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Dyson TP02 vs AM07: which Air Purifier has improved features?

Dyson TP02 vs AM07: Which of these units is worth the investment? Over time, I’ve reviewed a series of air purifiers belonging to the Dyson brand of which the TP02 and the AM07 were featured. This time around, I decided to feature together with the Dyson TP02 and Dyson AM07.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of readers asking, which of these two Dyson models is the strongest or has WiFi? Well, Both these air purifiers are high tech home air cleaners. But then, the major concern now is that: what is the difference between Dyson TP02 and AM07 Air Purifier? Which one is better? Which one should I go for?

I’ll assume you have concluded choosing between the Dyson AM07 and the Dyson TP02, but then you want to be sure about the features of these devices. Don’t worry, I’ve relieved you of the guesswork. All you just need is to read through this detailed review of the Dyson TP02 and AM07. 

To begin with, let’s see what these two Dyson Air cleaning systems have to offer, and the difference and similarities between them. As well as the specifications of these air-cleaning devices.

Difference between TP02 and AM07 Air multiplier

  • The TP02 offers dual functionality (cooling and purifying the air), while the AM07 only cools the air.
  • The Dyson TP02 has double filters: HEPA and Active carbon filter, while the AM07 has none.
  • The TP02 can Oscillate up to 180, while the AM07 does not oscillate
  • Dyson TP02 offers 2 different modes: Auto and Night mode, while the Dyson AM07 offers none.
  • The TP02 offers smart features, while the AM09 does not.
  • The TP02 has a LED display, while the AM07 IS LCD.
  • The TP02 is WiFi-enabled and Alexa compatible, while the AM07 doesn’t support any of them.
  • The TP02 is safer to use compared to the AM07.
  • The TP02 is more affordable compared to AM07.

Having seen the differences in the units, we can say the TP02 has a lot more compared to the AM07. But even at that, these Dyson models share some similarities that make both Systems worth considering. Below are the similarities.

Similarities between AM07 and TP02 pure cool

  • Both Dyson’s very own brand.
  • Both units serve as cooling devices during the heat.
  • Both AM07 and TP02 have a bladeless appearance
  • Both devices have a timer feature
  • The Dyson AM07 and Dyson TP02 both have up to 10-speed settings
  • They both have a simple magnetic remote control

So far so good we have discussed the difference and similarities between the TP02 and AM07. In case you care to know, the below table is a quick recap of what the AM07 and TP02 have to offer. After that, you can choose between models that best meet your needs.

TP02 and AM07 comparison chart

Style:Tower and bladelessTower and bladeless
Air Multiplier:YesYes
Air Purifier:YesNo
Auto mode:YesNo
Night mode:YesNo
Diffused & Jet focus mode:NoNo
Backward modeNoNo
Filter type360 Glass HEPA with Activated CarbonNo
AirSpeed settings:Up to 10 speedUp to 110-speed settings
Oscillation:180 degreeNo
WiFi-enabled, Alexa Compatible & Dyson Link AppYesNo
Safe Use:Yes
Weight + Height:8.00 lbs + 40.00 inches6.28 lbs + 39.6 inches
Warranty:2 years 2 years
Price:See TP02 on AmazonSee AM07 on Amazon

Comparing the Dyson TP02 vs AM07 features in Detail

Having made a thorough review of the Dyson AM07 and the Dyson TP02, lets us see how the two units (TP02 and AM07) features can benefit you and after that, you would have concluded making the right choice.

Dyson TP02 vs AM07 Dyson TP02 vs AM07
Image Credit: Amazon

Dyson AM07 and TP02 Design (Appearance)

Looking at the shape of the TP02 and the AM07, we can tell that they look the same in appearance. However, in terms of functionality, the TP02 leads to being able to serve two purposes (air-purifying and cooling). The AM07 can only serve one function which is cooling the room during summer. Even though they both came with LCD screens that show real-time results, they are still identical in their features. Unlike AM07, the Dyson TP02 offers a lot more such as scheduling, air quality reporting and real-time data analysis all of which are lacking in the AM07. In that case, the TP02 won over AM07.

Air Multiplier Technology (Oscillation)

Like every Dyson fan, the AM07 and the TP02 featured a Dyson Air multiplier, a technology designed to help effectively distribute a powerful stream of uninterrupted cool airflow across the room even without visible fast-spinning blades. That is to say, whichever model you purchase, at just one touch for smooth oscillation, you can have Airflow directed around a room. Plus the bladeless appearance makes them equally safe around children and pets. Also, you will experience the benefit of the Dyson air multiplier distributing the cool air across the room.

