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Can air purifiers remove odors: Easy Tips & Guidelines

Can air purifiers remove odors? Air purifiers are often touted as a good way to improve indoor air quality. But how effective are they really at removing smells?

Indoor air is usually not very clean because of dirty windows, damp walls and carpets, and even cooking fumes from kitchens. The main types of air purifiers include electrostatic precipitators, HEPA filters, UV lights, and ozone generators. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. But can air purifiers remove odors?

A lot of users find it difficult to understand if truly purifiers eliminate odors. Yes! Air purifiers can help reduce these hazards and at the same time No.

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In short, this could be a yes or no, depending on what you meant. But before we answer that, let us talk about the types of odors that are known after which we can see if an air purifier can neutralize odors.

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Types of odors

The basic smells which the human nose can pa erceive are presented below: 

  • Fruit: these are natural aromas like pineapple, mango, Cashew e.t.c. The human nose has faecalbility to perceive all types of fruity smells. 
  • Fragrant: This smell is light and natural, they are mostly used in perfumes, examples include rosy smell, floral e.t.c. 
  • Sweet: This smell is usually rich and light odor, this type of odor can be perceived in vanilla, chocolate, caramel e.t.c.
  • Toasted and nutty: this smell is usually distinct, examples include almond, peanut butter e.t.c.
  • Chemical: these smells are synthetic, examples include ammonia, blea ch, paint e.t.c. These smells usually signal danger to the brain. 
  • Pungent: These are irritating and sharp smells, example includes smoke from a cigarette, fecal matter e.t.c
  • Decaying: This smell is more advanced than pungent smells, these smells are unpleasant. An example includes rotten meat,sewage, household gas e.t.c.

Having understood the different types of odor, now let’s get back to our question. Do air purifiers help with smells? Can I get rid of odors from pets, cooking, and other stale and musty odors with one? 

Can air purifiers remove odors?

Can Air Purifiers Remove Odors
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When it seems not all air cleaners can neutralize odors, there are a lot of air purifiers available, such as HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air)  filters, ionizers, and UV lights. All of these are effective at removing allergen, dust, pet dander, bacteria, and molds, but they do not affect smells.

There is only one type of filter inside the purifier that can remove odors, and it’s called an “Activated Carbon Filter.” This special type of carbon has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores, and as smell air passes through the filter, the odor molecules are trapped, and only fresh air flows back into the room.

However, an activated carbon filter isn’t included in every air purifier. So you’ll have to look for one, and if you do, your air purifier can assist you to get rid of pet odors, cooking smoke, and other stale and musty odors that are coming into the room.

What filter type is best for removing odors from the air?

The only sort of filtering material that can eliminate odor molecules is an activated carbon filter. Odor particles are adsorbed to the Activated Carbon filter as air travels through it, while fresh air comes out through the other side. 

Activated Carbon is a specifically processed kind of carbon that comprises millions of small pores on a scientific level.

The best way to get rid of the odor is by getting an air purifier that uses both the HEPA and activated carbon filter. Cooking odors, pet odors, and other strong odors throughout the room will be trapped by the carbon filter.

Do air purifiers remove perfume?

Yes, keep odours out for Air purifiers with HEPA filters and activated carbon filters, they are effective at removing perfume. The carbon filter saps the tiny gaseous particles and smells, while the HEPA filters capture particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Do air purifiers help with cooking odors?

Cooking odors can be removed from your home with air purifiers. They funodourn by filtering and trapping particles in your home’s air. Most odors in your home are trapped andodoursralized by the activated carbon filter.

Do air purifiers help with animals’ smell?

Yes, an air purifodoursan help with animals’ smell, as long as it uses the activated carbon filter. Anodoursodor can be absorbed by this type of filter. The  HEPA filter will only eliminate pet dander but not odors. 

Do air purifiers get rid of musty smells?

Yes, Mold and bacteria in the air often generate musty odors, so depending on the machine you choose, it should be able to eliminate these odors. As long as it has an activated carbon filter.

An example of it is the Dyson air purifier. Because the Dyson air purifier has both a HEPA and an activated carbon filter, it not only eliminates odors but also cleans and refreshes the air.

Can a HEPA filter remove the odor?

Do air purifiers help with animal smells

The answer to this question can be yes and no because a HEPA filter cannot remove gaseous odor particles but it can trap solid particles like molds, bacteria, smoke, and pet dander. But having both a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter in an air purifier can help remove odor

Can ionizers remove the odor?

Yes, an ionizer can get rid of odor, but not as effective as the activated carbon filter and HEPA, but it is more affordable than the aforementioned. 

Best air purifier for odors

  • Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifiers for Smell: Do you want your home free from all forms of odors? Do you want an air purifier that can be customized to your individual needs? If yes, then this air purifier by Rabbit Air purifier Odor remover is for you.  What makes the rabbit air MinusA2 Air Purifier very popular in the market is the 6-stage air purification and deodorization technology and customizable user features. The 6-stages of purification include:
    • Pre-filter
    • Medium Filter
    • BioGS HEPA Filter, which is a longer-lasting True HEPA filter (up to two years)
    • Cusdefence Filter
    • Activated Carbon Filter
    • Ionizer

If you do have issues with smoke, cooking smell, and any other type of odor, then you will be happy getting this purifier because it gets rid of all forms of odor. The customized filter also allows you to choose between the following filters; germ defense filter, pet allergy filter, toxin absorber filter, and odor remover filter, depending on what you want.

Another amazing feature of this air purifier is that it can be mounted on the wall using the wall mounting kit, while other brands have this type of luxury for their users. Finally, this air purifier can get rid of odor in a large room of about 700 to 815 Square feet. Here is our full collection of Air purifiers for odors.

Conclusion: Do air purifiers remove odors?

In conclusion, an air purifier can help get rid of odor depending on the filter type it contains. An air purifier with the HEPA and activated carbon filter is the sure bet for odor eradication.

While the activated carbon filter traps all forms of odor particles including musty smell, candle scents, cooking odors and fish smell. The HEPA filter captures bacteria, molds and all forms of airborne pollutants which can cause odor.

We trust that you enjoy reading this article “Can air purifiers remove odors?”, if you do, then you may also find this “can air purifier help with smok smells” helpful.

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