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Are blenders dishwasher safe [3 Steps Cleaning Guide]

Are Blenders Dishwasher Safe? Is it OK to put it directly inside the washing machine? Or should I wash it under running water? This and many more questions as been asked by lots of people looking to find answers possibly because they have a blender.

Maybe you already own a blending machine or you want to invest in a new blender, but looking to see if it’s possible to get one that is safe to wash in the dishwasher, then you are on the right page where you’ll learn about blenders and how safe it’s in the dishwasher.

As a busy housewife or chef, you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning the kitchen. Rather, you would prefer to prepare food directly from the fridge. And if you have a blender at home or a restaurant, then you no longer need to worry about cleaning it because you can even wash it in the dishwasher. But guess what? Not all blenders are dishwasher safe.

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To ensure your blender stays in good working condition, it’s important to clean it regularly and properly. According to our findings, here is a summary of things we know about blenders and some ways to clean your blender and prevent the buildup of food particles. Check it out.

Can I put the blender in the dishwasher?

Are blenders dishwasher safe
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So can you put the blender in the dishwasher? Yes, blenders can be safely washed in the washing machine. They are even dishwasher-friendly, provided the unit has at least two racks. Just don’t overload them or leave plastic parts in contact with hot water for too long. If you notice anything unusual or strange happening to your blender, stop using it immediately and call a repair expert.

Additionally, Blender blades are extremely sharp, so you should take extra care when using them. If the blade accidentally gets stuck into something, it could cause serious damage to your body.

For example, if you cut your finger while using the blender, you may require stitches. Therefore, before washing a blender in a dishwasher, read the attached instructions carefully.

Why do I need a dishwasher safe blender?

Blenders are great tools that can help us prepare healthy smoothies and other drinks. However, while some blenders come with a stainless steel blade, others have glass blades and these should not be used for blending hot food items.

Blending hot foods like soups, sauces, etc. may cause them to break and shatter into tiny pieces.

Also, if your blender has glass blades, they may easily crack and break when subjected to high temperatures. Therefore, we recommend using only blenders that are dishwasher safe.

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How to know my blender is dishwasher safe?

The answer to this question is found by viewing the product guide. This way, you can assure yourself whether the blender is suitable for washing or not. Additionally, you can do the below things

1. Check the label on your blender container. You should see the word “Dishwasher Safe.” If you don’t see this label, then your container is not designed for the dishwasher.

 2. Next, check your blender’s bottom. Two places could hold food residue: (a) the base, where the motor is located; or (b) the blades. Look at these areas carefully before putting your blender into the dishwasher. Any food residue caught between the parts of the blender may cause damage to the unit.

 3. Finally, look for any labels or stickers placed directly on the blender. These can prevent some debris from getting trapped inside the blender. However, if they are stuck onto the body of the blender, you should remove them before washing.

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Steps to clean your blender

1. Detergent

It is recommended that you use dishwashing detergent with no additives for your blender. Some blenders are not compatible with certain types of soap, so if you notice any residue, make sure to wash them out thoroughly.

 2. Temperature

 Heat can damage a blender, so always make sure to place your blenders into the freezer first before washing them. If you do not have a freezer nearby, just put it outside on a sunny day for at least half an hour. This should lower the temperature enough to prevent damage.

But then comes something you should know. What is that? Well, Not all blenders are dishwasher safe.

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Which blenders are dishwasher safe?

Is it safe to put my blenders in the dishwasher
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A lot of blenders claimed to be dishwasher safe, however, not all are safe to put in the dishwasher. Even all blenders that are dishwasher safe are in a real sense not fully safe to dip inside a dishwasher.

Some vital components are not supposed to be touched by water such as the power cord, motor, and many more. Most popular brands such as Vitamix, Blendtec, and Ninja offer such blenders However, here are our top recommended dishwasher-safe blenders.

Blenders Basic Maintenance Guide

1. Check the manufacturer’s manual to find out if your blender was designed to fit into a dishwasher. If not, then do not put it in the dishwasher! Dishwashers are not meant to work with high-speed blenders.

Blenders that have been damaged from being put in a dishwasher can break down over time, causing them to not retain their quality. This could end up costing you money down the line if you’re forced to throw away your blender.

 2. To make sure everything is working properly, check the lid before throwing it in the dishwasher. Make sure that the blade is still attached, as well as the switch, dials, and other parts that need to stay dry.

 3. Do not load your blender in the dishwasher while hot water is running through the machine. Hot water should only be used for rinsing off the dishes after washing them. You do not want to damage your blender from the heat of the water.

 4. Always wash your blender at least once a week. This prevents clogs from forming inside the machine.

 5. Never use soap, detergent, fabric softener, or bleach on any appliance that has moving parts. These chemicals can cause damage to internal components.

 6. Take care of appliances. A cracked or chipped cabinet door may look fine, but underneath, the paint and finish are peeling. It may cost you hundreds of dollars to repair these areas.

Conclusion: Are blenders dishwasher safe?

Finally, if you ask again: can you wash a blender in the dishwasher? Avoid placing the blender directly into the dishwasher. Always read the manual before washing your blender.

Many times manufacturers will specify what type of detergent they recommend for cleaning your blender. Follow the directions given by your blender’s owner’s manual.

If you aren’t sure about how to properly clean your blender, please consult a professional to put you through. Also do not forget to check if Vitamix blenders are dishwasher safe.

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