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10 best single serve blenders in 2023: Top 5 portable Picks & Reviews

10 best single serve blenders for 2021- powerful blender reviews

Blenders are a set of handy kitchen tools that are specifically made for blending, mixing, grinding, chopping of ingredients to make a tasty and delicious meal. However, not all blending machine work well with small quantities, so you’ll probably want to find a great single-serve blender.

Just as not every blender works perfectly when performing a small number of ingredients, also not everyone is interested in getting a full-sized, high-powered blender that could permanently sit on the kitchen counter. For that reason, we decided to come up with some of the best single serve blenders for personal use.

So if you are looking to make smoothies, crush ice, or do a whole lots of things that requires a blending machine, but then need it for single or personal use.

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If you need the best rated single-serve blenders, below is our collection of the best personal blenders you can buy on the market for crushing ice, smoothies and leafy greens. These reviews include both the budget personal blender and many more.

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Best Mini & Small blenders – Top picks

If you’ve ever been in a need for a personal blender to make your favorite recipe but you couldn’t find any, not to worry we’ve come up with names and reviews of some of the best single serve blenders for your needs.

To find which of this best single-serve blender is specifically designed to accomplish your need, we did thorough research and testing and came up with 10 blenders for personal use. Below are:

  • Overall Best single serve blender: Ninja BL456
  • Best blender for the money (Value): Hamilton Beach 51101AV
  • Best personal blender Consumer Reports: Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick
  • Best personal blender on the market: Nutribullet pro
  • Best cheap single serve blender: Nxone immersion hand blender

Having gone through our topic picks of the best personal blender reviews that could be used as an alternative to the full-sized, highly-powered blenders, let’s take you through our thorough review of the best single serve blenders and what there pros and cons are. 

The 10 Best single serve blenders of 2022

1. Ninja Nutri Pro BL456 Single Serve Blender – Best Overall

Nutri ninja pro

The Ninja BL456 Pro is our favorite blender and we also actualize and declared it as the overall best single serve blender. Its a lightweight, attractive mini blender with lots of cool features and powerful motor which makes it possible to break down fruits and vegetables for nutritious juices and smoothies

The single serve blender which comes in two various colors (black & finish silver) weighs a compact six pounds, it also has a 900 watts of professional power with stainless steel blades for breaking down ingredients and provides you with powerful nutrient & vitamin extraction performance to extract hidden nutrition from whole fruits and veggies.

It has just one speed and no automatic settings, so although you won’t be able to customize your settings, it’s incredibly easy to use. The package includes 18- and 24-ounce blend-in travel cups with twist-on the spout lids, manual pulse for smooth & consistent experience. All parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe plastic, plus a 75-recipe cookbook.

With no larger pitcher, the Ninja BL456 won’t be able to double as a full-size blender, it will only work best if you are blending small amounts of ingredients. It also has a lower quality gasket which you need to replace often, although buying replacement blades can be expensive. This little machine is backed up by an impressive lifetime warranty which though doesn’t cover the blending cups and you will have to pay shipping fees.

2. Hamilton Beach Single-serve Blender – Value for money

Hamilto beach

If you’ve ever thought of saving money while buying a quality blender, then the Hamilton 51101AV is for you. The Hamilton Beach 51101AV personal blender is regarded as the best single serve blender for the money. Though a cheap blender it is, yet promises to offer you a whole lots features.

This tiny 1.8-pound model comes in a range of bright colours and is been sold at a very low price. The blender has a 175 watts powered motor which is less powerful and needs to rest between blends. However, it provides all the power you’ll need for fast, reliable performance when it comes to handling basic blending. Also, You have the choice of one or two blend-in BPA-free 14-ounce cups with travel lids which is great for home, office and travel purposes. The cups, lids, and blades are dishwasher-safe, but if you want them to last longer, you may prefer to hand wash.

The 51101AV has a very simple one-touch button interface, with only one speed. This unit is not a battery-powered blender, but a corded appliance that runs off 120V / requires 120VA. This model can’t handle hot liquids, and we found the motor and stainless steel blades less durable. Hamilton Beach offers a one-year warranty.

3. Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick – Consumer Reports

Mueller Austria blender

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick personal blender is a little machine which comes in silver color. According to a consumer report, the 500 watts Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick multipurpose hand blending machine can be used used to make delicious treats such as salsa, pesto, pancake and water, batter, smoothies, cheese sauce, etc.

These blender features: An ergonomic grip which offers a 2-speed option with a variable speed, dishwasher safe detachable shaft that easily attached to the motor, a slim stick that fits most mixing bowls, pots beakers, non-slip and comfortable grip when continuously blending ingredients, an exceptional full copper motor which is meant to withstand continuous use.

Mueller Austria is said to last 3X longer than competitor’s motors, removable blending arm with S-shaped fixed blade to lock into the motor body for easy operation. Attached to the personal Hand Blender are a Whisk, Milk Frother and manual. And comes with a complete 1-year warranty 

4. Magic bullet mini – Best personal blender on the market

Nutribullet pro blender

The 2.55 pounds Magic bullet mini personal blender is one of the best single serve blender on the market. The 200 powered watt blender comes in silver colour is a good blender for making baby food, and smoothies, and is perfectly portable and ideal for travel. Its compact size fits even the smallest of kitchens and tight spaces like dorm rooms, trailers, even the office.

