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Dyson Am09 vs HP04: which Air cleaner oscillates better?

Dyson is a big brand which over the years has built a series of air purifier models that are worth its prices such as the Dyson am09 and hp04, or some other available models.

However, landing on this page depicts that you are either looking to get for yourself or your family either the Dyson hp04 or am09. If that is the case with you, then you are on the right page where you can learn more about the Dyson hp01 and am09.

If you are ever planning to get either of these hot and cool systems, you may want to go through our comparison of the Dyson AM09 vs HP04 functions and specifications, so that you can know what model is right for your needs.

So we shall be comparing the Dyson hp04 vs am09 just like we earlier did in the case of Dyson HP02 vs HP04, am09 vs hp02, and Dyson hp01 vs am09. Additionally, we shall answer some important questions related to these air conditioners.

To begin with, our Dyson am09 vs hp01 reviews, let have a look at what the difference between Dyson hp04 and am09 are, so we can know if they are worth it.

Difference between Dyson AM09 and HP04

  • The Dyson HP04 function as a purifier, while the AM09 doesn’t offer the purifying function.
  • The HP04 has both Jet focus control and Auto mode, while the AM09 doesn’t.
  • The HP04 oscillate at 350 degrees, while the AM09 can swing at 70° only.
  • The HP04 support the Mobile link App, while the Dyson AM09 doesn’t.
  • The HP04 has maximum airflow settings of 310, while the Dyson AM09 offers just 170 settings only.
  • The Dyson HP04 is relatively costlier than the AM09

Similarities between Dyson HP04 and AM09

  • The AM09 and HP04 both serve as a Cooler and Heater.
  • Both HP04 and AM09 has a tower-style design.
  • The AM09 and HP04 have a LED display.
  • The HP04 is relatively quieter compared to the AM09.
  • Both HP04 and AM09 purifiers offer theme a tilt angle level of 10.

The Dyson AM09 is one of the most featured purifiers among the AM series, while the Dyson HP04 happens to be one of the Shopped Air purifiers in stock.

Comparison chart for Dyson HP04 vs AM09

LCD Display:YesYes
Filter type:HEPA+ Active CarbonHEPA+ Active Carbon
Cooler & HeaterYesYes
Auto & Night Mode:YesNo
Diffused & Jet-focus control mode:YesYes
Backward Mode:YesNo
Dyson Link App, WiFi connectivity & Alexa control:YesNo
Max AirFlow Settings:1900310
Speed settings:1010
Dimensions(W × H)19.07 lbs × 5.91 lbs ×
Price:See HP04 price on AmazonSee AM09 price on Amazon

Comparing Dyson AM09 vs HP04 pure cool link features

Dyson Am09 vs HP04 difference
Image Credit: Amazon

While Comparing Dyson am09 vs pure hot and cool, we discovered the HP04 has some upgrades which are lacking in the AM09. Below a comparison between the Dyson AM09 vs HP04 would give you detailed information on their specifications. Which includes the difference and similarities in features.

Dyson Filters

When it comes to filters, both HP04 & AM09 certainly comes with filters. While The HP04 serves as a purifier, heater and fan with a sealed HEPA + Active Carbon air filtration system. Although the AM09 filter is not known yet as of the time of writing this review

The air filtration system in the HP04 allows for it to filter the air. Its HEPA + Carbon filters in the HP04 is responsible for the capturing of 99.97% microscopic particles that are 0.3 small in size and could easily evade most regular filters.

While the Active Carbon filter is responsible for containing bad odours, moistures, toxins, and Volatile Organic Compounds.

LCD Display

Talking about the display, the Dyson HP04 and AM09 comes with an LCD. The Air purifier Display is responsible for making the recording of airflow, temperature and all other data in real-time displayed. In turn, helps you to understand the condition and gives the possibility of controlling it. 

System Functions

The Dyson Pure Hot and cool serves 3 in 1 functions (Purifier, Heater & Cooler). However, the AM09 serves 2 in 1 functions (Cooler and Heater). The air purifier function is responsible for purifying the air contaminated free, Cooler to make the normalize the whether a make it cool during heat period, and the heating function which serves as a heater to warm the room up during winter season.

