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10 Best Blenders for Green Smoothies [updated 2023]: Top Picks & Reviews

Green smoothies are considered one of the healthiest beverages out there. They provide tons of nutrients and vitamins that are essential to our body. These blends also contain fibre, protein, antioxidants, and vitamin C. When blended correctly, they can even boost energy levels.

So, if you are looking for a way to get fit without having to sacrifice taste, then try blending some of these superfoods.

Although Blenders come in various sizes and shapes. There are portable blenders that you can carry around with you. Others are designed to sit on your countertop or kitchen island. Then, there are large size blenders that can blend up enough food for a family meal. All of them are affordable and easy to clean.

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If you are preparing to make your next round of green smoothies, and you need a good blender to make green smoothies, here are our top picks of models available which include high-powered units that are designed to handle larger quantities of ingredients.

Best Green Smoothies Blenders – TOP PICKS

  • Best Overall Use→ Vitamix 5200 blender
  • Best for commercial purpose → Blendtec Total Blender TB-621-20
  • Best Budget friendly →BREVILLE BBL910XL BOSS
  • Best for personal use→ Vitamix Explorian E310
  • Most affordable → Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms blender

The 7 Best Blenders for Green Smoothies

#1. VITAMIX 5200 Blender – Best Overall

Best blenders for green smoothies

Number one on our list is the Vitamix 5200. It is self-cleansing with a container size of 64 ounces that can serve all manner of purposes like the making of your green smoothie, juice, frozen desserts and lots more.

It has a stainless steel blade that can power through even the toughest of all ingredients and blend any smoothie to taste. It can as well be used to crush nuts. 

Because of its self-cleaning ability, jy requires really low maintenance. It can easily be cleaned with the aid of warm water, your dishwashing liquid soap and the push of just a button and the job is done. Below are its features, pros and cons


Speed: 10Ă— speed

Blade material: stainless steel

Power: 11.5amps 

Jar or cup size: 64oz

Warranty: 6years.


  • Can make hot soup
  • Can make a chilled dessert
  • Self-cleaning
  • Large cup size
  • Crushes both veggies and nuts


  • Too big for small family size

#2. NUTRI NINJA BL770 Blender

best blenders for green smoothies

Second on the list is the Nutri Ninja BL770, another veritable green smoothie making blender. With a large cup size that can hold about 72oz of ingredients for a green smoothie, it can serve all manner of use and especially the family.

It not only serves as a green smoothie making blender but can also be used to mix your dough, flour etc. It comes with some detachable part which includes: 16oz cups (two), crunching pitcher

The parts being detachable also makes cleaning a very easy thing to do


Speed: both manual and pre-programmed

Blade: stainless steel

Power: 2HP (Horse Power)

Cup size: 72oz and two 16oz 

Warranty: 1 year


  • Easy to clean
  • Can handle ice


  • Too big especially for small household

#3. BREVILLE BBL910XL BOSS – Best Budget

uQbNeJD1kfyuVrlmGLYuJNe67UbU94hn xKVr9s23Bs82LtnywwPAWruc3XXVBLCmUfEKKLOyneuDGFFgVq6JDYkVaKvw9vasCls4TVa319JlWvAlOU3 n7B2K gXAqQkweIN6zC best blenders for green smoothies

The secret of this green smoothie blender lies in its speed and power rating. It is also composed of a stainless steel blade that can cut anything and as such should not be kept around children when being used 

It is an excellent green smoothie making ad it even has a special button designed for it. It is also an excellent blender for crushing things ice inclusive and also, it can easily be cleaned.


Speed: 12Ă— speed

Blade: stainless steel

Power: 2HP 

Cup size: not stated

Warranty: 7 years 


  • High velocity
  • Self-cleaning
  • 12Ă— speed
  • 7 years warranty


  • Shouldn’t be kept around children.

#4. VITAMIX E310 blender for Personal use

VXBWd0DMcg9NC8eCIYT3Hw77MsmMh49Km8s9CyKvF950wg4HU80y1oYWVhI8Si LmxrSw12rSMqQ07f6 best blenders for green smoothies

Coupled with the ability to perform multiple tasks, this blender is also another blender to consider when thinking of investing in a green smoothie blender. Built with a ten variable speed and pulse feature, it can chop even coarse green smoothies leaving you with chunky salsa.

