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Is air purifier good for health? [5 safety guidelines]

Not only does pollution affect our personal lives but even the quality of the indoor environment plays a role in affecting human health. How do we manage these elements in our homes without spending too much time cleaning them? The answer is Air Purifier. But then, is air purifier good for health? Please read on to learn more.

Air purification has become a priority for everyone who wants to stay healthy at home or anywhere else in the world. This requires regular maintenance and cleaning of the indoor environment. The most common method involves using chemicals such as bleach but natural solutions are also being researched.

If you are planning to get a new air neutralizer to purify your home or office, you need to be sure it’s a safe one you are getting. However, how safe can an air purifier be? This is what exactly you will know when you read through the article.

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There are several types of air purifiers available in the market today, from ionizers to whole-house systems. Ionizer devices are designed to remove particles through ionization and they don’t emit harmful gases. Whole-house air purifiers are meant to clean the entire room and eliminate odours. So what are the benefits of using an air purifier?

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What does an Air purifier do? ( benefits)

Is air purifier good for health
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Air purifiers are specially designed to clean the air in a room by trapping allergens and pushing filtered, clean air back into space.

The air inside our homes contains a combination of solid particles and liquid droplets, known as particular matter. As we breathe, these particles can make their way into our bodies and air purifiers are designed to remove the airborne irritants responsible for allergies by trapping them in a filter.

Here are some basic benefits of Air purifiers.

  • Air purifier improves sleep.
  • They make air healthy to breathe.
  • It can help alleviate odours.
  • When used properly, air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses.

How can air purifiers be used?

  • Air purifiers need enough space on all four sides and top to work effectively.  Create enough space.
  • Keep doors and any other ventilation closed.
  • Effective and noticeable effects of Air purifiers are achieved when put on 24/7. Ensure you do not turn it off.
  • Change and clean filters regularly.

Can air purifiers be harmful?

In some cases, Air purifiers may be harmful. Some specific effects may be throat irritation, shortness of breath, chest pain, coughing or an increase in respiratory problems. However, Air purifier differentiation can as well contribute to some effects of air publication.

Here are a few tips that can help you select the right purifiers for healthy use.

  • Do not buy air purifiers that produce ozone.

Ozone causes the muscle in the airways to constrict, trapping air in the alveoli. This leads to wheezing and shortness of breath. Depending on the level of exposure, ozone can cause coughing and sore or scratchy throat.

  • Use air purifiers that use ionisation to clean filters.
  • Ionizers use negative ions to remove small particles in the air. This helps reduce odour and makes the air seem fresher. Negative ions have also been found to inhibit viruses, bacteria and mould species.

Can we use air purifiers daily?

For effective and noticeable effects of air purifiers, you should leave them running all day. Every time an air purifier is turned off, contaminated air from outside comes into the room. Air Pollution is a continuous circulatory problem, so you should turn on your Air purifier 24/7. 

It is also important that you change your filter regularly. Because filters trap heavy amounts of dirt, dust and particles that may be harmful if not cleaned.

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Is it good to have an Air purifier for home?

health benefits of air purifiers Is air purifier good for health
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Indoor Air quality is very important as outdoor air to our health. Allowing clean, fresh air into our homes will have an enormous positive boost on our health because 90% of people spend most of their time indoors.

Air purifiers inside the home promote healthy and sound sleep.

It can also help to alleviate possible odours stat can be found in the home.

It also contributes to a germ-free environment around a home.

Do Air purifiers do more harm than good?

In some cases, Air purifiers may be harmful to health. 

In the case of confined places, Air purifiers may be detrimental in circulating possible airborne diseases. But when used properly, An air purifier can help reduce airborne contaminants, viruses and allergens.

In cases of differentiation of Air purifiers, some purifiers may be detrimental to health.

Here are some tips that can help you select the right air purifier for your home.

  • Do not use air purifiers that produce ozone.

ozone generated by air purifiers does little to remove chemical pollutants.

  • Use air purifiers that use ionization to clean filters.
  • Clean filters regularly.

Can Air purifiers prevent coronavirus?

Air purifiers help reduces airborne contaminants. However, it a not enough to prevent coronavirus.

 Coronavirus has various modes of transmission.

“No portable air purifier manufacturer has been able to test against the covid-19 virus,” David Hill, Dyson Engineer and Design Manager said “By itself, air cleaning or filtration is not enough to protect people from exposure to the virus that causes covid-19”.

However, it can help reduce the rate of contamination.

Do air purifiers help you sleep better?

A Sound sleep might as well be a product of quality indoor air. A contaminated air consists of all sorts of infirmities, Dust, dirt, particles and allergens which can be a frequent interruption during sleep. Air purifier helps suck in the unclean air in the room, trap the dirt and germs then give back clean fresh air into the room which in return gives you a quality rest and sleep.

Do air purifiers help with allergies?

The air purifier filters out allergies-aggravating particles from the air.

The air around us contains sorts of solid and liquid particles. These particles easily find their way to our bodies as we breathe.

Air purifiers help in filtering out the particles(allergens). 

Anita Ivanova, an allergy nurse consultant at midlands service in the U.K said ” Air purification is often recommended as a component of environmental improvement for patients with allergic respiratory diseases”.

Conclusion: is air purifier good for health?

Air purifiers are good and important for our general well being. They increase the healthy consumption of air.

However, to enjoy lasting and effectively clean, fresh air, you must change and clean the filters regularly.

Indoor quality matters a lot when it comes to our health. Also, check out the best air purifiers for mould.

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