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Originally posted on September 23, 2023 @ 1:15 pm

Dyson HP07 vs HP09 comparison: Are both really worth it?

Dyson HP07 vs HP09: Which one should I invest my money on? The old model (HP07) or the newer model (HP09)?  This is one of the major requests from my active readers over the past few months after my review about the Dyson HP02 and HP04 pure hot cool system.

Well, I am a big fan of the Dyson brand so I wouldn’t want to dispute the fact that both units are good. Also to remind you that for years, Dyson have been building up their reputation as a reliable company offering excellent quality. They even manage to put out some great looking air purifiers. That said, I was surprised at how hard it is to choose which model to buy between the HP09 and HP07.

Even though both models are from the same lineup (HP series) and look identical, they differ significantly from each other. One thing that stood out to me is the performance of the HP09. It seems to suck less power into the machine, meaning it is more improved.

Anyway, no need for you to go about stressing yourself. Here in this article, I’ve made a thorough review of the Dyson HP07 and HP09. This includes the Difference and the Similarities between the Dyson models. Read on to learn more!

Difference between Dyson HP07 and HP09

  • The Dyson HP07 pure hot cool is taller than the Dyson HP09 even though they have the same weight.
  • The HP09 has an improved display that detects formaldehyde through the fourth sensor, while the HP07 only has the regular LCD.

Now that you see the slight difference between the Dyson models, you can tell which one serves better. However, how about I show you the similarities between the HP07 and HP09. Read on to see their resemblance.

Similarities between Dyson HP09 and HP07

  • Both units have the same Oscillation capacity: which is 350 degrees.
  • Both serve triple functions: air purifier, heater and cooler.
  • Both can be used for purifying the air, cooling the room during heat and heating the room during cold days.
  • The HP07 and HP09 have the same airflow rate delivery.
  • Both units have the same quietness when actively working.
  • The HP09 and HP07 have the same display: An LCD screen, but the HP09 is more improved.
  • Both devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Home.
  • The two units are WiFi-enabled and Support Dyson Link App.
  • The duo have the same weight which equates to 5.5kg.

The two Dyson Pure Hot and Cool systems have a whole lot more to share in common. This means they are equally great devices. You can make your choice by comparing them with their little differences. Below is a quick recap of these units

HP07 vs HP09 Comparison chart

Design:Tower and BladelessTower and Bladeless
Dyson Air Multiplier:YesYes
Oscillation:Up to 350 degreesUp to 350 degrees
Display Type:LCDimproved LCD
Filter type:Yes/ HEPA & Active Carbon filterYes/ Glass HEPA media & Active Carbon filter
Speed level:Up to 10-speed Airflow settingsUp to 10-speed Airflow settings
Auto/Night mode:YesYes
Jet focus mode:YesYes
Backward mode:YesYes
Diffused mode:YesYes
WiFi-enabled, Alexa compatible & Dyson Link AppYesYes
Height × Weight:inches ×  lbsinches ×  lbs
Warranty:2 Years2 Years
Safe use:YesYes
Price value:See HP07 on AmazonSee HP09 on Amazon

Comparing Dyson HP07 vs HP09 in full detail

Having made reviews of these pure hot and cool models (HP07 & HP09), let’s have a detailed review of what the features and specifications offered by the two Dyson units can do for you.

dyson hp07 vs hp09 Dyson HP07 vs HP09
Image Credit: Amazon

Units Design

This Dyson HP07 and Dyson HP09 have the same design structure. They both have an LCD screen that displays real-time information about the air quality, temperature and filter life. Even though both have the same sensor, the HP09 has an additional sensor that allows the detection of formaldehyde. 

Air Multiplier Technology

The HP07 and HP09 come with an air multiplier technology. The Air multiplier is of Dysons very own. Like every other Dyson fan, the HP07 and HP09 can distribute quality airflow with the help of the Dyson Air multiplier technology feature. Plus they both have an oscillation angle of up to 350 degrees to ensure that the purified air gets discharged evenly throughout the room.


The Dyson HP09 pure hot cool and the Dyson HP07 pure hot cool are both designed to serve a 3-in-1 function which includes purifying the air, heating the room during cold and cooling the room during the heat. This device offers a purifier function to purify the air, a heater to heat/warm the room and a cooler to cool the temperature. Whichever model you choose, you can be sure of the possibility of heating, cooling and purifying the air

Device Filtration

The HP09 and HP07 have two-way filtration that ensures that they can capture and destroy even small particles. They both have a HEPA and Active carbon filter. The HEPA filter is designed to capture small particulate substances while the Active carbon filter is designed to eliminate bad odors and glasses. In this case, the HP09 and Dyson HP07 filters are the same.

System Modes

These pure hot cooling systems (HP07 & HP09) have the same modes which include the Auto mode, Night mode, Diffused mode, Backward mode and Jet focus control mode. Plus a Timer

Smart Connectivity

The HP07 and HP09 can be controlled through multiple means. These units support the Smartphone Link App. Plus they are both WiFi-enabled and Alexa control compatible. With the WiFi and mobile Link App, you can connect your smartphone to your device and monitor the outdoor and indoor air flow quality of the Dyson Mobile App. The Alexa voice command control enables you to operate your device without the need to touch it.

Remote control

Aside from the smart connection features, this gadget features a simple remote accessory that enables you to control your Dyson pure hot and cool unit without physical contact. The magnetic remote control can be attached to your device 


The HP07 and HP09 are identical when it comes to appearance. Although both have a tower structure and an oblong shape, the HP07 tends to be lightweight and shorter than the HP09. If you are looking to get one of these two models, i’ll recommend you go for the Dyson HP07 because of its ease of transportation and less pace requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the difference between HP07 and HP09?

The only difference is that the HP07 can not destroy formaldehyde, but the HP09 can do it. The HP07 is also not as heavy and tall as the HP09. Both devices are similar in terms of specs and functionality. However, looking at the price differences – it’s more expensive for the Dyson HP 09.

Does Dyson HP07 destroy formaldehyde?

No! The Dyson HP07 can not destroy formaldehyde because it does not have a formaldehyde sensor that can detect it. The HP07 only has a particulate sensor, gas sensor, and humidity and temperature sensor. If you need a unit that can destroy formaldehyde, you may need to go for the Dyson HP09 unit. Is the HP09 worth it?

Yes! If your main purpose of getting a unit is to capture and destroy formaldehyde, the HP09 would be worth the investment. Plus you can expect to have this device purifying the air, heating and the room.


Both Dyson HP09 and Dyson HP07 are great options to make your choice because they have the same functionality. Although the Dyson HP09 has a special formaldehyde sensor that will enable it to detect formaldehyde in the air, and therefore be able to purify it.

If you need a device that can destroy formaldehyde, you may want to opt for the HP09. Otherwise, I’ll recommend you opt for the HP07 because the Dyson HP07 is more affordable than the HP09 while still able to heat, cool and purify the air. Also do not forget to take a look at my review of the Dyson HP04 and HP06.

Originally posted on September 23, 2023 @ 1:15 pm

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