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Crush Ice! Vitamix E310 vs 5300: The Comparison between Models

Have you been looking to get your next series of blenders possibly for crushing ice or something else and you’ve considered choosing from either the E310 or 5300? You probably already know that Vitamix is a brand name for a family of high-powered mixers. This post compares two models from the company: the VITAMIX E310 and VITAMIX 5300.

Both Vitamix machines offer great performance and convenience. The Vitamix E310 looks more like a portable blender and has a smaller footprint. But the Vitamix 5300 offers better functionality, such as chopping, grinding, juicing, blending, and cooking. But the question now is: Which model would you choose?

Although both models are good for everyday use and are worth the investment, they also have some key differences. Aside from that, these blenders share some resemblance and because of their durability and versatility, it becomes a heavy task to decide which model is right for you.

You can expect the best blend from both blenders, but the Vitamix 5300 is the winner. Take a look at my comparison to see what the Vitamix E310 and 5300 blenders have to offer before you make your next round of purchases of a new blender base on your favorite features.

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Difference between Vitamix E310 and 5300

  • The E310 is a Vitamix Explorian series, while the 5300 is a Vitamix C-Series.
  • The Vitamix 5300 has a 2.2 HP Peak motor, whereas the E310 has a 2.0 HP motor.
  • The 5300 has a bigger container, a 64-0unce Jar, whereas the E310 has a 48-Ounce Jar capacity.
  • The 5300 has longer warranty service coverage of 7- years, while the E310 has a 5-years warranty.
  • The Vitamix C-series 5300 is heavier than the Explorian E310.
  • The Vitamix Explorian E310 is more affordable than the 5300.
  • The 5300 has more colour variants than the E310.

Now that you know the differences between these Two Vitamix models, let us see what features they both share in common. 

Similarities between Vitamix 5300 and E310

  • The Classic 5300 and E310 feature a high-performance motor
  • The E310 and the classic 5300 have equal Variable settings: 10-speed variable dial level.
  • They both come with a pulse function.
  • The Vitamix 5300 and E320 blade are of the same quality material: laser-cut stainless steel
  • The E310 and 5300 have the same noise level: around 97 decibels.
  • They both do not have any smart features, no preset modes and no timer.
  • The Classic 5300 and E310 have a pulse button, but positions vary.
  • They both come with equal attachments: Mini-Tamper, Cookbook and User manual.
  • The Vitamix 5300 and E310 are both affordable. However, the Explorian one also known as E310 is cheaper than the 5300.

Having seen the difference and similarities between these Explorian series and the C-Series model, below is a quick recap of both blenders. The table shows a side-by-side comparison of these two models. Let’s compare the Vitamix E310 vs 5200 features and specifications to see which is the right one for you.

Vitamix 5300 blender vs Vitamix e310 blender comparison table

Model (Release date):E310 (2017)5300 (2017)
Lineup:Explorian seriesClassic series
Motor size:2.0 HP/ 1,471 Watt2.2HP peak/ 1,491 Watt
Pitcher Capacity:48-Ounce Jar64-Ounce Jar
Blade type:Hardened stainless steelHardened stainless steel
Variable Speed dialYesYes
Pulse buttonYesYes
On/Off toggleYesYes
Preset modeNoNo
Bluetooth compatibility:NoNo
Self detects technology:NoNo
Noise level:Approx. 97 dBApprox. 97 dB
Dishwasher safeYes (pitcher & blade)No
Attachments:Mini-tamperCookbook, User ManualMini-tamper stick, Recipe Book & Manual
Colour Variant:32
Dimensions & Weight:8 x 11 x 18 inches & 4.8 kg8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 inches & 5.1 kg
Best selling:
Price tag:View price on AmazonView price on Amazon

Comparing Vitamix E310 vs 5300 features in detail

Although the 5300 and the E310 are recognised as powerful blenders, these blenders’ designs and features are slightly different from one another. While you might think a model is a right choice to make, the other model could be the right one for you.

Comparison between Vitamix E310 vs 5300
Image Credit: Amazon

Below i have made a key detailed description of the Vitamix 5300 and E310 by comparing their features and specifications.

Motor Power

Although they both have a powerful motor of at least 2.0HP which is strong enough to handle tough ingredients, the difference between the vitamix explorian and 5300 motor is that the 5300 has a slight additional higher motor power of 0.2HP making it a total of 2.2 horsepower.

Although both perform the same task without noticing the little difference. The additional 0.2 horsepower found in Vitamix 5300 gives it an edge over Vitamix E310.

