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The 6 KitchenAid food processor reviews for 2021.

Food processors are essential kitchen gadgets needed if you aim to prepare that next sumptuous meal. Aside from that, owning one will relieve you of the stress of needing those tedious and tiring prep works in the kitchen. And if you are a kitchenaid brand lover, we’ve listed our 6 kitchenaid food processors that are able to perform the basics and core parts of food processors.

Most Kitchenaid food processors can dice onions, sliced tomatoes, shredded carrots, knead the dough, mince Parsley and many more. Buying a food processor is worth the price. When considering buying a KitchenAid food chopper, there are few things to be conscious about and they are versatility, capacity, weight and accessories, warranty, settings and speeds. This will help you to choose the best from our KitchenAid food processor reviews.

kitchen aid food processor

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Most versatile food processor: KitchenAid food processor 7 cup features an innovative design with a one-click, twist-free, bowl assembly and a latched lid that’s very easy to use & clean easy to store. One of the best 7 cups food processor.

best mini food processor: kitchenaid food processor 3.5 cups a compact and lightweighted processor gives you the option to quickly chop, mix and puree which you dont necessarily need to sacrifice on performance and is ideal for everyday use.

Largest kitchenaid processor: is the kitchenaid 14-cup food processor.

Ready to hunt for your kitchenaid food processor? Check our below reviews about the mini and largest kitchen aid processors.
ExactSlice food processor: Kitchenaid food processor 13 cups comes with 3.1L work bowl, 950ml mini bowl, adjustable slicing disc, reversible shredding disc, multipurpose blade, mini blade, dough blade, spatula and storage case.

Most durable kitchenaid processor: Kitchenaid food processor 9 cups is most durable kitchenaid chopper among all, its versatile, easy to assemble, easy to clean, safety conscious and value for money.

Ready to hunt for your kitchenaid food processor attachment? Check out below reviews about the mini and largest kitchen aid processors that could be added to your kitchen gadgets combo list.

10 kitchen aid food processor

Below are the lists of kitchenaid food processors, so get yourself the most suitable one for your need.

kitchenaid food processor cup 7 kitchenaid food processor
7-cup food processor

Kitchen aid food processor 7 cups

Kitchenaid 7 cup food processor is easy to use kitchen gadget that can chop, slide, puree and shred. Featuring an easy to use one click, twist bowl assembly making it easy to setup. Kitchenaid food processor 7-cup also comes with an easy to clean, sealed, leakproof, dishwasher safe bowl, 2 in 1 feed tube, medium reversible slidding & shredding disc and a 3 speed button option that’s easy to press to control the speed at which it function.

Kitchen aid 7 cups food processor can be use to chop, Puree, Shred and Slice everything from cucumbers to tomatoes, carrot, cheeses and more with the reversible medium slicing/shredding disc and multi-purpose blade.

Kitchenaid food processor 14-cup
14-cup food processor

Kitchen aid 14-cup food processor

The 14-cup food processor is the largest kitchen aid food processor. It is heavy, large and pretty enough to park permanently on the countertop, however, it’s pricey but the money is worth it.

Kitchen aid 14 cup comes with a commercial style dicing kit that can be used to dice soft and hard vegetables and fruits. It also comes with a featured optimized speed and an external adjustable lever that ensures you are able to go from thick to thin in one single slide.

Kitchenaid 14-cup food processor features an ultrathin functionality that allows you to fill the work bowl to capacity with ingredients with a leak resistant alarm.

kitchenaid food processor 3.5 cup kitchenaid food processor
3.5-cup kitchen aid processor

3.5-cup Kitchenaid mini food processor

Kitchenaid 3.5 mini chopper is a processor that chop and shrewd. Kitchen aid 3.5 -cup mini processor though small yet doesn’t need to sacrifice for performance. Can be place in kitchen and occupy very little place unlike it counterparts. However it has no slicing capability. Which is to say, you can only use it to chop as it comes with a multipurpose chopping blade.

So if you are looking to buy a food processor but you think you have no storage space to place a food chopper, then a kitchenaid mini food processor will be the best option for you and it’s available in 16 colors.

kitchenaid food processor 13 cup kitchenaid food processor
13-cup food processor

Kitchen aid 13 food processor

Looking to buy a food processor with an external adjustable slicing lever feature, kitchenaid food processor 13- cups comes with an exact slice system, easily switch from thick to thin, small to large slicing, rubust & powerful enough to use everyday which makes it easier to create a wide range of wonderful and delicious dishes.

Kitchenaid food processor 13 cup also comes with 950ml mini bowl,  3.1L work bowl, reversible shredding disc, multipurpose blade, mini blade, dough blade, spatula and storage case. The overall functionality is incredible.

kitchenaid food processor 9 cup kitchenaid food processor
9 cup kitchenaid food chopper

Kitchenaid food processor 9-cup

Kitchen aid 9-cup food processor is a an easy to use kitchen gadget that gives a one click, twist-free bowl assembly with a latched lid that ensure easy set up. Featuring a 3 speed simple control option(high, low & pulse) and very easy to use and clean.

The 9 cup kitchenaid food processor which Includes: 9 cup work bowl, 1 Lid, 1 Multi-purpose blade, 1 Reversible medium slicing/shredding disc, 1 Thick slicing disc can be use to Chop, Puree, Knead, Mix Shred and Slice. KitchenAid KFP0919BM 9 cup food processor Plus has a 2 in 1 feed tube located on the lid which guaranty that you can any kind of fruits or vegetables into different shapes and size.

Kitchenaid food processor 11-cup
11 cup kitchenaid chopper

Kitchenaid food processor 11 cups

Kitchenaid food processor 11 cups is an easy to use, small work bowl and versatile as a result of its exactslice system. It also has an excellent performance with a 1year warranty but 25year motor warranty featuring an 8 attachments; blade storage; wide feeder tube; large and small work bowls; timer.

However, the downside is that it has a Stiff buttons although lightweight; but need both hands to operate; also lid occasionally challenging

expensive; heavy base; poor performance with whipping; difficult to clean; no cord storage; heavy.

Now that you’ve seen the Kitchenaid food processor reviews list, you should also ensure you take note of code and as the kitchenaid food processor prices might vary from.

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