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Dyson TP04 vs AM11: Which Purifier have better performance?

Dyson TP04 vs AM11: which unit wins the debate? Dyson has become synonymous with high-quality air cleaners, and its latest model from the Tower series, the TP04, is no exception. The question is whether it is better than the Amplifier, particularly the Am11.

The first set of the Tower series was launched by Dyson in 2011. Since then, the company has released several models from the range. Today, the Tower Air Purifier TP04 remains one of the best selling Dyson models. 

As you and I would agree, all air purifiers are meant to remove dust particles, pollutants and allergens from the air by passing them through a HEPA filter or activated carbon. While some models deliver a decent performance, they lack effectiveness in removing odors. In such cases, odor filters come in handy.

According to the EPA, air purifiers should remove at least 99.97% of bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pollen and smoke. But then, if you are considering buying either the Dyson AM11 or TP04, you may want to have a quick look at what both units have to offer such as the features.

In this article, I’ll walk you through all you need to know about the Dyson TP04 and Dyson AM11 in terms of features such as Modes, Speed settings, Link App, and so many more. To begin, let’s have a quick look at the difference between these units after which we can move to their similarities.

Difference between Dyson TP04 and AM11 Pure Cool

  • The AM11 is of the AM series, while the TP04 is of the TP series.
  • The TP04 has an improved filtration compared to the AM11.
  • The TP04 has a jet focus control mode, while the AM doesn’t have.
  • The TP04 has a Diffused mode, but the AM does not.
  • The TP04 air purifier is taller than the AM11, which means the Dyson AM11 is shorter.
  • The AM11 is more lightweight than the TP04. This is to say the TP04 is heavier than the AM11.

Looking at the difference as been highlighted, we can tell that both units are great but still don’t dispute the fact that the Dyson TP04 has more to offer than the AM11. However, let us see what these units have to share in common.

Similarities between Dyson TP04 and AM11

  • The first thing that makes them look similar is the brand. Both models are of Dyson’s brand.
  • Both Units have a Tower design and a bladeless appearance.
  • The two units are both powered by Dyson Air multiplier technology.
  • They both have the same Oscillation capacity which is 350 degrees.
  • The Dyson TP04 and Dyson AM11 can serve as a fan or air purifier.
  • The Dyson AM11 and TP04 can not serve as a heater.
  • The Dyson TP04 and AM11 have two filters
  • They equally have the same Speed level setting which is up to 10 speeds.
  • They both have the same modes but are not equal.
  • They are both compatible with Alexa voice control and Dyson Link Apps. Also, they are WiFi enabled.
  • The Dyson AM11 and TP04 have a simple remote control
  • They equally have the same warranty length: 2 years each.

Now that you see the similarities between the two Dyson systems, we can tell that they both have a lot in common to share other than their differences. To make the review even more interesting, the below table is a chart that shows a side by side comparison of the Dyson AM11 vs TP04.

Comparison chart for the TP04 & AM11

Lineup:AM SeriesTP Series
Design:Tower and BladelessTower and Bladeless
Dyson Air Multiplier:YesYes
Oscillation:Yes/ up to 350 degreesYes/ 350 degrees only
Display:YesYes (LED)
Filter type:Yes/ HEPA & Active Carbon filterYes/ Glass HEPA media & Active Carbon filter
Speed level:Up to 10-speed Airflow settingsUp to 10-speed Airflow settings
Auto/Night mode:YesYes
Jet focus mode:Yes
Backward mode:YesYes
Diffused mode:Yes
WiFi-enabled, Alexa compatible & Dyson Link AppYesYes
Height × Weight:8.6 inches × 8.09 lbs41.5 inches × 10.98 lbs
Warranty:2 Years2 Years
Price value:See AM11 on AmazonSee TP04 price on Amazon

Comparing Dyson TP04 vs AM11 in full detail

Now that you see what this unit can offer in terms of features and specifications, let us have a complete review of how those features can benefit you. After that, I believe you would have come to a conclusion on which model to choose.

