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Vitamix 5200 vs A3300 Specs & Performance disclosed

Do you want to get a Vitamix model with a wider range of blades/features and higher capacity than the base model? Or would you prefer a smaller version with better speed and less noise? If yes, then this post will be helpful. Because the Vitamix A3300 and 5200 can serve you right.

Vitamix is a brand of blenders that offer high-quality power and performance at an affordable price. This article covers the differences between a Vitamix 5200 and its competitor, the A3300. Let us examine their key features and capabilities.

The Vitamix 5200 was released at the beginning of 2017 and offers a wide variety of mixing capabilities thanks to its 13 sizes of blades, 4 speeds and 2 pulse settings. At $399, it’s priced similarly to other models from the brand such as the A3500.

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Whether you’re looking for a powerful blender or simply want to save some space in your kitchen, the Vitamix 5200 should be considered. In this article, I made a detailed comparison of Vitamix A3300 and its 5200 variants. Read our review to find out more about these two top-rated blenders.

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Difference between Vitamix 5200 and A3300

  • The Vitamix Ascent Series A3300 has smart features, whereas the Classic comes with no smart features.
  • The Ascent A3300 has 1,640 watts which means a stronger power than the Counterpart with 1491 watts.
  • The 5200 jars are best made for smoothies, while the A3300 jar is most recommended for Crushing Ice
  • The A3300 has program modes that can be accessed only through the App, whereas the 5200 has none.
  • The Ascent series A3300 has a Timer and is Bluetooth enabled, whereas the 5200 does not.
  • The A3300 jar is shorter but broader than the 5300, whereas the 5300 pitcher is taller but thinner.
  • However, the Ascent A3300 is slightly heavier than the 5200.

Seeing the difference between these models, below are the similarities between them.

Similarities between Vitamix A3300 and 5200

  • The A3300 and 5200 have the same build quality materials (They are made of metal and plastic to make them sturdy).
  • The 5200 and A3300 blades are made from the same material (laser-cut hardened stainless steel material).
  • They both have the same Jar size (the 5300 jar is 64-Ounce Capacity, likewise the A3300 Jar.
  • The Vitamix 5200 and the Vitamix A3300 have the same speed settings: 10-Variable Speed dial button.
  • They also have a Pulse button and an On/Off toggle switch.
  • They both have BPA-free plastic build materials.
  • The A3300 and 5200 have the same Min speed of 1,400RPM. However, the A3300 has the Maximum higher Speed of 22,700 RPM leaving the 5200 at 22,500 RPM.
  • They equally don’t have any extra jar attached.

So far so good, we can tell that the two models are just another quality blender, however, the A3300 is more advance. To make it even easier to pick the right one that best meets your needs, below is a quick comparison recap for the Ascent A3300 and the Classic 5200.

Vitamix Ascent A3300 vs 5200 comparison table

Lineup:Classic seriesAscent series
Motor size:2.0 HP engine (1,491 watts)2.2 HP Peak engine (1,640 watts)
Pitcher Capacity:64-Ounce Jar64-Ounce low profile Jar 
Blade type:4 count Stainless steel/ 3inch4 count Stainless steel blades/ 4inch
Variable Speed control10-speed dial10-speed dial
On/Off ToggleYesYes
Pulse buttonYesYes
Preset modeNoNo
Bluetooth compatibility:NoYes
Self detects technology:NoYes
Noise insulation:LousyQuieter
Dishwasher safeNoYes
Attachments:Cookbook, Manual & TamperTamper, Manual & Cookbook
Colour Variant:32
Dimensions & Weight:7.9 x 11.0 x 17.0 inch & 11.9 lbs6.94 x 9.41 x 20.2 inch & 11.2 lbs.
Warranty:7 Years10-Years
Best selling:Rated #13 of 112Rated #8 of 112
Cost:See A3300 latest priceSee the 5200 latest price

Comparing in detail Vitamix 5200 vs A3300 features & Specs

Vitamix 5200 vs a3300 comparisons
Image Credit: Amazon

Even though the A3300 is a smart blender, the 5200 is loved by me and most consumers alike because of the capability of better-making almonds and smoothies. Plus, the 5200 is more affordable when placed in comparison with the A3300.

Also looking through individual views, consumers have rated the Vitamix 5200 more than the Ascent A3300. However, the A3300 have a sleeker appearance and a very useful feature: it detects technology. Below is a detailed description of both models when it comes to features and specifications.

Motor Base & Power

Vitamix a3300 vs 5200 motor base
Image Credit: Amazon

Power is a crucial part of a blender. Because the strong the motor, the easier it is to blast through tough ingredients. Even though both models boast of having powerful; 2.2 high-performance motors, it’s discovered that the actual motor power for the A3300 is slightly greater than the 5200.

