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Originally posted on October 19, 2023 @ 12:11 am

Dyson AM07 vs TP01: Which One Have Better Performance?

Air Purifier: Dyson AM07 Vs TP01 What are the main differences between these two models, and what should I look out for before choosing one over another?

If you are considering buying either the Dyson AM07 or TP01, you must be aware that both devices are not equally offering the same features. One seems to be better than the other. Before I go about telling why so, let’s talk about how this model came about.

Over the years, Dyson has come up with several lines of Air-purifying machines such as the TP, BP, DP, HP as well as AM. The HP means Hot + Cool, DP; Desk Purifier, BP; Body Purifier, AM; Air multiplier, while the TP stands for Tower Purifier. This is to say the “AM” can only multiply/distribute air, while the HP can do just so and even more. But what more can the TP01 do? 

Possibly you are about to get one of these Air-purifying devices, so you may be curious to know about the difference between the Dyson TP01 and the Dyson AM07 both of which are from the Dyson AM or TP series respectively,

There have been numerous comparisons between these two models (TP01 & AM07) as well as several reasons why you might choose either model. Let us now take a quick look at the differences between the two units. Read on to learn about their similarities and differences.

Difference between Dyson TP01 and AM07 unit

  • The Dyson TP02 offers dual purposes (fan & air purifier), while the AM07 offers a single function (fan).
  • The Dyson TP01 can serve as a purifier and fan, while the AM07 only operate as a fan
  • The Dyson TP01 has dual filters (HEPA + Active Carbon filters), but the AM07 does not have any filters.
  • The TP01 can oscillate at a maximum of 70°, while the AM07 has no oscillation capability.
  • The TP01 is heavier and slightly taller than the AM07 unit.
  • The AM07 has a LCD display, while the TP01 doesn’t.
  • The Dyson TP01 Air purifier and fan are already certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, while the AM07 is not yet certified
  • The Dyson AM07 is more Affordable than the TP01.

While all this could be said to be the difference between the Dyson AM07 and the TP01, these units share several things in common. Below are the similarities between the Dyson models

Similarities between Dyson fan AM07 and TP01 Tower fan

  • Both Dyson AM07 and TP01 serve the same cooling purpose during hot days.
  • The Dyson AM07 and Dyson TP01 are designed to cover a medium to large room size
  • The AM07 and TP01 have no smart features
  • Both Cooling devices (TP01 & AM07) have a timer option and a simple remote control 
  • Both Units operate on Dyson’s very own Air multiplier technology (AMT).
  • The two devices have the same design structure: Tower style shape and bladeless appearance.
  • Both Dyson units are user friendly

In case you are still finding it hard to figure out their differences and similarities, the table below shows a quick display of the deal about the Dyson AM07 vs TP01 system.

The TP01 & AM07 Comparison table

Lineup:AM SeriesTP Series
Design:Tower and BladelessTower and Bladeless
Dyson Air Multiplier:YesYes
Oscillation:NoYes/70 degree
Display type:LCDLCD
Filter type:NoneYes/ HEPA & Active Carbon
Speed level:Upto 10 speed settingsUpto 10 speed settings
Auto/Night mode:NoNo
Jet focus mode:NoNo
Backward mode:NoNo
Diffused mode:NoNo
WiFi-enabled, Alexa compatible & Dyson Link App:NoNo
Height × Weight:39.6 inches × 6.28 lbs40.1 inches × 8.4 lbs
Warranty:2 years2 years
Price value:See AM07 price on AmazonSee TP01 price on Amazon

Comparing Dyson AM07 vs TP01 features & functionalities

Looking out the reviews so far about the Dyson TP01 and Dyson AM07, you and I can agree that the TP01 unit has more to offer. But then, what are the benefits of those features. The comparison below gives detailed information about these units and reasons why you should choose the TP01 over the AM07.

Dyson AM07 and TP01 Design (Appearance).

Dyson AM07 vs TP01 Dyson AM07 vs TP01
Image Credit: Amazon

When it comes to appearances, Dyson designed the TP01 and AM07 to look. However, even at that, both units are identical when it comes to functionality. Why? Because The Dyson TP01 is designed to serve two purposes (purify and fan). On the other hand, the AM07 is designed to serve only one purpose (fan). The TP01 serves as a fan to humidify the temperature and an air purifier to purify the air. In these cases, the TP01 wins in comparison because it is a pure cool system while the AM07 is a cool only system.


Coming over to functionality, it’s discovered that while both models are known to cool the air, the AM07 cannot purify the air. On the other hand, the TP01 can purify and cool the air. That is to say, the TP01 offers two functions (purify the air and cool the room), but the AM07 can only help cool the room. In these cases, the Dyson TP01 pure cool system wins the debate.

