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Vitamix 5300 vs 7500: Discover The Comparison

Are you new to buying a blender and you are finding it hard to make a deal on the right model to buy particularly between the Vitamix blender 7500 and 5300?

Guess what! You are not alone on the list of those wanting to know the comparison between the Vitamix models. But then, you are on the right page where we will help you understand what makes the difference between these Vitamix models as well as their similarities.

Vitamix 5300 vs 7500 comparison
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Although the Vitamix 5300 and 7500 are such superb blenders from the C-series and G-series class with similar features, the slight unique differences lie in the motor mostly. However, comparing the Vitamix 5300 vs 7500 will help you better understand the models clearer.

Below we have highlighted the similarities and differences between the 5300 and 7500 when it comes to motor size, control features, pitcher capacity, blade material, and many more. Take a quick look at it.

Difference between Vitamix 5300 and 7500

  • The Vitamix 7500 is from the G-series class, while the 5300 is of the C-series
  • The Vitamix 7500 is Quieter Than the 5300 model.
  • The Vitamix 7500 has better Ventilation than the 5300
  • The Vitamix 5300 is more affordable than the 7500
  • The Vitamix 7500 has a DVD manual, while the 5300 doesn’t.

Similarities between Vitamix 7500 and 5300

  • The Vitamix 5300 and 5700 have the same power motor base
  • Both 5300 and 7500 Vitamix have equal Variable Speed Settings
  • Both Vitamix 5300 and 7500 have the same pitchers size
  • Both have the same hardened stainless steel blade
  • Both 7500 and 5300 have on/off toggle and pulse control features
  • The 5300 and 7500 are dishwasher safe
  • Both the Vitamix
  • Both the 5300 and the 7500 have the same warranty service

Quick comparison table for the models

Motor Base:2.2 peak HP2.2 peak HP
Blade material:Stainless steelStainless steel
Pitcher Size:Up to 64 OuncesUp to 64 Ounces
Variable control buttons:Up to 10-speed settingsUp to 10-speed settings
Preset modes:NoNo
On/Off Button:YesYes
Pulse control:YesYes
Dishwasher Safer:YesYes
Extras:Tamper & CookbookTamper, Recipe Book & DVD
Variants(Colors):2 (Black & Red)3 (Black, Red, & White)
Price Value:See 5300 price on AmazonSee 7500 price on Amazon

Comparing Vitamix 5300 vs 7500 model in detail

When it comes to choosing a blender, you do agree with me that motor base, pitcher size, blade size, warrant, and cost of purchasing the model play a significant role. In these cases, we will review in detail the features of the Vitamix 5300 and 7500, after which we would pick out the most important quality of each model and the winner.

Motor power & Base

The Vitamix 5300 and 7500 motor power slight difference
Image Credit: Amazon

When it comes to picking a blender for making daily smoothies, juice, or other known ingredients, choosing a strong blender with a powerful motor is essential. In the case of the Vitamix 5300 and 7500, we discovered the Vitamix next generation and the 5300 both have the same 2.2HP motor compared to the Vitamix 5200 flagship model with only a 2.0HP motor.

Although they both have the same 2.2HP motor power, the Vitamix 7500 has a more efficient motor built using the Next Generation motor of 1440, which is slightly powerful and quieter than the 5300 regular motors of 1380 wattage. Performance-wise, the 7500 is 0.1 more powerful than the Vitamix 5300. In these cases, the Vitamix 7500 professional blender is highly recommended.

Pitcher Size and capacity

Vitamix 7500 and 5300 pitcher size differences
Image Credit: Amazon

Featuring the 5300 vs 7500 Vitamix blenders, it’s discovered that they both have the same container size. The Vitamix 5300 and the 7500 have a large jar that can prepare ingredients that are enough to serve a large number of people. They both have a 64 Ounces low profile pitcher design roughly the same at 17 inches and thereabout. Attached to the pitchers is a wider base that allows you to easily use, fill up your container with food, and clean up after use.

Blade material

The blade is an essential component of a blender, if you are aiming to buy a good blender, you must look out for the blade material. As usual, Vitamix blades or made from laser-cut materials. The Vitamix 5300 and the Vitamix 7500 have hardened stainless steel blade that fits into the pitchers. The blades are responsible for chopping, grinding, mixing, and blending ingredients to the desired texture.

Control settings

Having a control feature is a general feature of every blender, Vitamix inclusive. However, not all blenders have equal control features. In the case of the Vitamix blender 5300 and 7500, they have the same features.

Unlike the Ascent models with Preset features, the 7500 and 5300 Vitamix blenders don’t have a preset included in the control features. Rather they have only 10 variable speed settings, Pulse control, and an On/Off button glued to the base.

