact features are offered by included in these two Vitamix models. Well, we’ve got you covered up by our detailed comparison between the Vitamix 7500 and Explorian e310.

While comparing the e310 vs 7500, we took out time to list down in detail the similarities and differences between these Vitamix models in terms of features and specifications such as Motor, Pitcher, Blades Control settings, including warranty. This way you can decide what blender is best for you.

Before we continue with the Vitamix explorian vs 7500 classic comparisons, I will suggest you take your time to go through the overviews so that you glance through the overview so that you can have a clue of what to expect in the detailed analysis.

Differences between Vitamix E310 and 7500 – Overview

  • The Vitamix 7500 has a bigger motor of 2.2 peak HP, while the E310 has 2.0 horsepower.
  • The 7500 has a Maximum of 22,800 RPM, While the E310 has 22,000 RPM
  • The E310 is of the C-series, while the 7500 is of the G-series
  • However, the Explorian E310 is dishwasher-safe, while the 7500 is not
  • The Vitamix E310 pitcher weighs more than the 7500
  • The Vitamix 7500 overall body weighs more than the E310
  • The 7500 Vitamix blender is quieter than the E310.
  • The 7500 has a longer warranty than the E310

Similarities between Vitamix 7500 and e310 – Overview

  • Both Models are versatile in performance.
  • The Vitamix E310 and 7500 both are built with a BPA-Free Plastic material
  • Both the E310 and 7500 have no additional pitcher
  • Both models have the same Blade counts amounting to four.
  • Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix E310 have the same Minimum 1,400 RPM
  • The Vitamix E310 and 7500 have the same hardened Stainless steel blade.
  • Both E310 and 7500 are Versatile in handling Recipes.

Quick Comparison for the blenders specifications

Power:1,471 W1,640 W
Pitcher Size:48-oz container64-oz container
Variable Speed Settings:10-speed settings10-speed settings
Pulse Function:YesYes
Blade Material:Stainless steel Stainless steel
Extras:Mini-TamperLow profile Tamper
Weight × Height × Width10.6 lbs × 17.7cm × 7.9 cm13.0 lbs × 17.5 cm × 7.7cm
Variants (colors):3 (Black, Red & Slate)3 (Black Red & White)
Warranty:5 Years7 Years
Price Value:See Vitamix E310 price on AmazonSee Vitamix 7500 price on Amazon

Comparing Vitamix E310 vs 7500 features in Detailed

vitamix E310 vs 7500

Both Vitamix model is great for making recipes such as smoothies. However, the Vitamix 7500 blender happens to top the winner between models, while the E310 take the second position.

Don’t just take our word for it, you can go through a comparison between Vitamix E310 and 7500.

Motor power & Base

When you are about shopping for a blender, you should consider your purpose in buying it. While a stronger motor means efficient work performance, it’s always good to know that the bigger the motor, the more it consumes power.

Also, a bigger engine often means you experience more noise and at the same time, you cost more.

In the case of the Vitamix 7500 and E310, we discovered that the Vitamix 7500 classic blender comes with a bigger engine compared to the Vitamix E310.

Container Size and capacity

When shopping for a blender, it’s always good you opt for a bigger container. However, you must be sure there is enough space to place the blender after use. The Vitamix 7500 and E310 blenders have a big pitcher which is more than enough for the family. However, the 7500 jar size is bigger than the E310

Blade material

The Vitamix 310 and 7500 both come with the same hardened stainless steel blade counts of 4. These 4-inch blades are attached to the two different blenders which makes them better than their predecessors with 3-count blades. Which means faster blending.

The 4-inch blade also makes it possible to steam soup using the blenders.

Variable speed control settings

The Vitamix 7500 and Explorian E310 come with a complete 1-10 speed dial button. This means you have full control of how fast your blender operates to achieve the needed result. You can conveniently adjust the speed of your blender by making use of the 10 different speed options.

Additionally, the Vitamix E310 and 7500 blenders come with an On/Off switch button glued to the motor base. Also, there is an option to manually pulse your blending machine at any time you feel it necessary to do.


Both blenders come with a cookbook that helps you better make a delicious meal. This Vitamix recipe book comes as an attachment for the models. Also, there is a Tamper stick attached to it.

Noise level

Generally, blenders with strong motors normally make some noise. However, considering the review made for the Vitamix e310 vs 7500, we discovered the 7500 to be a bit quieter than the 310. If you need a quiet blender, you may need to opt for the 7500 Vitamix model.