Container Size

When it comes to containers, you should be considerate of why you need them and how many people you intend to make blends for. If you are you are a single person, or you are often found blending for small households, the E310 is the right choice for you.

However, if you want to make large blends for larger households the 5300 would be an ideal pick. The reason is that the E310 has a small size Jar. While the 5300 has a larger Size Jar. The Vitamix E310 jar is a 48-Ounce capacity, whereas the Vitamix 5300 jar is a 64-Ounce capacity.

In this case, both win, depending on the number of people you are making blends for. If you want to make a blend for a small number of people, choose the E310, if otherwise, i recommend you choose the 5300.

Blade Material

The Vitamix Classic 5300 and Explorian E310 blades have the same quality materials. The blades are made from laser-cut stainless steel materials although the 5300 has longer 4-inch blades as opposed to the E310 with 3-inch blades.

Even though the 4-count blades for both models are designed to fit in the containers. The 5300 blade is broader than that of the E310. The broader blades are to ensure they sit fitted in the Jar and reach every angle of the container. Likewise the E310. What matters is that they have the same quality materials.

Control settings

The Vitamix E310 and 5200 come with multiple speed control settings that count from 1 to 10. This means you can increase the speed of your blender from the lowest to the highest settings.

The Variable speed dial gives you full control of how you want your blends. With the Speed dial, you can easily adjust to your preferred speed level settings and achieve a wide range of textures unlike the model 5200 which starts at the same high speed selected on the dial.

Aside from the Speed dial, the 5300 and E310 come each with a dedicated pulse function. The pulse button gives you a complete opportunity to finetune your blends so you can better achieve any of your desired recipes.

They also have a switching button. This means you can easily power on/off your blender at any time with no difficulty. Sad to say, but none of these two models has smart features such as preset modes, timers or connectivity.

If you are looking to get a Vitamix model with smart features, you can check out some of my recommended ascent smart blenders.

Extras (Noise level)

Aside from the designs of these blenders such as the motor power, container size, and multiple speed dial, these blenders are also relatively noisy. Although blenders a generally known to be noisy when in operation. Comparing the E310 and 5300, i discovered that at the lowest speed level, the E310 is a bit quieter. Even at that, it’s recommended that you operate your blender at full speed to achieve quick results from your blends if necessary to avoid a longtime running that would result in overheating. 


These blenders come with equal attachments. The attachments include a User manual, a Recipe book and a low profile tamper designed to help process thick, stubborn blends conveniently.

Warranty & Cost

The Vitamix 5300 has a longer period of warranty service as opposed to the E310 with a shorter warranty of 5 years. However, the Vitamix E310 5 years warranty is still a fair deal for its cheaper price tag. In addition to the longer warranty for the 5300, this model happens to be expensive compared to the Explorian E310. In this case, the 5300 wins when it comes to warranty, but the E310 wins because of its affordability.


Both models are great in their ways. The E310 should be your pick if you want a blender for single & small families. It’s also my recommendation if you want a cheap blender that is quieter than the 5300.

The 5300 is my favourite because it has a bigger engine, larger container, and longer warranty, unlike the E310.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the difference between the Vitamix Explorian and the 5300?

The E310 is for small households, whereas the Vitamix 5300 is designed for large households and is expensive. However, you can get the Certified reconditioned Vitamix 5300 blender at a cheap rate, be reminded that the warranty may be reduced by 2-3 years as opposed to the non-refurbished model.

Which Vitamix blender model is the best?

The Vitamix E310 is the best for those with small households that are looking for a cheap blender. The Vitamix 5300 is the best for those with a large household that is looking to get themselves an affordable blender. You can also check out my all-time best Vitamix blenders recommendations.

Conclusion: Which One should you buy? E310 or 5300?

The Vitamix E310 is suitable for those who are seeking a smaller sized kitchen appliance that offers great performance and versatility. It is perfect when used for small households, for personal use only. Due to its small size and lightweight, E310 is easy to move. Also, its compactness makes it easier to store.

On top of that, E310 is equipped with a powerful motor that will give you smooth results even with food items containing hard pieces. Lastly, the unit’s design allows for convenient storage and portability.

On the downside, the Vitamix E310 does not come with a large container to make enough food for a larger household like the Vitamix 5300 would have and it has a shorter warranty compared to the 5300. Also, the Vitamix 5300 is better in terms of motor performance and durability.

I trust that you find this comparison between the Vitamix E310 vs 5300 to be helpful. Also, feel free to check out the notable difference between the Explorian and Ascent Vitamix in terms of features.

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