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10 best celery juicers for making celery juice – Reviews

Celery juice is rich in vitamins and minerals with a low glycemic index which has a slow, steady effect on your blood sugar, and helps to neutralize the effect on acidic foods that are necessarily essential bodily functions.

According to Healthline, Celery is a great source of antioxidants which protect cells, blood vessels, and organs from oxidative damage. It also reduces inflammation, support digestion.

However, celery gives many juicers headaches while trying to extract the fluid. It occasionally sneaks through the juicing machine without getting juice, and other times when cut and crushed, it stubbornly holds on to its liquid.

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For you to see a positive result while juicing celery, you will need the right juicer for celery. So we did our findings and came up with our top picks of the best celery juicers reviews.

Best juicer for celery juice 2021 – Top Pick’s

Well, choosing the right celery juicer for the medical medium celery juice protocol might be a critical decision to make due to tons of juicers out there promising to give you just what you need.

Our reviews were made to ensure we come up with the top-notch celery juicers, by considering what they have to offer along with some evidence collected for earlier users of the juicers we are about to list out. 

  • Best celery juicer to buy (Best Overall): Omega J8006HDS Celery Juicer
  • Best celery juicer(Value for money): Aobosi Celery Juicer
  • Best juicer for celery Australia: Mod cold press juicer
  • Best juicer for celery UK: kuvings EVO820 cold press juicer

Having gone through our top pick’s of the best celery juicers that can be used to extract fluid from celery’s, let’s walk you through our detailed review of the best juicers for celery juice, including there pros and cons.

what kind of juicer is best for celery?

Two types of juicers that are well known to be good for juicing celery is Centrifugal Juicers and Masticating Juicers. The masticating type is widely believed to extract a more nutritious juice using the chewing, grinding and pressing technique.

The centrifugal extractor don’t chew nor do they grind ingredients, but rip the plant material apart, releasing the liquid contents of the cells through a high speed strainer drum. So which juicer is best for juicing celery?

The Best celery Juicers to buy in 2021 – Reviews

1. Omega J8006HDS Celery Juicer – Best Overall

Omega J8006 Juicer And Nutrition Centre best celery juicer for juice

When it comes to celery juicing, the Omega J8006 Juicer And Nutrition Centre tend to earn our trust to be the best juicer for celery. It excels with all kinds of produce (fruits and vegetables), and with almost everything, it yields with a very dry pulp, so you have the satisfaction of getting great efficiency out of every process you make. It moves at a very low speed of 80 rpm to protects and maintains healthy enzymes, prevents oxidation and thus allows juice to be stored for up to 72 hours without degradation.

The Omega J8006HDS Celery Juicer has a 200-Watt, 3 adjustable pressure settings, Built-in reverse to prevent clogging, Pulse Control, and Ultem Auger which is 8x stronger than most other plastics and the powerful gear reduction is equivalent to a 2HP motor. Compared to some masticating juicers, the Omega celery Juicer is faster hence save you more time and It has a 15-years of warranty unlike most juicers with five years warranty.

  • Pros: Multi-functional juicer, Less foaming, Durable, Premium juice quality, Juice extracted will last up to 72 hours, Quiet operation.
  • Cons: small feeding chute, Soft/juicy items might need to be pushed, Takes time to juice.

If you’re looking for a machine that excels with celery, nuts, and leafy greens, then this Omega celery Juicer is for you.

2. Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor -Best Value

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer

When thinking about making celery juice, the Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer extractor is another good choice you can think about. This juicer is the extremely the quiet type, which most users would love. If you’ve previously used a centrifugal juicer, you’ll notice the difference instantly the moment you turn on this slow juicing machine. Just like the top model on our list “omega juicer”, the Aobosi also turns at a gentle 80 RPM, so you still get good speed, but not enough heat to degrade the juice during the process as expected. Rather it produces consistently dry pulp, which is a must if you’re planning to juice difficult produce like celery.

It also comes with a LED display indicator and buttons to easily operate the machine. However, what sets this juicer apart from the earlier one is the price value. You can get it at a cheaper price compared to the top choice on our list, which is absolutely a good deal. If you are aiming to get a budget-friendly juicer to juice celery, certainly this is a safe investment, as it achieves roughly well as like the pricey models. One downside of it is that it comes with a relatively dual narrow feeder high-quality’s no big deal for most people.

  • Pros: very affordable, versatile, Multi-purpose function, Powerful, High-quality juice yield, BPA free components, Quiet operation, Dishwasher safe parts
  • Cons: Slow juice extraction time, Small chute opening, It won’t help you make soy and almond milk either

This is a good juicer and a must-have for those looking for an inexpensive juicer for celery.