Functionality (Fan & Air Purifier)

An air purifier is designed to purify the air and get rid of contaminated air. Accessing the units, I discovered that TP02 can purify and cool the air. The AM07 is only able to cool the room and not purify. The TP02 serves dual functionality while the AM07 serve a single function. If you are looking to purify and cool, definitely the AM07 isn’t for you. Instead, you choose the TP02 for being able to pure and cool the air.

System Filter (filtration)

Filters not only help remove allergens and pollutants but also capture household odors and volatile organic compounds. Comparing the TP02 versus the AM07, I discovered that TP02 comes with two different filters (HEPA filter + Active Carbon filter). The AM07 lacks filtration. If you are looking to automatically eliminate 99.97 per cent of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, the HEPA filter covers you while the Active carbon filter captures household odors and volatile organic compounds like paint fumes. The AM07 doesn’t come with a filtration system. In this case, the TP02 won.


When it comes to modes and sleep timers, these features are part of most Dyson Air Purifiers. While the auto mode and night mode, having a sleep timer means your fan can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from as low as 15 minutes to 9 hours. Thankfully, the Dyson Cool AM07 and TP02 have a timer setting. However, the AM07 lacks the Auto and Night mode but equally has 0-speed airflow settings. In this case, the TP02 wins because it has auto & night modes, a timer and 10-speed airflow, while the AM07 has only 10 distinct airflow settings and Timers.

Connectivity (Smart features)

Connectivity gives you fast and easy means to reach out to your devices. Accessing the TP02 and AM07, I found out the TP02 only has those smart features that include WiFi, Alexa voice control and Dyson Smartphone App. The AM07 lacks all those smart features. The Unit WiFi-enabled smart feature means you can easily connect your device with ya smartphone while taking full charge of its activities, Alexa Compatibleness makes it possible to control your device through voice command and the Dyson Link App means you can analyze the data of your unit through the Dyson Application installed on your smartphone.


Aside from having to control your purifier fan (TP02) using the Dyson Link App and Alexa Voice remote control, you can also control your TP02 using the Curved and magnetized simple remote control. Also, the AM07 can be controlled only with the simple and handy magnetic remote control. The Curved and magnetized remote can be stored neatly on the machine so you can easily reach out for it anytime. With the remote control, you can activate the 10 precise airflow settings, sleep timer, on/off your Air Multiplier Tower Fan, and control oscillation.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does Dyson TP02 cool the air?

Yes! Dyson TP02 is a Pure cool device. Not only does it purify the air and rid it of harmful particles, but it also cools the air.

Does Dyson AM07 purify the air?

No! Dyson cool AM07 cools the air and doesn’t purify the air. If you need to purify the air, you must either choose the TP02. Not only does the Dyson TP02 purify, but it also cools the air.

What is the difference between TP02 and TP07?

The Purifying capability is the major difference between the TP02 and AM07. Dyson pure cool TP02 can serve two purposes: purify the air and cool the air. The AM07 can only cool the air.

Is Dyson AM07 discontinued?

The Dyson fan AM07 is still available on major recognised outlets such as Amazon, Walmart And eBay.

Which is taller and heavier?

Dyson TP02 is slightly taller and heavier than the AM07.

Where can I use the units?

You can use the AM07 in Office for Air Circulation purposes and also in Bedroom, LivingRoom, Home. Likewise, the Dyson TP02 is pure cool.

How quiet is the AM07?

Compared to the Dyson AM02, the AM07 is 60 per cent quieter than the predecessor (particularly the AM02 when analyzed) even with its powerful airflow. And consume less energy while still maintaining its distribution of Airflow.


In conclusion of the Dyson TP02 vs AM07 comparison, I’d say if you are looking for a good cooling device then you should go for the TP02 as its having Dual Functionality (Air cooling and Purification), the Dyson AM07 is only able to cool the air and not purifies the room. Also in terms of reporting air quality, the TP02 is the best option available.

Also, despite being more expensive than the TP02, the AM11 still lacks some features such as a sleep timer, auto/night mode and 10 speeds. And in terms of noise reduction, the AM11 beats the TP02 by a long shot. But if you are only looking to purify and cool the air, as opposed to cooling alone which the AM07 is only able to do, then we recommend the TP02.

The TP02 is our top pick when it comes to purifiers. It is quieter than the AM07 and offers better airflow. As a result, it provides a better purifying effect. With the TP02, you get both purification and cooling functions. So if you are planning to purchase any Dyson product, make sure you check their products before making any purchases. Also, don’t forget to check my review made about the Dyson AM07 cooling fan and TP01 pure cool.

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