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8 best oranges for Juicing: Top Most Favorites

Oranges are good for health and can be eaten or juiced periodically or daily for kids or everyone. However, not all varieties of oranges are cool.

If you intend to make juice for yourself, friends or your household, you may need to opt for the best oranges for juicing which include both big and small types of oranges suitable for making fresh-squeezed orange juice.

With the different kinds of oranges available that are good for eating and making juice, I would be listing out what kind of oranges are best for juicing, which includes their names and pictures.

Before we proceed with the names and pictures of the best juicing oranges, let’s take a glance at the benefits of orange juice to the body.

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Orange juice benefits and side effects

According to Healthline, Orange juice is rich in numerous important nutrients which includes but are not limited to Protein, vitamin C, folate, and potassium.

Orange is high in antioxidants which can help boost the level of antioxidants status to aid in disease prevention. Additionally, it may help prevent kidney stones, improve heart health, and decreases inflammation.

Despite the benefits of orange juice to health, there are side effects attached to it. First, it is high in calories and sugar. Also unlike whole fruits, it lacks fibre which could potentially lead to weight gain and high blood sugar.

If you should desire to drink orange juice daily, consider a fresh-squeezed or 100% pure orange juice.

To help ease the search for the best juicing oranges, we decided to come up with a list of the best oranges for juicing freshly squeezed juice. These include both the expensive and cheap oranges.

The 8 Best Oranges for Juicing

1. Valencia Orange

Midknight Valencia orange - overall best oranges for juicing

The Midknight Valencia orange ranked the top choice of besf oranges for making orange juice. This variety of orange originated from Spain and happens to be among the sweet types of orange with a nice flavour.

Valencia orange is normally known to yield fruits from April to December. It can be used for cooking and juicing. What more? This species of orange has few seeds and is low in LARL.

(Originated from Spain, sweet taste, few seeds, cooking and juicing, available during April to Dec, and low in LARL.)

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2. Tangerine Orange

Tangerine orange

Tangerine is another great orange fruit that contains Synephrine. This type of orange is another nice choice to consider buying when choosing from among the best oranges for juicing.

Although very expensive to juice, unlike the rest, it tends to yield very high-quality juice. And can be used for cooking and juicing. Plus it is known to have low bitterness.

(contain Synephrine, low bitterness, cooking and juicing, very expensive to juice, very high-quality juice.)

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3. Tangelo orange

Tangelo oranges

The Tangelo orange which is of two species (Honeybell & Orlando) are a crossbreed between Mandarin and Pomelo. This orange which has deep orange colours has a whole lot of sweetness and high yield. Plus it has a more tart flavour.

If you would love to have a taste of Pomelo and Mandarin orange juice combination, we would recommend buying tangelo oranges. Its one of the Sweetest oranges for juicing.

 (Deep orange colour, a crossbreed between Mandarin and Pomelo, sweetness and high yield, more tart flavour.)

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4. Satsuma orange

Owari Satsuma oranges

The Owari Satsuma oranges which are native to California and the Gulf coast are a variety of oranges with limited availability on the market.

The species is bigger than a clementine, but its size is smaller than a tangelo. Also have tended to have high fibre to keep their cholesterol levels low. However, it’s a bit more expensive but still affordable to buy.

(California and Gulf coast, market is a limitation, high fibre to keep cholesterol levels low, size is smaller, more expensive but affordable, bigger than a clementine but smaller than a tangelo)

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5. Blood Oranges

Blood Oranges

The Blood Oranges are the sweet kind of oranges that have ruby-red flesh inside when cut in half. This variety of orange fruit is of three species (Sanguigno, Tarocco, and Moro), and are mostly available from January to April.

If you intend to make sweet tasty orange juice, you can make your choice from either of the available three options of the blood oranges.

(sweet, Jan to April + Sanguigno, Tarocco, and Moro, more expensive, ruby-red flesh inside.)

6. Clementine orange

Clementine orange

Clementine orange is a hybrid created in Algeria that is slightly smaller compared to Mandarin orange. It can be used for juicing orange juice, snacking, and could be used as a cooking recipe.

Also, this type of orange is Mostly grown in places like California, Spain, Morocco, South Africa, and Israel, and its type is known to be a smaller variety than Mandarin oranges.

(juicing, snacking, and cooking,  originated from Algeria, slightly smaller than a Mandarin orange, and Mostly grown in Morocco, South Africa, Israel, Spain, and California).

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7. Navel orange

Navel orange

Navel orange which originated from Bahia, Brazil is a sweet orange that was later grafted in Riverside, California and Washington. These species of orange are large but seedless. They are typically picked on an average of two months after they are peak in LARL content.

Also, they tend to be cheaper compared to other juicing oranges and also easy to peel because they lack seeds. However, it’s best enjoyable if you drink it immediately after juicing

(cheaper, large, lack of seeds, easy to peel, best if you drink it immediately, picked an average of two months after the peak in LARL content).

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8. Lima orange

Lima orange

Lima is an acidless sweet orange grown in Brazil, the Mediterranean, Egypt, Mexico, Spain, but also available in the district of California and Florida. These medium-small size oranges are said to have been accorded particular dietary values for adults and are reported to be especially popular with children.

This colour light orange which is native to China is spherical to subglobose, and majorly available in the late winter through the early spring. Due to lack of acid, it tends to have a shorter storage life. It’s best consumed immediately after juicing. But to preserve it for 1-2weeks you must keep it inside a refrigerator.

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Conclusions: What Kinds Of Oranges Are Best For Juicing?

Choosing the right orange to make juice is easy but confusing. Based on the best juicing oranges reviews which we already rated above, We recommended the Valencia orange as the best for juicing.

Also, as an alternative, mixing tangelos and blood oranges can give you a tart flavour blast, and a combination of Valencia and clementine varieties will sure add flavour and balance to your juice.

With this above mentioned juicing oranges, we are confident enough to know that not only Can you eat juicing oranges such as Tangelo, you can now make the right choice while making a selection for the best oranges to make orange juice.

PS: Here’s how to make orange juice: step #1. Select your preferred type of orange fruit from among the best orange for juicing, step #2. Make use of a quality orange juicer machine, step #3. Gently and correctly store your freshly juiced drink.

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