3. Mod cold press best celery juicer – Australia

Mod cold press juicer Australia

If you are the type that gets up early and making fresh juice without waking your partner or neighbours, then Mod cold press juicer is for you. It’s quieter than other slow juicers and centrifugal juicers, It works best for juicing the obvious stuff, like carrots, oranges, celery, and ginger. As a result of fairly dry pulp, this juicer machine extracts a good amount of juice, which can be thrown into the compost or better still freeze it for baking. Also, an additional MOD is included, such as the recipes book and silicone replacement parts.

Also, you can use it to make top-notch ice cream with only a few bits of frozen fruit. It’s a very quiet kind of juicer with a powerful motor yet gentle in performances. Compare to some of its rivals, the sorbet maker is a clever one with little attachment that represents excellent value. However, the jug strainer of this juicer seems to be frustrating when being utilized, the tiny, thick metal holes and the flat surface makes it difficult for drainage. The pulp sometimes builds up in the top of the machine, when using the sorbet attachment.

Anyways, this isn’t of significant issues you can just take it out and pop it back through the juicer. It also takes a few minutes to clean.

  • Pros: very quiet, powerful motor, recipe book & replacement part
  • Cons: Narrow jug strainer & takes a few minutes to clean.

With Mod cold press juicer, it only takes a few minutes to chop your fruit and veg, this best juicer for celery Australia to be specific.

4. AICOK Masticating Celery Juicer

AICOK AMR 521 celery juicer

If you are looking for something cheaper rather than the expensive “tribest GSE juicer” which i mentioned above, then the AICOK AMR521 Celery Juicer might be a perfect fit for your budget. The chute on this juicer is a bit wider compared to the one found on some juicers, you’ll still need to cut up your produce. That means you won’t have to cut as many small pieces, but it’s still small relative to the chutes on centrifugal juicers. This juicer rotates at 80 RPM to ensure it doesn’t create too much heat and friction, which is faster than some masticating juicers.

AICOK AMR521 juicer also comes with an Upgraded (7) segment spiral for opening up each cell for maximum juice yield, minimal oxidation and the most nutrition. It also has Juice & Pulp Separation Function to Perfectly separates pomace from the juice, Safe PMMA material, easy to assemble, with Dishwasher-safe parts. While some juicers are somehow difficult to clean before & after use, this juicer is relatively easy and includes a cleaning tool (brush) that makes it quicken and easy task and boast of a 3 Years warranty.

  • Pro: Wider chute, 80 RPM, Three-year warranty and Easy to clean.
  • Cons: Less efficient than some models

While Some users have experienced the need to run their pulp twice to get it dry, which is somehow a bad sign for people who intend to juice celery. I believe it’s worth being on the list of the best juicer for celery for the wider chute which others lack and the good price.

5. Tribest Green Star Elite Juicer GSE-5000 White

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite best juicer for celery

The Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite juicer ranked at the top 5 of our best juicer for celery. This juice maker is costly and also powerful for home use, it does pretty well with all kinds of produce, including leafy greens and trickier veggies like celery. This is as a result of the very high quality build components and great stainless steel gears that chop and pulverize produce. Such as fine screen, coarse, homogenizing blank, and mochi.

Tribest green star elite juicer has a fine screen to extract juice with minimal pulp; a coarse screen to extract juice with more pulp mixed in; the homogenizing blank for basic food processing; and a breadstick maker. It also has a 12-year warranty, which is fantastic. Plus, it runs at 110 RPM, so you can juice produce more quickly. However, this unit makes sense for people who are willing to pay more for quality, or those who own small restaurants because it’s expensive.

  • Pros: Stainless steel gears, 12-year warranty, 11RMP
  • Cons: Time-consuming cleaning, Expensive.

If you are looking to purchase a juicer that performs extremely well beyond just home use, then you need to go for this green star elite. It’s also one of the best celery juicers for celery juice and many other leafy greens.

6. Breville JE98XL fountain plus juicer

Breville JE98XL fountain pluus celery juicer

Breville JE98XL fountain plus centrifugal juicer is fast in the processing of products and compared to some of the above-listed juicers, you don’t need to cut your fruits and vegetables at all, as it can handle whole produce. The Breville juicer features an extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute that can be used to create an 8-ounce cup of juice within 5 seconds, That’s quite the average for this type of juice extractor.

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus juicer is powered by an 850-watt dual-speed motor for effective yield in produce; plus a powerful stainless steel cutting disc surround by the filter to extract relatively good vitamins and minerals, and overload protection LED to prevent against the unsafe operation, interlocking safety arm. Also included is a 1-litre juice jug with built-in froth separator, filter basket, and cleaning brush which are all Dishwasher safe.