Design and Appearance Dyson TP04 vs AM11

Dyson TP04 vs AM11 Dyson tp04 vs am11
Image Credit: Amazon

Talking about the design, Dyson’s pure cool AM11 and TP04 look similar and so do all Dyson lineups. They both have a bladeless appearance, a design that makes it safe to be around children and pets. The fast no visible spinning blades are a result of the Air Multiplier Technology. Whichever unit you choose between models, be assured that they are both safe to use in nurseries and around pet houses without causing harm because they have no fast visible blades. Also, it makes it easy to clean up your device.

Air Multiplier Technology

Air Multiplier is a Technology introduced into all Dyson’s units. The Air Multiplier Technology is introduced by Dyson and Remains a part of their feature introduced into the Dyson fan making them appear bladeless. Accessing the TP04 and AM11, I discovered both units are powered by Dyson Air Multiplier Technology which makes these powerful devices blow pure cool air across the room with the support of oscillation.


The TP04 and AM11 serve two purposes(pure and cool). This means the units can purify the air and cool the environment all year round with the support of their filtration system. So with either the AM11 or TP04 you will experience purified and cool air all year round. Because both serve as cooling fans and air purifiers.

Unit Filters

These powerful devices purify the air with the help of their filters. The AM11 and TP04 each come with two filters: HEPA filter and Active Carbon filters. This means they are both capable of capturing 99.97% of ultrafine particles using the HEPA filters and also filter bad odors, gasses, toxins, smoke, and VOCs using the Active Carbon filters. The slight difference in the filter is that the TP04 uses a 360 sealed HEPA filter, while the AM11 uses 360 Glass HEPA filters.

System Modes

When it comes to mode, the TP04 and AM11 feature an auto mode and Night mode which auto-adjust speed level or dim display at night to prevent distraction from sleeping. The TP04 and AM11 feature an Auto mode that automatically adjusts the airflow of your device, checks the quality of air and turns the device on or off by presetting your device. On the other hand, the Night mode allows your device to dim its display light and also keep it running at the quietest settings available. Added to those features, the TP04 has a few more modes which include the diffused mode and Jet focus control mode.


The TP04 and AM11 have smart connectivity features such as WiFi and Link App. This Advance feature makes it easy to control your device easily without physical contact. The Dyson AM11 and TP04 are both WiFi-enabled so you can connect to Alexa voice command control. Also with the Dyson Link app installed on your smartphone, you can take full control of your device and also monitor the airflow result.

Device Extras

Added to the smart connectivity, the Dyson TP04 and Dyson AM11 also come with simple remote control and a timer. The remote control attachment gives you a quick and easy means to control your device without physically reaching for it. With the simple magnetic remote control, you have the opportunity to configure your Dyson fan easily and fast. The Also the TP04 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the difference between Dyson AM11 and TP04?

The Dyson pure cool AM11 has fewer modes, while the TP04 has more modes than the AM11. Also, the AM04 is more affordable than the Dyson TP04 pure cool fan.

Does Dyson TP04 produce ozone?

No! The Dyson pure cool AM11 and TP04 don’t produce ozone. They are safe to use.

How loud is the Dyson TP04?

Not at all, the TP04 is extremely quiet and so is the AM11. The two models are quiet even when functioning as a fan.


The AM11 and TP04 are both very similar in function and specification but differ only in price and design. They are both excellent for cleaning air indoors and outdoors, and as great-looking products that they are, they would make ideal gifts for anyone who likes technology. If you need extra functionality with your device then the Dyson Link App should be considered. It’s a free download and adds some useful functions like remote control and setting timers.

To get the most out of your Dyson Pure Cool AM11 and TP04, you’ll want to set the timer to run overnight (or whenever) and disable the auto-mode feature. Lastly, I love the Dyson Pure Cool AM11 and TP 04 because of the ease of controlling them via Wi-Fi, and the fact that they are both very efficient. There’s also the bonus that the TP04 does not produce any kind of harmful chemicals like ozone. It’s just one less thing to worry about in our day to day lives.

Overall, The Dyson Pure Cool AM 11 is a great product, but if you want a better value than the AM11 then the TP04 is worth considering. I believe you’ll have decided on what model to choose. Also, feel free to check similar reviews I made comparing the Dyson pure cool model AM11 against the TP01.

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