Going through these functions, we discovered that the HP04 serves more functionality compared to the AM09 which doesn’t support the purifier function. Although still perform the heater and cooler functions.

Fan Modes

Both systems offer a jet focus control and diffused mode. However, while the HP04 offers additional modes (Auto and Night modes), the AM09 doesn’t support the Auto modes and Night modes.  The Jet focus mode helps to dispense enough air in a certain position within the room for a long time, while the diffused mode is essential for the distribution of air widely across the room.

The night mode helps to automatically put the system on night function during the night to avoid distraction from sleeping at night, this is useful to avoid noise.

System Connectivity

While researching HP04 and AM09, I was discovered that while the Dyson HP04 offers smart connecting features and control functions such as WiFi connectivity, Dyson Link App for easy control of your purifier using a smartphone and Alexa control for easy voice control.

Sad to say, the AM09 does not support any of those Smart controls which makes life easy, except for the simple magnetic handy remote control which is all available in the HP04.

Extra features/services


Does Dyson AM09 purify the air?

No! The Dyson AM09 does not purify the Air, Rather it serves as either a cooler during the hot periods or a Heater during the cold periods. As an alternative, you may want to go for the Dyson Pure Hot and cool HP04 which can purify the air.

Does the Dyson Hot and Cool use a lot of electricity?

Yes! The Dyson AM09 is a cooling and heating fan and so makes it consumes more electricity when on heating. Likewise the HP04. The HPP4 and AM09 are capable of consuming up to 1500-2000 wattage. Particularly when on heating like every other fan would have when heating is turned on.

Is the Dyson pure hot and cool worth it?

Yes, almost all the HP series are worth it, if you intend to buy from the HP series, we do recommend you go for the HP04 which has been one of the most sought after from the Pure Hot and Cool lineage.

Is the Dyson heater worth the money?

Yes, both the Dyson HP04 and AM09 are nice to go with. Considering the features they both offer. If you aim to get a cooling and heating system, both models offer those functions. However, the HP04 offers more advanced features that are not included in the AM09. This makes the HP04 even more recognized than the AM09.

Is the Dyson AM09 worth it?

If you need the Dyson fan to cool and warm the room, not minding the absence of its smart control features or backward mode, then considering AM09 is a bad idea. Both models serve as heaters and coolers. Also, they both offer almost the same model.

Is the Am09 discontinued?

Based on our findings, we confirmed with Dyson company, and it was stated that they discontinued the AM09. (although, Dyson offers air purifiers, which could serve the sames purpose as that of the AM09). As an alternative, we recommend you go for the HP04 Purifying Heater + Fan.

However, should you prefer the AM09, then you may want to buy the refurbished model of the AM09 on Amazon.

Does the Dyson Hot and Cool purify the air?

Yes! The HP04 Dyson fan is capable of purifying the air, but the AM09 doesn’t purify the air. So choosing which model to buy depends on your needs.

Are the Dyson Hot and Cold expensive to run?

All Dyson fans are expensive because of their classic looks and durability. But comparing the Dyson AM09 vs HP04, we discover the HP04 is more expensive than the AM09 because of its additional features which are lacking in the AM09.

Conclusion: which is better, Dyson AM09 or HP04?

Having compared the Dyson AM09 and HP04, you may be considering which to go for, so we did recap it all. Owning that the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool serves as Air Purifier, Heater + Fan makes it more equipped compared to the AM08 which only has two(2) functions. So if you need a triple function system, then you may want to consider the HP04.

Other similarities between the pure cool and pure hot+cool fan are that Both systems offer cooling and heating functions. If you need just a cooler or space heater, the AM09 is a better option to go for, because it’s way cheaper than the HP04 and can serve your purpose.

However, if you need an air-purifying function, the HP04 is a better option as the Am09 lack the purifier function, but do be reminded that it tends to be costlier compared to the AM09.

Aside, the purifying function which makes it more advanced than the AM09, the HP04 also comes with smart control such as the Dyson Link App. Plus it’s WiFi-enabled & Alexa voice control compatible.

Lastly, the HP04 has a backward mode in addition to the auto & night mode, and the diffused and Jet focus mode. All these are also missing in the AM09 model.

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