  • Pros: Easy Clean Design, Extra Wide Feed Chute, Built-in Froth Separator, 2-Speed Electronic Control
  • Cons: struggles to achieve dry pulp, visible Frothing and inefficiency to green leafy and vegetables

If you’re juicing celeries alone, i believe Breville centrifugal juicer perfect type of juicer you need to buy. Because it performs extremely well when juicing fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content. Also its the Best Breville juicer for celery

7. Omega VSJ843QS Masticating Juicer

Omega VSJ843QS Slow best juicer for celery

Omega VSJ843QS Slow Masticating Juicer is the first patented juicer that makes use of the slow juicing techniques. The squeeing technology enables it to extract maximumly when juicing fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. You can also expect a high yield while juicing wheatgrass, soy & nut milk. This slow juicer features a heavy-duty screen and Auger, it also works a little differently compared to our first 2 reviews above.

Instead of working horizontally, Omega VSJ843QS slow juicer works vertically like a vertical juicer and operate at a low speed of 43RPM to create optimal efficiency, and prevent heat-related damage to the juice. But you’re also not going to get a fast result as you would with other machines. It as a useful Auto cleansing system to keep the screen clear of splashes or pulp while juicing, and minimize the cleaning process. So your cleaning would far easier afterwards.

  • Pros: Vertical juicer, Autocleaning system, Does well with leafy greens & Dry pulp.
  • Cons: its Slow compared to the above-reviewed juicers

With all promising features that it offers, i believe it’s worth standing amidst the list of our best celery juicer. If you need a juicer that goes just beyond what is called a celery juicer, then this omega slow juicing machine is the way forward.

8. Kuvings Whole slow Cold Press Juicer EVO820 – UK

Kurvings EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer for celery
Kurvings EVO820

The Kuvings Evolution Cold Press Juicer EVO820 as already mark a new epoch in the development of an increase and improved whole slow juicers and has won numerous awards which include and not limited to ‘Best Buy Juicer’ award in 2019. The kuvings juicer features Quiet brushless motor, an Upgraded juicing drum with 4 point interlock, a Reinforced drum lid, Child-safe operation. Kuvings leads the whole slow juicer industry.

kuvings whole slow juicer is higher juice yields and less pulp, it comes with a wider 82mm Oshape flip gate feed chute, Optional citrus juicer, food processing & homogeniser attachment, and a cleaning brush, and a 10 years motor + 2 years parts warranty. I can gladly say kuvings cold press juicer is simply the best wide mouth slow juicer you can buy to make for yourself the best celery juicer juice and especially its reviewed for those who live the UK or around.

  • Pros: effective yield with dry pulp, wide chute, BPA free material
  • Cons: fibrous material blocks filter, not cheap.

If you are looking for the best juicer for celery juice preparation in the UK with a wide mouth/Chute, the kuvings EVO820 cold press juicer is the better option for you. Also, as an alternative for those who reside in the UK/Europe, you may want to take a look at our list of Best juicer for celery UK / Europe

9. Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra 1100W Power

Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra

The Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra is an extremely powerful centrifugal juicer, with sleek modern stainless steel design and low countertop footprint. It comes with dual speed versatility (speed & high speed) for different ingredients juicing. The 15000RPM stand as the low speed, while the 18000RPM stand as the high speed. The low-speed setting is meant for soft produce and high-speed settings for harder produce.

The juice quality is lower due to high oxidation levels brought by high-speed rotation of the motor, which breaks the nutrients and vitamins. It features an 1100 watts motor for juicing larger ingredients in a few minutes; a Built-in Thermal to Automatically Shut Off when in danger. Locking Bar Mechanism, 3 large feed chute 3 inches, Patented Low-Speed Technology, a Juice container volume of 34Oz & 2-year warranty.

  • Pros: Very powerful, High speeds & Extra Large chute
  • Cons: Loud & Wet pulp

Well-suited for hard to juice leafy greens, grasses, sprouts and herbs, and it the Fastest centrifugal juicers in the market.

Best celery juicers – Manual & Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the best celery juicer on the market to buy, some basic things should be considered, of which they are very important and which you can’t just ignore.

And when you follow these process accordingly, you are sure to target the best juicers for celery juice preparation. Below are things to consider when shopping for the best celery juicers. And they are regarded as best shopping practices

#1. Juicer Efficiency: As much as juicing is a concern, you definitely wouldn’t want to neglect the efficiency of a juicer. To better understand how efficient the celery juicer machine you are about to buy is, you need to pay attention to the pulp. If the pulp coming out is dry, definitely your juicer did a great job by squeezing out all possible juice from your product.

However, If the pulp is still wet, certainly it didn’t do very well. So If your major purpose of buying a juicer is to make use of it in juicing celery, then you need to be very decisive. Considering that celery is one of the harder vegetables to juice, you’ll need a machine with high juicing efficiency to avoid regret. This is our core guide to coming with the best juicer for celery juice preparation.