These portable and ultra-compact Magic Bullet Mini Blender features 200 Watt motor base with Cross Stainless Steel is a stay-fresh resealable lid, a 7 Piece Set, 2 sizes of cups (18-ounce party mug with a comfort lip ring and 12-ounce short cup), a  recipe book and user guide.

5. Nxone immersion hand blender

Nxone hand hel blender

The Nxone Immersion Hand Blender is another single serve blender. It’s a small tool with multi-purpose tasking which offers lots of features in terms of design and controls, Sharp & Anti-splash Blade, Super Powerful Motor and  Excellent Stepless Speed Control.

Nxone Immersion handheld blender is equipped with 500W Super Powerful pure copper core electric motor that is safe and low of noise, and also capable of cutting and blending of ingredients smoothly and quickly, 2-speed control that for mashing various food, a variable stainless steel knob, 4-in-1 Variable Stepless Speed control 

It also adopts 4 blade system, which can make the food mixing more efficient, even and smooth, and its made of anti-adhesion material, thus it obtains a stronger corrosion resistance. And are wrapped in a bell-shaped stainless steel shell to prevent food splashing.

However, the motor is not durable enough so it is advisable not to run more than 1 minute at a time, and should allow rest for 30 minutes after 5 cycles. 

6. NutriBullet Pro single-serve blender

Nutribullet pro

If you’re looking for a premium model of a personal blender, you may want to take a look at the NutriBullet NB9-1301 Pro High-Speed Blender, although a compact, but powerful machine that produces an impressively smooth blend.

This attractive 5.5-pound model, which comes in a nice range of colors, has a strong 900-watt motor and a durable stainless steel extractor blades to blend the toughest whole foods into nutritious.

The package included two higher-capacity 32-ounce blend-in travel cups and flip-top lids, plus a healthy recipe book. The tw0 32-oz cups and lids are made of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic.

Though it’s stylish and powerful, we found that this machine wasn’t quite worth its higher price, with leaking issues and less durable plastic components. NutriBullet offers a one-year warranty and the option to purchase an additional four years of coverage.

7. Cuisinart CPB-300 Single-Serve Blender

Cuisinart CPB-300

The sleek Cuisinart CPB-300 single serve blender is another good choice as an alternative to the above listed “Best single serve blenders”, it offers a range of blending options at a reasonable price tag. Unfortunately, the Cuisinart CPB-300 SmartPower Compact Portable system is less powerful and feels less durable.

This light four-pound model has a less powerful 350-watt motor but offers three speeds(High, Low and Pulse controls). It has a sleek silver body and a simple three-button interface with led indicator light, plus safety features like a safety lock and auto-stop. The package includes a 32-ounce blending jar, an 8-ounce chopping cup, and f 16-ounce × 4 blend-in travel cups, all cups are with lids and made of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe Tritan plastic.

Cuisinart CPB-300 also offers two high-quality self-aligning blade assemblies, specifically designed for blending, grinding and chopping, Cord storage to conveniently keep countertops safe and neat, and a three-year warranty. However, The motor isn’t really strong enough to crush ice, and the cups aren’t very durable and are prone to cracking. Cuisinart offers a good three-year warranty.

8. Purchase the Best portable blender

Ecpurchase blender

Ecpurchase Portable Blender is a USB Rechargeable Portable and Multi-functional blender for achieving various tasks like mixing of fruits, vegetables, nut butter, almond milk, ice cream, baby food and some others. It’s very portable for travelling, camping, fishing, outdoor, etc

Ecpurchase features a powerful motor and an Upgraded 6 3D blending sawtooth blades made of stainless steel for Superb Mixing and pulverizing of fruits, vegetables into healthy smoothies, a portable juicer cup that is made of food-grade PP & ABS, BPA-free material.

This purchase single-serve blender has a Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries & USB cable to keep your travel on the go while charging using any USB supported devices, the Detachable juicer cup body for easy cleaning body, supported by smart protection device, magnetic sensing switch to detect when its safe to use and clean. 1 User manual & 1 Cleaning brush.

9. Sboly Quiet single-serve blender

Sboly blender

Sboly single serve blender for smoothies and Shakes is a lightweight and low-cost, but doesn’t have a durable motor and needs extra prep time while making use of it. This fairly handsome and Small Juice Blender model has a straightforward one-button interface and weighs only 3.3 pounds.

The robust 300-watt motor isn’t very powerful as you might have expected and it becomes impossible to blend for more than a minute at a time. The manufacturer recommends cutting harder produce into species not a larger than 3/4 inch to 1-inch cubes, to avoid getting the blade stuck which will lead to overload and damaged motor. The base is equipped with a handle and a safety lock, plus a four-tip stainless steel blade.