Ease of use & Cleanup

One of the characteristics of a good blender is the act of being able to perform multiple tasks. The good thing about the Vitamix E310 and 7500 is, that can work as a food processor grinder. And can be used for crushing ice so you don’t need to purchase a separate food processor.

Aside from being able to crush ice, they can be used in steaming soup. Lastly, they are easy to use.

Durability & Versatility

Both blenders are durable and versatile in performance. If you need a blender to make smoothies, shakes, nuts, or any other Recipes, then you should be expecting the best from these two Vitamix models.

The E310 is dishwasher safe and is best used for leafy greens, while the 7500 is best for crushed ice. Both are straightforward blenders with overall versatile performance.


The Vitamix 7500 and Explorian E310 both offers long warranty coverage which covers the blender usage and enables the replacement of defective body parts at no additional cost to you. While the E310 offers a 5 years warranty, the 7500 offers a 7 years warranty which is longer than the E310.

Cost (price)

Comparing the Vitamix E310 price against the 7500, we discovered the Vitamix Explorian E310 is cheaper and more affordable than the Vitamix 7500 professional classic blender.


The Vitamix Explorian E310 and the Vitamix 7500 are similar in features. Buying either of them depends on your usage and what exact features and specifications you may want. While the E310 may appear to be cheaper, the 7500 model has a stronger motor compared to the Vitamix E310, but consume more power.

Also if you need a larger bowl for family usage, the Vitamix 7500 may be a better option as it has a larger container that can contain enough recipes for a big family. On the other hand, the Explorian E310 has a smaller pitcher when compared to the classic blender 7500.

Another good part of the Vitamix 7500 is the longer warranty service offer. However, the Vitamix E310 is more lightweight than the 7500. So if you are the type that wants something that can be conveniently moved, the E310 explorian blender may be the best for you. Plus it’s more affordable than the 7500 professional blenders.

If you don’t mind the investment, you may want to consider going for the Vitamix 700 blender. But if you are on a budget and you need something that can still perform well, then the E310 Vitamix blender should be your go-to option.

What we love about the Vitamix 7500

  • Bigger pitcher for making a recipe
  • Stronger than the E310
  • Longer warranty

What we love about the Vitamix E310

  • It’s cheaper than the 7500
  • Easy to lift than the 7500
  • Consume less power than the 7500

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

what is the difference between Vitamix E310 and 7500

The major difference between the Vitamix Explorian e310 and 7500 is the Motor, Jar size and cost. The 7500 have a bigger motor base and pitcher, but expensive than the E310 with a smaller container. Aside from that, every other difference are is not essential. 

Is the Vitamix E310 too small?

No! The Vitamix Explorian E310 is not small, it has a 48 Ounce container which is more than enough for small family size. The 7500 is only better if you have a large family.

Is the Vitamix 7500 quieter than E310?

Yes! The Vitamix 7509 blender is quieter than the 310. Because of the noise induction. Generally, they are not quiet. But the 7500 is quieter when compared with the Explorian 310.

What is the 7500 and Explorian 310 Vitamix height?

The Vitamix 7500 is shorter than the E301. It has dimensions of 13.0 lbs × 17.5cm × 7.7 cm, while the Vitamix E310 has dimensions of 10.6 lbs × 17.7cm × 7.9 cm.

What are alternatives for the Vitamix Explorian?

As an alternative to the Vitamix Explorian E310, you may want to go for the upgraded model E320. Also, you can opt for the Ascent series such as the Ascent A3500, A3300 and the A2500, or you go for the Venturist V1200.

Conclusion: which Vitamix is the best?

Having concluded the Vitamix E310 and 7500, you may ask; which blender should i choose. According to our review made for the Vitamix E310 and 7500, we could say that both blenders are great. The detailed review should give you a better decision to make between models.

Although both blenders are capable of blending almost every kind of recipe. However, choosing the best among these two models depends on your needs and requirements. The Vitamix E310 have a smaller pitcher which is capable of handling fewer batches of recipes compared to the Vitamix 7500 with a bigger pitcher.

Aside from the bigger pitcher, this model also comes with longer warranty coverage. If you need a cheaper blender, the Vitamix E310 is the best option. Anything other than that, we recommend that you go for the Vitamix 7500.

Having reviewed it all about the Vitamix E310 vs 7500, I’m confident you’ll find the review helpful. You may also want to checkout my Vitamix 750 and 7500 reviews. Until next time when you will be here again, remember to stay safe.

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