#2. Yield & Nutrient Retention: When it comes to yield and nutrient retention, the type of juicer you use play a very vital role in how unique, tasty, and healthy your juice would be. The masticating juicers rise to the top of the best juicers for celery as a result of their minimal oxidation while juicing. That doesn’t necessarily mean the centrifugal type of juicers is not great, but the efficiency differs in a wide margin. We did well to consider this factor while coming up with the best juicer for celery juice review.

#3. Speed: Another important thing to be aware of when hunting for a juicer is the speed. You need to be critically concerned about the speed of which the grinders in a masticating juicer or the blades in a centrifugal juicer runs. While masticating juicer might be a slower type compared to the centrifugal juicer, it tends to yield better. Also, you will need to cut your produce into smaller chunks for it to fit inside the juicer.

Centrifugal models tend to be faster in juicing, and have blades that spin hundreds or thousands of times within a minute. However, the efficiency of the juicer and the quality of the juice can’t be compared to the masticating models. In this case, I believe the efficiency and quality of your juice matters a lot. This we also considered while coming up with our review of best celery juicers.

#4. Warranty: As much as I’m concerned and for the fact that money is involved, I believe putting into consideration the warranty of your about to purchase the product should be of importance. Purchasing a juicer with a higher warranty period is very important to guarantee the long-lasting and functionality of the product.

Should you face problems later on with the juicer, the warranty will cover you up from unnecessary expenses on local repairs. While Some juicers have a warranty that lasts for up to 15 years, others have 1 year or more. For me, I tend to look for juicers with at least 2 years full assurance/support of there products,

#5. Ease of use/cleansing: If you are the type that love juicing and you are looking to buy a juicer, you should also pay close attention to the type of juicer you want to buy. I believe nobody likes a complicated machine. While some machines can be easily cleaned, some others are difficult to clean.

The centrifugal juicers are likely to be easier to clean due to some of its dishwasher safe body parts. Juicers with a wide outlet for pulp tend to be easier to clean. and easy to use and clean juicer equally means time-saving.

#6. Cost: lastly, general, juicers ain’t that kind of cheap kitchen appliance’s. However, some tend to be more expensive such as the like of Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite juicer. If you are looking to buy a juicer for juice celery, but happens to be on a tight budget, you can always opt-in for the best budget juicer for celery juicing. We recommend you go for AICOK AMR521 juicer, as an alternative you can go for the Aobosi Slow Juicer machine.

FAQ About Celery Juicing

What is the best way to juice celery

The best way to juice celery is to rinse the celery and run it through a juicer. After you might have the juice it using any of our recommended celery juicers, you need to Drink immediately for best results.

You can as well chop the celery and blend it high-speed smoothie blender until it becomes smooth. Strain well and drink immediately

When is the best time to drink celery juice

Celery juice is a medicinal drink and not a caloric drink, the best time to drink celery juice is in the morning. Its recommend that you drink it before consuming anything aside from water or lemon water.

But I If you just drank water or lemon, it’s advisable you wait for 15mins or more before drinking the juice. However, if you are not able to make out time to drink your celery juice in the morning before consuming any food, you can also schedule anytime in the day to do so 15mins before or after eating.

Is it OK to juice celery the night before?

If you’re having thirty-two ounces per day, you may wish to have it in two sixteen-ounce servings.

You can drink the first batch in the morning on an empty stomach 15mins before/after eating and the second batch later in the afternoon or early evening, at least 15 – 30mins before eating your next meal.

It’s best to drink celery juice immediately after juicing.  But if you are left with no choice base on circumstances you can always drink water, but do ensure it doesn’t go past 24hrs. And also make sure to seal it in a mason jar, and store in the fridge within that period.

Is celery better juiced or whole?

According to UCDavis, Eating celery whole is better as it provides more fibre than the juice, however, what matters most is the type of juicer you used as much of the fibre that is essential to digestive health in the product may be lost when juiced.


Having gone through the numerous list juicers for making celery juice. We were able to come out with the best celery juicers. The Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center juicer took up the best overall juicer for celery due to its very dry pulp, 80 RPM grinders, and an amazing 15-year company warranty.

The Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer took the second place in celery juicing with its quiet operation, dry pulp, and 80 RPM grinders. However, its price is so good that it earns the title of the best value for the money. In third, the “Omega VSJ843QS Slow Masticating Juicer with autocleaning system that does well with leafy greens and dry pulps, kindly bear in mind that its a slow kind of juicer.

For UK based residents you are good to go with the Kuvings EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer and for those in Australia, we recommend you opt for Mod cold press juicer. We hope you find our “best celery juicer review” article to be helpful. Please Take care and have a wonderful shopping experience.

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