You have the choice of one or two 20-ounce Tritan cups with lids, and the package comes with a bottle brush, a silicone ice cube tray, and two Extra silicone O-rings are included in the package for replacement should the one on the blade get faulty.

As recommended by the manufacturer, it’s expected Never process boiling liquids ( max 190°F), and to be used Only under USA voltage standard 110V-120V, but if you live outside the USA, then a voltage converter is needed. Sboly offers a 90-day quality assurance guarantee and a two-year overall warranty.

10. Ninja Fit Personal Blender for Shakes

Ninja Fit blender

Ninja fit personal blender is a slim single serve blender which combines multiple kitchen appliances in one easy-to-use, powerful and compact kitchen tool to quickly create smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending.

The Ninja fit personal blending machine which weighs 4 Pounds comes in black colour and a plastic material body. featuring a 700-watt motor base and two 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids that fit in most car cup holders, 1-Speed setting, A Lightly push down ninja pulse technology to quickly creates smoothies, nutrient juices and so much more.

The blender also as a Nutrient & vitamin extractor for breaking down tough ingredients and extracts hidden nutrition from whole fruits and veggies, a Nonslip Base for safety & security, 36 inches cord, 30-recipe inspiration guide, and blade assembly are all dishwashers safe, and a 1 Year Limited Warranty from the manufacturer.

FAQs about Single serve blenders

What is the best personal blender on the market?

The Nutri-Ninja BL456 Pro is the most basic model of Ninja’s single serve blenders, and it has stood as the overall best single serve blender on the market to make your favourite healthy smoothie recipes.

However, As an alternative to Nutri Ninja BL456 single-serve blender, the Ninja Fit personal blender has ultimately earned its place as our second favourite personal blender and the NutriBullet NB9-1301 Pro as our 3rd most favourite blender on the market.

This three best single serve blenders along with all other listed blenders above are a good selection to make your choices from depending on your needs or wants. The most important thing is that they all can be used to make your special blenders drink or mix, blend, grind your favorite smoothie recipes such as strawberry smoothie recipes along with some other easy smoothie recipe conveniently with little to no difficulties.

What is the most powerful personal blender?

Base on our findings on the best mini blender reviews, we were able to come up with some essential things to consider when buying any of this little machine for you to achieve a great result from your blenders smoothies. Among those few things to have in mind when shopping for a blender is the blender power, Cup sizes, and Number of to-go cups.

Generally, this guide is also applicable if you are buying either a single serve blender or highly-powered blenders(Normal blenders)

#1. Blender Power

First, you need to pay close attention to the Wattage which stands for the blender power, as its a good hint of what you are to expect from the blender. If you are blending easy smoothie recipe like bananas, yogourt, sauces, you likely wouldn’t need as much power compared to someone who plans on blending hard vegetables, frozen fruits & ice cream, almond milk, nut butter, and some other hard smoothie recipes.

However, if you are the type that blends early morning, do not forget that the higher the blender power is, the little nosier it your blender will be, so you might want to avoid disturbing your family’s that are still asleep, by considering buy a lesser power unless otherwise.

#2. Blender cup size

When getting a blender for your needs, you must consider How big your morning smoothie, or rather a blender smoothies. If you are the type that likes the idea of blending once and then portioning it into several cups, you might need to Look for a blending kit that’s right for you and your needs.

#3. Number of to-go cups

While Single folks may not want multiple cups that they’ll need to store base on the size of room if you’re family and your making morning smoothies for the family, having one for each person might be a nice one.

Although you can always buy additional cups for these blenders if you later see the need for it, it’s best to get exactly what you need in an all in one kit.

#4. Weight and Capacity

Single-serve blenders are typically streamlined and simple, they got only the basic features of a blender, so they weigh only just a few pounds and have fairly small capacities. Considering that is a little machine compare to the standard highly powered motor blenders in the market.

You may want to think about how much blending capacity you need to fit in the kitchen storage, as well as how much space you have in your kitchen.

Also, have in mind that while these blenders are generally light in weight and have small footprints, they’re also fairly tall, so you may want to check the listed dimensions on the pack of the blender against your available kitchen space.

#5. Warranty

How do you feel about been assured when purchasing a gadget? Feel great, right? Definitely, If you like the security of a good warranty backing up your purchased appliances, you may want to pay attention to the warranty details.

The good news is that this warranty applies to all of the models of the best personal blenders which we reviewed above. At least one-year warranty, some also offer multiple years warranty, optional extensions, or lifetime assurances.

You may also want to look at what each warranty covers properly, as some only apply to the motor, while some also charge expensive shipping or repair fees.

Conclusion: what is the best rated single serve blender?

Base on our review so far, we’ve been able to cover every detail of what you need to know about single serve blenders, and why you need to pay attention to it.

We were also able to come up with at least ten best small blenders that can be used to make your favourite healthy smoothies. Considering these reviews, our top pick goes to the Ninja BL456 pro.

If you like this best portable blender reviews, you may also want to check a similar one that we made about the Ninja Personal Blender. Until next time, do have a wonderful experience shopping for the nicest personal blender.

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