The variable speed dial on the blender which has a count of 1 to 10-speed dial buttons gives your blender the versatility of achieving a variety of textures with consistency.

The pulse control button gives you the option to chop your ingredients rather than blend, while the On/Off Switch enables you to either power on or off your blender. All this means you are in full control of your blender’s performance.

Extras features/ Modes

Aside from the Start/Stop, Pulse, and Variable speed settings on the Vitamix 5300 and 7500, which is also on the Vitamix model 5200, these models have no preset modes, unlike the Ascent models.

Blender Attachment/Accessories

There are two additional Accessories found in the Vitamix blender: the tamper and cookbook. Although you may have to pay an additional fee to get the tamper stick included. Also, you will get a user manual attached to the bundled blender.

Noise level(Quietness)

High High-Speed blenders are known for their noisy sounds coming out of the blenders while functioning. The more powerful a blender motor is, the possibility of it making noise is high. This is to say both Vitamix models are a bit noisy. Thanks to Vitamix for introducing a newer motor version to the Vitamix 7500 blender. The Next Generation motor in the 7500 makes it quieter, unlike the regular motor found in the Vitamix 3500.

Durability & Versatility

Because of the similarities in basic features, it could be hard to decide which blender is more durable. Generally, both blenders are durable, but looking through the motor efficiency, because the 7500 is a more advanced motor (NextGen Motor), we can say the Vitamix 7500 can perform better.

Regardless of which model you choose to buy, you can certainly use both blenders for versatile purposes.

Ease of use/Self Cleaning

The ease of cleaning up your blender is very important and never to be overlooked when buying a blender for your needs. Although without a preset feature which gives added benefit for easy cleaning after use, you can effortlessly clean your blenders by simply dropping some measures of water and dishwasher soap, then run up the motor for a few minutes and dash out the water. Rinse a second time with water and clean and dry it. Viola, you are all done. Cool right?


If you are the kind that intends to move your blender more often, it’s always advised you choose a lightweight model. When it comes to weight, there is a slight difference between Vitamix 5300 and 7500.

Going through our reviews on both models, we discovered the Vitamix 5300 is weighing 11.95lbs, while the Vitamix 7500 weighs 13.0lbs. That is an increase of 1.5lbs. In these cases, the 5300 Vitamix blender wins for its lesser weight

Warranty/Cost (price)

Both Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 7500 warranty are equally the same. Whichever one you go for, you will find the same commitment. The 7500 and 5300 have the same 7 years full warranty.

Generally, Vitamix blenders are not cheap because of the sturdy and quality materials used to build the blenders. Of these two blenders, the Vitamix 5300 is cheaper than the 7500. If you are on a budget and looking to have a good blender, the Vitamix 5300 blender is likely to be a better option than the 5200.


You can see that it’s hard to decide which model to choose between the Vitamix 7500 professional-grade blender and the 5300 classic blender. Well, both blenders offer you the versatility of making various textures. Also, you can make a large quantity of food for a family.

However, looking at the overall performance features of the Vitamix 5300 and 7500, it’s clear that the Vitamix 7500 slightly outperformed in terms of quietness, motor, colors, and weight. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose the Vitamix 5300 if you need an affordable model.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the difference between the Vitamix 7500 and 5300?

The major difference between Vitamix 5300 vs 7500 is the improved “NextGen” motor in the Vitamix 7500. While the 5300 simply have a modern motor. Also, not only is the 7500 heavier but more expensive than the 5300.

Is the Vitamix 5300 a good blender?

Yes! Both models have the same 2.2 horsepower motor, blades, container and durability, we do acknowledge the Vitamix 5300 as a good blender. Besides, it’s less expensive and more affordable than the Vitamix 7500 blender.

Is the Vitamix 7500 Quieter?

Unlike the Vitamix 5300 which has the regular type of motor, the Vitamix 7500 horsepower engine is built with a more sophisticated Next-Gen engine that has noise dampening, this makes the 7500 quieter than the 5300.

Conclusion: Which model of Vitamix is the best?

Looking through these models’ reviews, the decision to make a choice isn’t easy like you have thought, right? Or you think the difference doesn’t matter, right? Well, to some people it does matter a lot. That is why we highlighted the difference between the Vitamix 5300 and 7500 when it comes to features and overall performances.

Having a glance at the 7500, we can tell that the motor version is more modern than the 5300. The Vitamix 7500 features the nextgen motor which makes it operate at a quiet mode and cooler temperature compared to the 5300.

However, the Vitamix 5300 makes savings possible. This means you can get it at a cheaper and budget-friendly price than the 7500. The Good News here is that, whichever you choose to go with, you’ll see a positive result that equates value for the money.

I believe you find this Vitamix 5300 vs 7500 reviews very much helpful. Until next time when you’d have to come around, remember to stay safe. Cheers!

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