When taking a proper look at the motor horsepower, the A3300 has a 2.2HP peak engine whereas the 5200 has a 1.8 horsepower motor. This means the A3300 is more efficient in smartly handling tough ingredients and is best suitable for crushing ice. The 5200 is a great option to make smoothies and Almond butter.

Container Size & Material

Both models have the same container capacity that is measured to contain the same amount of food. However, the designs are quite different. The A3300 have a smart, yet low profile container that’s able to fit into cabinets. The 5200 jar is just a low profile but not smart to detect. It is also taller but thinner.

The 64-Ounce low profile container is designed to accommodate large batches of food for a big family. In this case, they are both suitable for a large audience. However, the A3300 gains more advantage because of its detect technology function which the 5200 lacks. 

Blades Size & Materials

The 5200 and A3300 blades are the same. They both feature 4-inch diameter blades. The stainless steel blades are made from laser-cut steel materials and they are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. In this case, there is no difference between blades.

Control settings

Both models have the same control features:10-Variable speed settings. However, the A3300 have a greater edge over the 5200 because of its ability to automatically adjust speed level based on the detected container. The 5200 can only operate on the same selected speed all through.

If you want to enjoy the privilege of having your machine do the task without interfering, then the A3300 is the right choice to make.

Extras (Timer & Self detect Technology)

The A3300 comes with a programmable timer feature for custom timing. The built-in timer helps avoid over-or under-processing your custom recipes. When you set the timer, it will switch off the machine automatically.

Also, it has a self detect function that helps to automatically recognize the container size you attached to the motor base and adjusts the program setting for maximum blending times. Sad to say, the Vitamix 5200 lacks both (Timer and self-detection) features.


They both come with the same amount of attachments. This includes a tamper stick, a cookbook and a user manual. With the low profile tamper, you can scrape thick and stubborn blends from the container body without stopping your machine. The recipe book allows you to have over 500 recipes guide.

Usability & Versatility

They are both durable and versatile. However, to enjoy the benefit that the preset feature that the Ascent model has to offer, you may want to choose the A3300 above the 5200. Because the 5200 can only achieve all things manually, whereas the A3300 can achieve more through smart programs.

Warranty & Unit Cost

Although both offer long warranty coverage, it’s discovered that the A3300 warranty is extendable to 3 more years which makes it a total of 10 years’ warranty. On the other, the 5200 warranty is just 7 years. Although, the seven years is more than enough to enjoy the good thing your blender has to offer you.

The cost of getting the Vitamix A3300 is a bit higher than the 5200. However, it’s worth the investment if you can afford to pay the extra bucks for it.


Why I love the Vitamix A3300

I love the A3300 because offers a digital timer which makes it possible for you to calculate the estimated time required to process the blends with no need for guessing. Plus it gives you the benefit to take advantage of the preset modes using the App.

Why I love the Vitamix 5200

I love the Vitamix 5200 classic blender because it a more straightforward and affordable. It’s a good option for those who want to have a quality blender at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the difference between Vitamix 5200 and A3300?

Even though the 5200 has a strong motor, it’s quite a smaller motor compared to the A3300. The 5200 has just 2.0 horsepower. Meanwhile, the A3300 has a bigger 2.2 HP peak motor and a longer warranty. 

Is the Vitamix 5200 discontinued?

No!  The Vitamix 5200 is still very much available on sale on several marketplaces. You can get it from the official authorised dealers and retailers.

Is Vitamix 5200 in the Ascent Series?

No! The 5200 is a standard model and belongs to the Vitamix C-series. While the A3300 is an Ascent series

Is the Vitamix A3300 worth it?

Yes! The custom timer feature makes the A3300 worth it. If not for anything, but for those who want to take full control of the time needed to blend ingredients.

Conclusion: Which Vitamix should I choose, A3300 or 5200?

If you’re looking for a good blender for home use, the Vitamix A3300 Series Blender is the best option for you. Whether you’re new or experienced in the world of healthy drinks, this machine is ideal for any occasion. Its sleek aesthetics, powerful motor, and easy to use interface guarantee users a pleasant experience every time they use their Vitamix.

But if you’re someone who enjoys experimenting around with their blender, you might be inclined to buy a cheaper one like the Vitamix 5200. Ultimately, both models are very affordable and reliable blenders that are easy to use. You should go for what you feel comfortable with.

Though the real winner here is the A3300. While the 5200 certainly has its benefits, the A3300 is simply better equipped with the bonus of being able to be used as a juicer. So it’s really up to you. But either one will work fine for most people. Overall, the A3300 performs well in most aspects and will make sure you get the very best out of your Vitamix experience.

We trust that you find these model comparisons very interesting, isn’t it? If yes, why not take the time to check out yet another interesting comparison: Vitamix 5200 vs A3500. Aside from that, we also compare Vitamix 5200 and 7500 just so you can have enough insight to make the right choice of model.

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