With its small cup size of 48oz, it is perfect or the best fit for a small household or family. It can as well be used for heftier soup


Speed: 10Ă— speed

Blade: stainless steel

Power: 11.5 Amps

Cup size: 48oz 

Warranty:5 years


  • Can multitask with hot soup
  • 64oz cup can be used with it
  • Can crush both nuts and ice
  • Can be easily cleaned


  • Top small for large family size

#5. CLEANBLEND 2001 Blender – Best Value for money

aVg0yNCtRAxaJmVs1ffHr 4CTxS5GGFcnGABSPH3F0 JQCOTBm8rml8bPfCyljy08MQr7DcyYzYycAXbSmDEIYuFvSQ1waIFWVkHVpas1hd6DLpeP84So e Wo0pkJlgC8IZLQgv best blenders for green smoothies

When considering going commercial in your green smoothie production and sales, then Cleanblend is your go-to blender for green smoothies is composed of both a pulse feature for whipping your salsa and ice

Its large cup (64oz) makes it a veritable tool for green smoothie production on a commercial scale. Due to its power rating, it can whip hummus within minutes.

With its 5 year warranty also you have a long time of producing green smoothies at a very low expense. It comes with BPA free plastic also which will not release chemicals into your food. 


Speed: not stated

Blade: stainless steel (8 blade system)

Power: 3 HP 

Cup size: 64oz

Warranty:  5 years

Dimension: 18 ×15 × 13″


  • Saves money and time 
  • It’s fast and easy
  • Can easily to use for about 9 drinks and foods
  • High power rating


  • Too big for small task

#6. BLENDTEC TOTAL BLENDER TB-621-20 – Best Commercial purpose

4lOINx5yNDp5E46WhLtN4 best blenders for green smoothies

This green smoothie blender can also be used on a commercial basis as it is powerful enough to have that effect. It can be easily used to make your smoothies, crushed ice, ice cream and also easily performs the told of a mixer.

Another important quality of this product is its warranty is 8 years. This blender can easily be found in all commercial centres where the making of smoothies, juices and lots more is a priority.


Speed: preprogrammed sped and manual

Blade: stainless steel

Power: 3 HP 

Cup size: 64oz

Warranty: 8 years


  • Designed primarily for commercial purpose
  • it has an 8 years warranty on all parts


  • Gasket sometimes leaks
  • It cannot handle higher speed


With a 1000w power rating and 600 blending watts, this blender comes in handy enough as a blender. Also with the added advantage of its cord length, it makes it very easy to be moved about anywhere in the kitchen.

ufxn7xszGu0iWJ6PAjby5 best blenders for green smoothies

Like some other blenders, it comes with a preprogrammed speed that can easily help even when it’s your first time handling such a blender.

It can be easily cleaned, comes with 6 cups and is quite affordable.


Speed: preprogrammed and 7Ă—

Blade: Stainless steel

Power: 5 Amps

Cup size: 2oz

Warranty: 10 years


  • Has a long lifespan
  • Quite affordable
  • Long cord (16 inches) to aid mobility
  • The graded cup that is has measurement markings


  • Due to its power rating, it might not be able to perform some task
  • might be too big for small tasks.


When trying to choose a blender for your green smoothie production, certain parameters need to be considered. These parameters are primarily the features of the blender and probably a few other personal questions that you might need to ask yourself before going ahead to get the perfect or best green smoothie blender of your choosing.

The factors to primarily considered in getting your green smoothie blender are:

  • Power
  • Speed 
  • Jar or Cup size
  • Blade quality 
  • Self-cleaning ability

One among many other questions you might need to answer or ask yourself goes thus

  • For what purpose am I buying the blender; commercial or personal use?

Purpose of buying

The purpose of buying that green smoothie blender is what informs whether the type and size of blender you buy. Are you buying for commercial or personal use? Being able to successfully answer this question determines whether you will be going for a blender with a bigger cup size and probably more power like the Cleanblend 2001 green smoothie blender or a small cup size like Vitamix E310.

Another key factor to put into consideration is your budget. Do you or have you assigned a big budget to this effect or otherwise. Or do you just want to buy something quite affordable like the Oster Reverse Crucounteforearmsms.

Power and Speed

These two features are quite essential in your decision process for a green smoothie blender. A good blender with a good blade but poor speed or power will not give a perfect result. The power rating and speed of your green smoothie blender should therefore be keenly looked into when considering investing in a smoothie-making blender. Go for ones with durable and reasonable power eating. 

Jar or Cup Size

The bigger your cup, the more the ingredients it can hold and in essence, the more the smoothie you can produce. Now if serving more people is your goal, or you are thinking of making smithing daily as a commercial activity, then a big sized smoothie-making blender cup should be your target.

Blade Quality

The quality of the blade used in your smoothie making blender also matters a lot as it determines how well it can function cutting through tough surfaces and ingredients. The right power without the right blade quality is a disaster waiting to happen and a sheer waste of resources.

Self Cleaning Ability

The ability of the blender to be easily cleaned and how fast it can be cleaned also counts a lot. You wouldn’t want to invest your resources in a smoothie-making blender that takes you a whole lot of time to clean.


In deciding what type of blender to get for your green smoothies, the previously listed qualities and features should be duly considered as it can be frustrating having to invest in something that will not always give you maximum results for your investment.

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