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Originally posted on September 20, 2023 @ 11:16 am

10 Best Blenders for frozen fruits [updated 2023]: Top Picks & Reviews

Frozen fruit is such a great way to add freshness and vitamins to our meals. But since they can melt quickly, having the right blender is essential to get the best out of them. Although normal blenders can blend frozen fruits, In this article, we’re going to show you ten of the best blenders for frozen fruit.

Blenders come in handy for many occasions and give you the ability to make all kinds of fruits, soups, vegetables, lime, smoothies, nut milk and a lot more than you can consume very easily as they can perfectly serve as drinks.

Blending these ingredients in their room temperature state is quite easy for any blender to do but it requires a blender with extra capacity and design to blend through frozen materials.

If you want to turn frozen fruit into smoothies, shakes or sauces, then these blenders are perfect for the job and you are looking for a high-quality, best blenders for frozen fruits, but you’re on a tight budget, We’ve rounded up ten of our favorite models to help you choose the right blender for your needs.

We suggest checking out these top picks which includes: Ninja Professional countertops; Oster Pro blender and Ninja 16 Ounce Personal blender.

Frozen fruit Blender – Top Picks

  • Editors choice /Best Overall → Ninja Professional countertops Blender
  • Best single-serve → Ninja 16 Ounce Personal blender
  • Best Cheap → Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender
  • Most fictional & Smart → Oster Pro blender
  • Powerful & Multitasking ability → Skanwen Professional blender
  • Best speed → Bateerun store professional countertop blender
  • Best Premium → Vitamix Professional Grade

The 8 Best Blenders for frozen fruits of 2022


best blenders for frozen fruits and ice

On our top list is the Ninja professional blender, It has a sleek design that looks beautiful. This blender has a 2.2 HP peak motor that is powered by 1000 watts of professional power and a 64-ounce maximum liquid capacity hence, it can easily break frozen fruits and ice. Attached to it is a strong blade that smashes ice, blends frozen fruit, and purees berries in less than a second. 

Therefore, it is ideal for making creamy, frozen drinks and smoothies. It can turn the hardest ice into snow. The 6 count blades assembly allows it to smash ice more quickly and combine foods more smoothly than other blenders, hence making it to the top list of blenders and the Best overall Frozen fruit blender. A moist cloth is needed to clean all the pieces.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • It has a 64-ounce maximum capacity
  • It easily turns ice into snow
  • It has a 6 blade assembly.


  • It forms fruit chunks.
  • The pitcher may crack easily.


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Ninja 16-ounce is one of our favourite. It is compact sized and perfect for a single person either a student or working class who lives alone in the hostels or houses who do not like or want a larger blender model that would be a waste. This small and compact blender is one of our the best, it is a 700-watt model with few buttons.

This blender is one of those press-and-go blenders (push a button to start the blender).  It comes with an additional accessory such as a 700-watt power pod, two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups and blade assembly, two sip & seal lids, and a 50-recipe inspiration guide.


  • It comes with Ninja cups.
  • It has a recipe guide.
  • It is compact sized.
  • It has a press and goes feature.


  • It is not capable of blending cold ingredients.
  • Its top explodes easily.

#3. OSTER PRO BLENDER – High Tech/Smart

Blender for frozen fruits

The best feature is that three of the seven speeds are pre-programmed which makes the most common blender dishes much easier. One major feature is the Dual Direction Blade Technology which delivers increased blending power to chop and grind food.

This model’s extra broad 3.5″ blade system also makes it easier for various ingredients to flow down into the blade.


  • 7 speeds.
  • It has 3 pre-programmed speeds.
  • It has a dual-direction blade system.
  • It is quick and blends easily.


  • Its blade may break off easily.


KnubyypgolrhxUQp6OXjAlgzqamCH 6NFmyC9NKLtdRoZ6yeamKalzyv173PXqsgJfglEmfYr1JUeXc9K1GJeIBQqDTKYxbxMJVlrmG Blenders for frozen fruits

It is the best choice that can produce huge batches of beverages and smoothies. 

It includes two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups with lids. It is ideal for creating tailored, nutrient-dense drinks in a single serving. It also features an extra-large capacity which makes it great for making drinks for the whole family.


  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It has BPA free parts.
  • It has a single-serve blade assembly.


  • The jar can break easily.
  • Its lid leaks easily.


hlkkbMTtwuPvUGcd9gsnNwl2FeyWTgqh0quAyFCW4mXl1DWXmP LO70Z7GqXgngVRKpecNpXELeTBn 7yIUvWPD215cZ tj28hesBh3EPzLZqnUj2G30gA1 EIUlAr9jQi9i0VVB Blenders for frozen fruits

It has a variable speed control which is one of its best features.  It features ten different speeds. Another element that distinguishes and makes this blender useful is its powerful Pulse Feature. It allows you to easily change your blender’s speed.

It also comes with a 64oz container which easily prepares large batches of smoothies, soups, nut milk, Shakes etc. 


  • It has a hardened stainless steel blade.
  • It has its self-cleaning feature.
  • It includes 10 variable speed settings.
  • It has a pulse feature.


  • The base always has some scratches.


8ch9MjNtjqmrBHthYgzyXzQ zJAqbhlrVb5KoMN9YjL Blenders for frozen fruits

It is a fantastic food processor and blender that is quite popular due to its solid construction and impressive functionality. It performs relatively well in all areas (blending fruits for frozen drinks or chopping fruits and vegetables).

The blender can be cleaned with a moist towel. It is not advisable to submerge it inside water.