Air Multiplier Technology

Air multiplication has been part of Dyson’s well-known features. Unlike other brands, Dyson is always ready to implement the Air multiplier technology feature in their systems. Gladly, both models have that feature intact. The Dyson AM07 and TP01 come with Dyson Air multiplier technology that ensures the units can discharge and distribute cool air across the room even without visible fast-spinning blades. Hence safe to use around children and pets.

Additionally, the TP01 can oscillate up to 70 degrees to make sure it distributes purified air across the room. But not true of the AM07. In this case, the TP01 wins because it can oscillate.


The filter is an essential part of an air purifier, but knowing which filter a unit is using is essential. Accessing the Dyson units, I discovered the TP01 comes with two filters (HEPA filter & Active Carbon filter). Going through the Dyson AM07, I found out it has nothing that looks like an air filter. Which means it has no filter. The Dyson TP01 has a 360 Glass HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of ultrafine particles, as tiny as 0.3 microns, and an Active Carbon filter for absorbing bad odors, gasses, toxins, smoke, and VOCs. In these cases, the TP01 won.


When it comes to smart connection and control, both Dyson models lack such. This means you can not use the Link app to control your unit. Also, you can’t use the WiFI because it’s not supported. If you aim to get a unit similar to TP01 that is WIFi enabled and Dyson link compatible, you may want to choose the TP02 instead. Here is a review specially made for the Dyson TP02 and the AM07.

System Modes

When it comes to modes, both devices lack the mode feature. However, they have a timer, 10 airspeed settings and automatic shut-off if tipped over. The sleep timer feature allows you to preset your units to turn on/off at your desired time and for a specific period ranging from 5 mins to 9 hours. In case you need a device with modes such as Backward mode, Jet focus, diffused, Auto & Night mode, you may want to go for the TP02.


Lastly, the TP01 and AM07 each come with a simple magnetic remote control. The remote control enables faster and quick access to your device without the need for physical contact.

Also, the AM07 is a bit more expensive than the TP01, which means the TP01 stands to be cheaper.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do Dyson fans cool the air?

Yes! They can. Just like a traditional fan, the Dyson fan is designed to cool the air.

Does the Dyson AM07 cool the air?

Yes! Dyson Air multiplier AM07 can distribute cool air across the room. This unit is designed to fan the room. It serves as a cooling fan.

Does the Dyson AM07 purify the air?

The AM07 does not purify the air, it can only cool the air because it is designed to serve as a cooling fan and not an air purifier. So the Dyson AM07 can not work as an air purifier

Is the Dyson AM07 quiet?

Yes! The Dyson AM07 is 60% quieter than the AM02. And even more powerful than its predecessors.

Does the Dyson TP01 cool a room?

Yes! It can cool the room. The Dyson TP01 is an air purifier fan device. This unit is designed to purify and cool the air.

What’s the difference between Dyson TP01 and AM07

The difference between the Dyson AM07 Fan and the Dyson TP01 Pure Cool tower fan is that one serves as a fan only while the other serves as a purifier fan. The TP01 is a pure cool tower fan, while the AM07 is a cooling fan. In these cases, the TP01 is different because it can also purify the air aside from cooling the air.

Which air purifier should you get between TP01 and AM07?

With the rise of allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses, house dust mites are becoming more and more problematic. There are two types of allergy sufferers – those with sensitive skin, and those who suffer from breathing problems. The former group needs a Dyson am07 air purifier, while the latter group needs a Dyson TP01 air purifier.

Conclusion: Dyson TP01 or Dyson AM07 which one should you choose?

The TP01 and TP02 are such good units considering what they offer. Both models are similar in the features they offer. It’s all about what kind of user you are. For me, I prefer the TP01 since it’s more versatile in function. But for those who just want to cool the air, then there is no question that the AM07 will do the trick.

The Dyson AM07 is also a very good product but the only downside is that it can purify the air, whereas the TP01 can operate as a purifier fan to purify and cool the environment. Additionally, the TP01 pure cool fan can oscillate while you can only position your AM07 in a specific direction. But still remember, an air purifier should be used together with a HEPA filtration or ULPA filter as a combination, which in my opinion, the TP01 is the best among the comparison. 

if you need a device that will do double duty as a fan and ir purifier, In this case, I will recommend the TP01 to you. Until next time, feel free to check my submission about the Dyson TP04 pure cool and AM11 reviews.

Originally posted on October 19, 2023 @ 12:11 am

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