  • It has an anti-spill splash guard.
  • It features a 48-ounce pitcher.
  • Its blades are assembled.
  • It possesses an ergonomic operation.
  • It has a 16-ounce Chopper bowl.
  • It possesses a chopping blade.
  • It comes with a chopper splash guard.


  • Its base cracks easily.


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As a result of a high-speed rotation of 25,000 RPM, it is capable of grinding or crushing.

It contains incredibly sharp eight stainless steel blades that allow the ingredients to blend easily and without huge lumps. 


  • It has a long service life.
  • It is distinct for its self-cleaning function.
  • It has variable speed control.
  • It has an 8-speed setting.
  • Contains 4 preset programs.


  • It makes a lot of noise.


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The Skanwen blender is a 1800W professional blender with up to six blades and a total RPM of 48,000. As a result, it’s suitable for both hard and soft ingredients. It is durable as the motor is built of pure copper which can make it survive for many years. It also includes a timer that automatically shuts when the countdown is reached.


  • BPA free parts.
  • Possesses timer control.
  • It has a 9-speed control.
  • Pulse control.


  • Expensive


XFJzt1KceJ4wK539Bqrx2 XHGXRaEZMiDMyQsG9xTljY8sOjhsvh10g q2NPtQmCxv4779W9BsfdvZ Blenders for frozen fruits

The blender provides excellent performance and tasty dishes such as frozen beverages and creamy smoothies that can be made quickly.

 The blender includes 12 blending options, allowing you to prepare a wide range of recipes.

This blender also boasts a patented Wave-Action technology, which makes it stand out. This technique works effectively to continually pull the mixture down into the blades, resulting in a smoother and superior texture in your drinks.


  • 700 Watts peak blending power.
  • 12 blending functions.
  • BPA-free glass jar.
  • 3-year limited warranty.


  • The collar of the blender easily breaks.


Blenders for frozen fruits

Thanks to its 2200 watt motor, this professional blender from Bateerun Store undoubtedly meets all of our expectations and can be considered one of the most powerful commercial blenders available. The blender also contains six hardened stainless steel blades that can easily shatter ice cubes and frozen foods into smaller cubes.

The safety protection and timer design will only turn on after the jar has been properly inserted into the base. This 68-ounce jar is also ideal for producing huge batches of drinks for the whole family.


  • It comes with a 2 years warranty.
  • It has a 68-ounce capacity.
  • BPA free.
  • 2200 watt motor.


  • The bottom of the jug may erode easily.
  • It makes extra loud noise.

What Frozen fruit blender should i Buy? – Buyer’s Guide

Frozen ingredients require strong force. Therefore, a motor with a power rating of 1000 to 1500 watts is ideal. However, if your budget allows, you can invest in a more powerful blender with a 2000-watt motor. But Keep in mind that more power implies more money.

Quality of blend

It’s crucial to think about the consistency of your smoothie or milkshake once you’ve blended it. And the easiest method to find out what kind of texture you’ll get is to look at reviews online where people mention what kind of texture they got. Some may even provide a picture, which will help you. Make sure you don’t settle for a low-quality blender because most premium blenders have automatic blending settings that give you a flawless blend.

Motor speed

Because you’ll be crushing ice and frozen foods, the speed of your motor is crucial. The faster the ingredients are combined, the higher the speed. As a result, a blender with variable speed settings or pre-programmed features is the better decision. In addition, most blenders nowadays have various speed settings. Crushing ice and other hard ingredients at a lower speed is never a smart idea; unless you only want to make regular juice, you should always aim for a higher speed.

Blender capacity

Whether you live alone or cook for your complete family, the blender’s capacity is vital to consider. If you regularly cook enough food for your full family, a blender with a 64- or 72-ounce pitcher is recommended. However, if you’ll be the only one using it, a portable or single-serve blender is preferable.

Blade design

The material and design of the blade are also crucial because its power determines the texture and consistency of your smoothie. Most blender blades these days are made of high-quality stainless steel, making them incredibly long-lasting.

Although, some blenders have a sharp design, while others have a dull design. Even hard ice can be converted into a smooth texture, regardless of the design, as long as the blades are powerful and durable. You don’t have to go overboard with the blade design on your blender. Just keep in mind that a simpler blade design makes cleaning easier.

Ease of cleaning

Blenders are huge appliances, and you may sometimes have a hard time cleaning them, thus further delaying your work even if all the food is ready. This is why you should choose a super easy-to-clean blender and reduce your workload. Look for a dishwasher-safe blender or one that allows you to blend water and easily clean it with soap and warm water after.


When shopping for a blender, it’s generally advised to look out for warranty offers. The benefits of a warranty are to have your blender part replaced at no extra cost if you discover any defect. While most blenders offer a long service coverage, some offer a longer warranty. However, a few more blenders offer lesser warranty coverage.


Now that we have come to conclusion and you’ve learned all about blenders and what features to look for when buying a blender to make fruit fruits and ice, you can easily go and purchase a blender that will best suit your needs.

If you are confused, you can choose our top picks for each category or go through the blender reviews to know which one is better.  However, based on our analysis, we have recommended the Ninja Professional countertops as the Best overall blender.

Should you need something smart enough to handle tasks efficiently, you can opt-in for Skanwen Professional blender, but if you are on a budget and need something cheap and yet good for making frozen fruits, you are better with Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender.

Like we said earlier, have it at the back of your mind that more power implies more money, and whichever you go for, you are going to experience value for the money. We hope you’ve found our reviews of the best blenders for frozen fruits and ice helpful.

Originally posted on September 20, 2023 @ 11:16 am

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